Last Week’s Highlights In The Gaming World


There have been many significant developments in the gaming world over the past week. In this content, we have gathered the most remarkable, most talked about news of the week that we left behind.

In the world we left behind, it was quite moving in terms of the gaming sector. In this content, we have gathered the most read, spoken and featured game news of the past week. Let’s take a closer look at all these developments.

Last week’s featured game news

New Survival Game Pioner Announced, Which Will Bring Together 3 Of The Most Popular Examples Of Its Kind


Russian game maker GFA Games Studio has announced a new game that will be a combination of the 3 most popular examples of the survival genre. Inspired by the games Escape From Tarkov, Metro Exodus and Stalker 2, Pioneer is expected to be released no later than early 2022.

PS5 Doubles Xbox Series X/S To 2021 First-Quarter Console Sales Announced


The success of the latest consoles from Sony and Microsoft, which have split the gaming community in half with every console they have recently released, has been revealed at the beginning of this year. The PlayStation 5, which sold 2.83 million units, doubled the Xbox Series X/s, which sold 1.31 million. But the industry’s lead still belongs to Nintendo Switch models, with 5.86 million sales.

Netflix Enters Gaming Industry: Team Builds For Gaming Subscription System


netflixNetflix, the world’s most preferred series and movie streaming platform, is now also being thrown into the gaming industry. The company, which is stated to be building a team for the game subscription service, is also looking for an executive for the platform.

PUBG’s new game PUBG: new state’s Alpha apps open

Popular ‘battle royale’game PUBG’S new game PUBG: new State, gradually began to be offered to gamers. The game, which will soon enter the alpha process, is already receiving Alpha applications. Applications received for the Android platform will be accepted until June 6.

The First Screenshot From Crysis 2 Remastered, Which Created Anticipation In An Instant, Came

Recently, a Twitter post from Crytek gave a hint that Crisis 2 would be reorganized. A screenshot appeared yesterday confirming the remastered game. The screenshot is believed to have been taken from a shootout scene in the Crysis 2 Remastered.

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