Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Under Development

Knights Of The Old Republic

Aspyr was allegedly working on a remake of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

One of the memorable Star Wars games, Knights of the Old Republic, looks like it will return with a remake. The source of this exciting development is a podcast broadcast hosted by Bloomberg playwright Jason Schreier.

Meanwhile, it is stated that Aspyr, not EA or BioWare, the original studio, developed the KOTOR remake. The studio had previously brought KOTOR games to the iOS platform. Finally, Republic Commando, Episode 1 Racer and the Jedi Knight series were brought to the Nintendo Switch.

On the other hand, Aspyr had so far largely focused on ports and minor modernizations. Schreier has stated that this could be a complete remake. In this sense, it is possible to upgrade all the content of the game, see new models, textures and shaders. ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ıı ı ı  ıı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ıı  ıı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı 

Let’s not go without saying that rumors that KOTOR will be revived have been talked about for some time.



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