Konami Announces İt Will Not Attend E3 2021


Konami, one of the giant names of the gaming world, announced via Twitter that he will not participate in E3 2021 today, in a way that will disappoint many of his fans. The company cited timing as the reason for this in its shared statement.

As players, the exciting summer days we have been looking forward to every year have come to the door. The 2021 leg of the world’s largest game fair E3, where we will see new productions that will say hello to the game world, will be held on June 12 – 15. The Fair will be a digital fair due to the conditions we are in, as it was last year.

And today there was a development that disappointed some players. In the official E3 2021 program, alan Konami, alongside names such as Ubisoft, Capcom and Take-Two Interactive, announced on Twitter that he would not attend or ‘participate’ in the fair. “Due to the timing, we will not be ready to participate in E3 this year,” the company said in a statement.

Description of Konami:

He said: “We will not be ready to participate in E3 this year because of the timing. We want to reassure our lovers that we are in in-depth development on a number of important projects, so please continue to follow us for some updates in the coming months. Although we will not participate this year, we have great respect for ESA and know that 2021 will be a great success. We will continue to support ESA and wish all participants at this year’s event all the best.”

As you can see in the above statement, Konami did not give a clear statement as to why he would not participate in E3 2021. The company’s statement on Twitter drew backlash from some gaming fans. Following the company’s announcement, ESA also issued a statement on the incident. The event’s organiser, ESA, said::

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“We support our partner Konami’s decision not to participate in E3 this year and are excited to see what they will announce in the future when they are ready for it. We can’t wait for them to return to E3 2022 but in the meantime, we can’t wait to share all the highly anticipated announcements, schedules and much more at this year’s E3.”



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