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kung fu panda

For me, one of the companies that makes perhaps the best animated film after Pixar is DreamWorks Animation. Especially with the Shrek series, the company is on the white screen to prove its success in this area again with the new animal-themed animated film Kung Fu Panda, as in Madagascar. The film, which will be released on July 4, 2008 in our country, was released in America on June 6 and met its audience some time ago. As expected, it met with players on all the next generation consoles and PC platform. So let’s see if the cute panda Po’s cuteness makes it different from its classic nonprofit species.

It can be said that Kung Fu Panda, developed by Beenox Studios and released by Activision, is at least as entertaining a production as we see in the film’s trailer. It’s almost like there’s no one who doesn’t like lethargic pandas. But if you make a panda kung fu, then even more cute and funny scenes will appear. In a task-based progressive production, some scenes are from the film, and some are developed only for the game. The dream of our character, panda Po, is to transform into a Dragon Warrior as a kung fu master and save the world from Tai Lung’s hands. But we experience it quite comically at the end of the first episode that it really is a “dream.” Although it is a dream, we control a determined panda with the philosophy that, throughout the game, dreaming is half the achievement. For thirteen episodes that are not too long, we watch the panda, which we can consider ordinary, turn into a kung fu master. Actually, po wasn’t very ordinary at first. Because it is unlikely to find a panda other than Po, who speaks, makes simple attacks and combos, knows a little Chi techniques. Not only in fighting and defending, but also in rolling your body into the shape of a ball and jumping to the upper position in the face of the enemy are some of our character’s special abilities. However, it is also possible for us to improve by converting the points we have earned between episodes into new abilities, abilities and fighting techniques. In addition, additional costumes and supporting items that are locked can again be obtained in exchange for points collected in the episode.

Grasshopper panda!

Anyone who has played an action game before will adapt to the structure quite easily. It is also clear that the content has already been made more suitable for children. However, animation lovers and those who enjoy simple platforming games will enjoy the game. Although originally the content alone remained a little dry, playability was improved by the fact that the production contained comedic elements. Because of the lack of numerous episodes and compelling combat scenes, there were cute characters and funny elements that saved the situation. The episodes feature platform-based action, research, and fight scenes throughout. The controls are simple and easy. It is a bit interesting, but it is noticeable that the controls are done differently for players who are younger in age. The standard W, A, S, D keys and mouse combination are used, while numpad numbers are used for action and combo moves. 4, 6-4, 6 or 6, 6, 6 – 6, 6, 6 it makes us do combos like that. At the moment of action, leaving the mouse, which we control, especially from the point of view of the camera, can be a bit of a problem. However, a point of view control system close to numpad is also installed with the arrow keys. It is possible to warm up in a short time to the controls, which will be quite unusual at first. Since we can already perform basic action moves with mouse keys, Numpad is preferred for more combos and more points. There is also a combo meter in the left corner of the screen. Consecutive successful combos increase the coefficient on this meter and increase the score earned.

One of the aspects of Kung Fu Panda that attracts particular attention is the visuals. It may not be as good a graphic masterpiece as the film, but it is also not overlooked that we are facing a visual as close to the film as possible. Especially action and combo scenes with high-quality lighting and smooth transitions deserve appreciation. From time to time, it is possible to see serrated objects or experience losses at the Frame Rate. However, when we look at the overall production is quite good visually. Another successful part is the sounds and vocalizations. High-quality sounds and professional vocalizations don’t stay down the charts. In terms of controls, it seems that the keyboard does not perform well. But if you connect a Gamepad, we have almost the same control experience as consoles. In this regard, playing the game with the Gamepad will allow you to enjoy more. Before forgetting, let’s note that the production also has Multiplayer support consisting of simple mini-games. Kung Fu Panda has been a creation that has successful technical details, except for keyboard controls, where you can have a fun time, although not for a very long time. It should not be forgotten that it is mainly addressed to children when evaluating. However, thanks to the cheerful structure it contains, it has a structure that will make every age group smile while playing. It is announced to genre lovers and animation fans.


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