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I’ve always liked movies with zombie content. It’s always full of action. He is also very available to play about. The logic is very simple. A dark world, hundreds of zombies in it, Unlimited Ammo in your hands, escape on the one hand and kill anyone in front of you on the other. The first thing that comes to mind is Dead Rising. It’s the first time we’ve seen more than a hundred characters on screen and interactive at the same time in a game. Left 4 Dead was the subject of the work, it was fiction, it went straight into action without any effort. It wouldn’t have come out of the hands of people who did Counter-Strike in any other way that was already more addictive. We’re one of four survivors of the disease. The whole city has been looted. The only thing that can be done is to move forward and get out of the city in one piece. A simple but highly effective construction.

Are you one of the survivors?

Left 4 Dead consists of 4 episodes overall. These are divided into 5 within themselves. So there are 20 episodes in total. Our goal is to get out of the safe place where we started and get to the other safe room. And in the last episodes, we call to be saved and manage to survive until they come to get us. It seems simple. Until, of course, your gun opens that safe door and starts running. From that moment on, you encounter hundreds of zombies. Sometimes in small groups, sometimes dozens of them run at you at the same time. At the beginning of the game, you choose one of the 4 characters, and the rest are with you. They save you, sometimes you save them, you help each other when your health is low.

The main theme of the game is let’s talk about zombies. The zombies have an artificial intelligence engine developed by Turtle Rock, a subsidiary of Valve. The firm also developed bots for Counter-Strike: Source. The technology they’re developing is pretty realistic. Zombies jump through windows, climb walls, jump over vehicles to reach you. Some even ambush and jump on you when you pass in front of them. Blood pressure slows down for only a few seconds in the episode. As you breathe a little, you see zombies running towards you with their usual force. As the producers generally based the entire mentality of the game on simplicity, they did not develop factors such as weapons, magazines. There are points in the section where you can get bullets 3 or 4 times. Apart from weapons, there are health, explosive bombs around here. The weapons consist of a pistol with unlimited bullets, 2 pump-action rifles, a sniper rifle, an M4 automatic rifle and a small Uzi.

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Zombies have some elite types among themselves. Boomer, Hunter, Smoker, Witch and Tank. A warning appears on the screen when you kill one of them. Boomer is a fat zombie, and when you kill him, it acts like a bomb, and you see a blur for a while because of the liquid coming out of it. Hunter ambushes you, jumps on you, and rakes you to death. Smoker catches you from a distance and pulls you towards him, and if those next to you don’t shoot at the vineyard or kill him, he kills you. The Tank is a pretty big zombie and pretty durable. He sends you all the way to the other side of the street in one shot. It’s hard to kill, and it needs to be dealt with as a team. Finally, The Witch is sitting somewhere crying. It’s possible to hear your voice from afar. The most dangerous among special zombies. The best thing you can do when you meet is turn off your light and leave quietly. If he notices you, he quickly comes at you and knocks you down in one shot, even if you’re not quite alive, he can kill you directly. This special skillful zombies prepared made for the purpose of adding taste to the game. When someone is caught, rescuing them, running to their aid adds a different excitement and atmosphere to the game.


Let’s move on to the most vital part of the game, that is, multiplayer. You can finish the game alone from start to finish. If you want, you can also play with your friend by dividing the screen in half from the same machine. In addition, with Xbox Live, you can fight 4 people together. Another mode that brings mobility to the game is Versus. In this mode, those who want to become zombies. Again, through the scenario you know, some of them try to escape and reach the safe room, while others manage zombies that constantly chase them and try to kill them. It’s a pretty enjoyable mode. You can choose not only normal zombies, but also special ones. The most successful point of the producers is that the game is played over the internet. It is much more enjoyable to play scenarios with people in a game that you will finish alone in a very short time.

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Left 4 Dead uses the latest version of its makers ‘ famous source graphics engine. I think although it’s not too bad, the Source is old now. The characters ‘ designs are neither very good nor very bad. In some episodes, the atmosphere has been so successful that the visuals of the surroundings do not sink into your eyes. But especially in the parts where the pace drops, you notice that the environment is lagging behind in accordance with the conditions of this time. The biggest plus of the engine is undoubtedly its physics. Although the environment is not very interactive, the movements of zombies, walking, running, climbing, and animation when they die are fantastic in a word. It’s very realistic that he reacts according to the place where you shoot, that he falls to the ground according to the current situation. Beer’s feet are cut off from the ground when you hit him with a pump as he runs towards you, he wobbles when you hit him on the shoulders, he collapses or breaks when you hit him in the leg, if you didn’t have a cursor, you could easily see where you hit him.

Because the characters are not very detailed, even when dozens of zombies surround you, there is not the slightest slowness or hang out. When you throw a Molotov cocktail, the flame spreads around and continues for a while. If you can match it in beautiful places, the zombies start to burn, falling directly on the flame. At the end of the Left 4 Dead episode, which usually has a quiet and eerie air, he now starts playing brisk music while trying to escape with a towel. Apart from these parts, the music was not used.


Left 4 Dead is proof that the simpler a game is prepared, the more successful it is. Every time you enter a game with a dynamic system, zombies come out of different places. Especially with its artificial intelligence, realistic animations and multiplayer options, it will be able to make itself talk for a long time.


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