Knight Rider: The Game 2 Review

Knight Rider: The Game 2

Every time I see a Pontiac Trans-am, I always think of that car. K in the series Knight Rider (Black Lightning), which was watched with interest all over the world from the late 80s to the early 90sI.T.I’m talking about a car named T. I mean, it’s a smart car that a lot of people dream of when they get the opportunity to watch the show.

For years, I’ve been thinking about why Knight Rider doesn’t have a video game. I think the producer company heard the cries of people who think like me and released the first game about 2 years ago, unfortunately. I’m saying Unfortunately because there wasn’t a side of the game that could be played that way. From graphics to playability, the game was mediocre. Fortunately, the producer made the game so simple that this disgrace ended in no more than 4 hours. The only good aspect of the game was that the series ‘ generic music was also used in the game.

Close to 2 years have passed, and at the end of November, the news that Knight Rider-2 will be on the markets came. However, some screenshots taken from the game showed us that the game did not make much progress in a graphical sense.

You guys are you excited? I’m not

Obviously, I didn’t have a big expectation of this game in me waiting for the game to load. I just expected it to be better than the first game. Along with images from the first series and game that appeared in front of me, Knight Rider, which we have always known, began to play generic music. You know, it really puts you in the mood, this music and this car. I went to the menu right after the introduction video. Here are the titles Story Mode, Missions, Extra and Options that we are used to. First of all, I can say that Story mode is the “Campaign” story mode of the game. Missions are designed for you to play the episodes later, which you have finished. As for the” Extra ” episode, I think it’s a well-thought-out episode. There’s a lot of video here from the show. Of course, we are at the beginning of our game, so only a few of these videos are active. Let’s talk a little bit about story mod without having to explain the Options section.

Press Turbo Boost!

The first episode is usually prepared to promote the game. That’s exactly what davilex did. K.I.T.We’re learning what T is capable of. Just pay attention to the camera angles while doing this, because in the first episode you are dealing with smart missiles that attack you. Considering the missiles are after you, in the first episode, the camera is mostly K.I.T.He’s pointing t from the front. Of course, you escape by going right or left according to the missiles. Here’s another effective way to avoid missiles. Turbo Boost! The scenes we most admired in the series were the ones where Turbo Boost was used. If you ask what this Turbo Boost is, let me tell you this: when you press the Turbo Boost button, the car makes a jump in parallel with your speed at that moment. For example, in the first episode, you will encounter tree barricades and a broken bridge thanks to this feature. In the meantime, when you press Turbo Boost, listen carefully to the bounce effect taken from the one-on-one sequence. It really puts you in the mood. 1 as it progresses. according to the game, we encounter the first innovation! K.I.T.T’s got guns now. In the right and left part of the front hood, you have 2 weapons, one laser and the other plasma, and a total of 3 weapons with a rocket launcher on the rear hood. Adding weapons to the game will undoubtedly increase the action, but it is debatable whether it has the same effect on realism.

By the end of the episode, we use “Super Pursuit Mode” (SPM for short) with the help of the “C” key. This feature allows the car that came with the first game to reach very high speeds. I think it’s especially K.I.T.The T can go up to 314 miles per hour. I know it’s a pretty high speed, but K.I.T.Don’t worry, t’s exceedingly perfect brakes can stop the car in a very short time. As we move on to the next sections, we encounter robots, guided missiles, laser towers, Goliath, etc… turns out. At this point, I want to address one detail. The indicator located at the top left of the screen is K.I.T.T’s energy. This energy can be charged.

If we consider the game in general, Knight Rider 2 could not go much further than the first game. Although, as I mentioned above, K.I.T.Adding weapons to T increases the action, but that’s not enough for a new game. In the old game, Hair is the head of the road.I.T.T’s driving is the same cumbersome. I mean, I can’t help but wonder if a car can drive this well. Although the mindset that believes in Turbo Boost should also easily believe this, but this annoys the playability. Enemies in the first game were used again. I’m not saying anything about Goliath, but K.A.R.R.I.T.We buried the CAR, T’s evil twin, at the bottom of the sea at the end of the first game. I really wonder how this car got out of there and came across again. I don’t know how he comes across, but for me, K.I.T.T’s most glorious enemy, K.A.R.I’m glad R’s in this game, too.

Finally, I will say that you can take this game in homage to the series and play it. But how much Davilex attracts those who don’t watch the series with this game is a mystery.

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