Legacy: Dark Shadows Review

Legacy: Dark Shadows

That was about seven months ago. A magazine that publishes on the internet, publishes articles only about adventure games and values only adventure games has created a Top10 list of games that will be released in the coming periods, and has put forward their ideas by briefly providing information about them. And it was a nice work. A Vampyre Story, the first game still in production by Autumn Moon Entertainment, founded by producers who left Lucas, was ranked first on the list, and Still Life, the sequel to Post mortem, was also rated at a considerable point. Although at that time, MYST 4 was not released yet, and MYST 5 was not announced. I remember that the fourth Myst was not included in this list; but Legacy:DS, which left Runaway 2 behind among the games on the list, caught my attention. He was not given much information about his story in this one-column article; but it was declared that the graphics and camera angles would be like Syberia and Longest Journey. As a matter of fact, when I took the game and played it, I saw that they were right. Yeah, the graphic themes and camera angles were like Syberia. Despite this and all my previous expectations, there was nothing on my screen.

1942 to 2138…

I believe that adventure games should be examined with a different structure. For example, for an FPS, elements such as graphics quality, atmosphere should of course be at the forefront. Similarly, the fact that it has unlimited tactical freedom and has a wide range of units is one of the features that makes a strategy game good. I say these to indicate what criteria the games should be evaluated according to. Just like these, adventure games have a unique feature that is inevitable to be at the forefront when evaluating. That’s the story of the game. An adventure with poor graphics can be rated as “good” due to the quality of its script, as long as it does not affect the gameplay. As the simplest example of this, I can cite the Monkey Island series and The Maniac Mansion; there are really no adventure games as good as them! But despite this, the chart quality is not even comparable to Syberia and MYST, is it? Despite this, recently we have often encountered adventure games with good graphics, beautiful sound effects and at least a quality story that can be accepted above the mediocre. Look, that’s good. In legacy, I saw the profile of a game that had graphics below mediocre, but was almost accepted as well because of its story. If you’d like, if I like his story, I’ll make an introduction to the article from there.

The game begins primarily in the Second World War, on the Stalingrad front. For the first episode, we control a Russian soldier named Jack Black. As we talk to the other soldier in our location, an object that looks like a plane falls somewhere nearby and explodes on the spot. When our soldier explores the wreckage area, he finds a wooden chest, and then the date suddenly wraps around 2138. And this time we have a lady named Ren Silver under our control. This is a scientist who takes his annual leave and comes on vacation to Mars. As we spend the first day of the holiday walking around, buying souvenirs and meeting with a tour operator who organizes a trip to Mars, we learn that our close friend Ted has been kidnapped along with Professor Harper Lee with the information that comes to our PDA (how much they use this acronym). As soon as we get this news, we return to earth to open the veil of mystery behind events and try to find our friend. If you think that’s all, you’re wrong, because in fact, Legacy: Dark Shadows has considerable success at the stage of the script, where Razbor trusts them the most. As you progress and understand deep events, already the game contains easily understandable conversations, you encounter the Curse of the past, and as you play, you play.

How many faces are in this locket?

Legacy: Dark Shadows is a point&click game that we play from a third-person perspective. We are moving forward using the tools we encounter in places at the right points. Our inventory always includes our camera, a glass tube where we can take liquid samples, and a card that opens an electronic door. You can switch between sections using a tool. When you get out of your own office about 20 minutes after you start playing, you have to get in your car and travel to other places, but you need a taxi because your car breaks down in heavy rain. You go where you need to go in this taxi. You will often use this to solve puzzles throughout the game. By the way, if I have to mention the puzzles that you will encounter, I have to say clearly that such easy puzzles are easy enough to fool even an ordinary adventure player. Although I already got a taste throughout the game that the producers were overly influenced by Syberia, very simple puzzles, contrary to my expectation, upset me. After you also discover that you will definitely use an object that you find somewhere else close to it, you have nothing to fear from legacy. After that, all you have to do is save the game before it hits Windows. Because it can be pretty depressing to find yourself on the table at a time when you don’t know when you’re going to meet because of a stupid bug. It will be in your best interest to save every few minutes.

And what will we see if we approach legacy subjectively again in light of what I mentioned two paragraphs ago? If you can prevent this game from addressing your eyes, ears, or any sensory organ and connect directly to your brain, you can encounter an incredibly beautiful, immersive, and really high-quality game. As a matter of fact, the game does not mean much in a visual or auditory sense. 3D doesn’t add a blessing to this game, and when you play Legacy, you feel like you’re fooling yourself. “Actually, it’s not a game, it’s a dream. Yes! I can and should only see such a thing in my dreams.” Especially when you focus deeply on the textures and pay attention to the “woodwork” in the animations, you understand how sloppy it is. But as I said, the game is not all about this in general. The story is of quality. In places that differ as you play, the transitions are very good and not logical, but at a level that will manage. 22, actually. after getting out of a century-old taxi and entering a century-old subway station, meeting a giant mouse inside, and seeing a huge Cathedral rising to the sky a few screens later reminded me of the elements of fear in Clive Barker’s stories, but I proceeded to say, “I wonder what else we will encounter.” Even this indicates that legacy has a strange, subtle and frequent scenario. Yeah, it’s not that; it’s called a nice game.

Think twice before you buy!

If you want to go and get legacy from Uncle CD, I suggest you think twice. First, you must keep your expectations low from a graphical point of view, from an auditory point of view, and from the point of view of the possibility that you will love or accept it. Note that this game is a bad game that you can’t even compare to 3 CDs and other three-CD games that you know. But there is a feeling that those who really like to play adventure will get that you should play this game. He plays himself until it’s over, and he does it despite all the negative aspects. And I’m looking at your score, it’s almost past the average.


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