Knight Rider Review

Knight Rider

Is a complete failure. If it was said to say this game in one word, that would certainly be the answer. It’s just a game KITT – Knight Rider that I put up with for a while for the sake of that beautiful TV series, but can’t stay on my hard drive long.

If we remember the first series of the television series, our hero;
In a world of criminals who are stronger than the law, Michael Long is a loner who fights alongside the innocent, the helpless, the powerless. M.L. He is shot in the face and left for dead in a shootout by criminals while he is a police officer. However, he is saved by the foundation for Law and government and given a new identity called Michael Knight by plastic surgery on his face. He is given the face and surname of Garth Knight, the demonic son of Wilton Knight who disappeared in his time. After that, Michael runs from mission to mission in a state-of-the-art car named KITT.

KITT (Knight Industry 2000), a more important “personality” in the series than Michael, has a nearly impossible-to-destroy body, excellent artificial intelligence, and driving abilities that flag produces. His artificial intelligence is so good that he can communicate with people, even make his own decisions. Moreover, he has a special bond with Michael and his other teammates. That is, a human protector who can overcome any difficult situation as a” transcended ” tool.

Other notable personalities from the series are Bonnie Barstow, a lady who gives Kitt his new features, Michael regrouping Kitt when he manages to disband. Devon is the president of flag, a close friend of former President (deceased) Wilton Knight, and Michael’s father, in short, the person who gave Michael his duties.

Before KITT was made, Karr (Knight Automated Roving Robot) was also a demonic tool, known to the Turkish people as “Kitt’s brother”. This tool is a faulty production, kidnapped by criminals when it should be destroyed, and then used against Kitt. Goliath, on the other hand, is a truck made by missing person Garth Knight to kill Michael, which is a model for Michael’s face. All these movie characters are transferred to the game exactly. (Note: because the Film was published in Turkey under the name Black Lightning, the Turkish public could not accept Kitt, who was red in the second series, so he was removed from the broadcast soon.)

Using Kitt in the game, you can track criminals to their vehicles, find hidden locations with sensors, etc. we do such tasks.

Actually, there’s not a lot that’s special in the game. Any racing game image is just a little more retouched. The images are not very high quality. More precisely, it is almost impossible to make quality images and play the game. With a 1GHz processor, a GeForce3-level graphics card and 256 MB of Ram, 800×600 resolution and above the lowest level of detail is no different to playing the game. No game has the right to torture us. The sloppy preparation of the game engine may have produced this kind of result. In these settings, the game is fluid in places where there is not much detail, such as the road, while in areas where buildings increase too much, there is an excessive slowdown or even tripping. (For example, if it is remembered that the GTA3 game is played with much better details, the engine of this game is definitely a fiasco).

Again, there are not many features in the sounds of the game. Apart from the sounds of Kitt that we will remember from the film, for the sake of the film, there is nothing beautiful.

The controls of the game are also absolutely disastrous. KITT tries so hard that you don’t make mistakes, he turns a very nice bend, he doesn’t roll over, he goes on two wheels, he jumps, but the people who make the game have done their best so that we can’t make them Kitt’e. It’s very difficult to turn KITT from right to left, no matter how much we adjust the keyboard sensitivity from the settings. So it becomes difficult to use other features of Kitt.

Don’t even go and buy this game for the sake of the movie, the exciting game atmosphere, the graphics engine that unnecessarily forces computers, the failed sound effects are definitely a game that you will get bored in a short time.

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