Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders Review

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders

After the first Kingdom Under Fire game made for PCs, Phantagram decided to prepare the new series for the Xbox, and the company, which also received the support of Microsoft, came up with a very successful game. The game tells of a legendary battle between the good and the bad.

In the first battle, Seven Knights came to defend Bersia against khilia, the head of the villains, and the legend came true, and from the Ancient Magic Stone Heart, a hero named Rick Miner was born. Khilia and his followers were defeated in a place called the Mimberi of destruction (Altar of Destruction). Fifty years passed; while people lived in peace and peace, they did not know that evil was growing stronger again…

The choice is yours ?

Don’t think that you will only be on the good side of the game, it is left to you to choose between good or bad when you start the adventure. You can start the game with Gerald, the general of the people, or Lucretia, the black elf, the leader of the villains. On the side of the good are people, and on the side of the bad are whatever you look for: black elves, orcs, trolls, half-vampire commanders…

KUF is a game mixed with strategy and action. The movements and placements of the troops fall into the tactical part. In hand-to-hand battles, wrist power comes into play and you defeat the enemy with combos; if you kill the enemy’s leader, the victory comes early and thus you achieve victory without much loss.

As a leader, your strategy during the war will determine the fate of your unit…

You have troops with various abilities. Archers, cavalry, Spears, infantry and fortifications are some of them. It is up to your tactical ability to use these troops effectively; for example, Spears are very effective against enemy cavalry, and it is extremely important to use them in front of infantry. And your archers, of course, should be placed behind the line.

As you advance your troops, you can line up in a wide or tight format. You advance fast in a wide format, with fewer casualties in the attacks of enemy archers, but your defense against the attacks of infantry will be weak. In a tight format, your speed will be low, your defense will be strong.

Each unit has its own special abilities. Infantry can take on reconnaissance duties. With a soldier you will send, you can locate enemies and traps; you can also move much faster, so that your risk of being caught and spotted is low.

Archers, on the other hand, can shoot flaming arrows, which is a very effective feature against enemy troops in the forest, but this tactic will not work in rocky areas or in rainy weather. Archers can rain arrows on a wide or narrow area, and with a point shot, they can inflict huge losses, but this type of attack also reduces the range of attacks. Your fortifications can neutralize established traps, as well as set traps in directions where the enemy can come. These traps can really cause a union to suffer great losses. Of course, it is very useful to protect your engineers while doing these things.

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For this reason, the battles you are in seem very realistic to you. If two enemy units come hand-to-hand, you enter automatic battle mode, and the general’s control passes to you, and you have commanders who can help you at any moment. As long as your ability points, called SP, are enough, you can call for help; you can also perform special abilities and combos for you. As you kill enemy soldiers, your SP bar fills up. And when each episode is over, you return to your castle or campsite. Here you can find new soldiers, learn new missions, and get weapons, armor, special powers for your commanders or troops with Points you earn in battles, and further strengthen existing ones. High-ranking officers also have special magic powers. You also have the opportunity to use them during the war. In this part, it is worth paying attention when distributing points. While increasing the defensive and offensive abilities of infantry, do not leave Archers weak or do not forget about Spears, likewise, the weapons, armor and special abilities of commanders should be paid attention.

In the camp area, the tavern section is ideal for you to learn about the morale of soldiers. It’s also important that you listen to their views on the expeditions they’re going out on or out on. Here you can also provide reinforcements for your reduced forces.

We called the game RTS, but you don’t have to deal with fusuli things like build a shed, build soldiers, build weapons. You’re only interested in the motivation, equipment and capabilities of your troops, and you’re also determining your tactics on the battlefield.

At the beginning of the game, I said that you can play the good or bad side by choosing a human or black elf; in fact, four choices are possible on this screen: there are an extra hero on the good and bad side, but before you can choose them, you must finish the game with Gerald or Lucretia. When you start the game with good ones, you find yourself in places covered with plenty of green-weighted Yesil. If you choose the bad ones, you start in a desert-like, arid, yellow-hued places. This diverse environment and architecture also encourage people to play the game as both good and bad. Frankly, I like the speed and special abilities of Lucretia, the commander of the villains, Lucretia is a pretty deadly enemy with her speed and double sword. One of his officers is a half-vampire woman. I would say that the dialogues of the villains are quite cold and cruel to people. Phantagram really reflected these differences in the game very well.

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And he must not forget the multiplayer !

A game that offers such a beautiful combat environment, not being able to play multiplayer would be a big deficiency. Fortunately, Phantagram didn’t rule it out either. Just as the game supports up to 4 players via the system cable, you can fight other players on Xbox Live, and those who connect to Xbox Live will also be able to find downloadable content, meaning you can add new characters or new maps to the game.

In some battles, the number of characters on the screen can be 150 or higher, in short, it would not be wrong if I said that the blood is taking the body, but such confusion can sometimes make it a little difficult to control the troops. Besides, if you think that each character consists of thousands of polygons, which are very detailed, you can imagine the combat atmosphere offered to you. Animations are also quite successfully prepared. During the game, metal-weighted music adds a very different air to the game. Not to mention the deer dialogues between you and the officers during the advance of the troops; but here’s a situation I don’t like: Unfortunately, during conversations, the lips mostly don’t move. As sound effects, all the blessings of Dolby Digital 5.1 were used. There’s no way you’re not enchanted by the music playing, the sounds of swords ringing around you, and the buzzing arrows.

Close to perfect…

It would be wrong to say that this game, which is exclusive to Xbox, is a masterpiece. Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusader, a complete tactical war game, offers you battles in the Middle Ages with all its vitality. Apart from the visual and auditory feast, you can feel like a commander playing a leading role in bloody battles. Crusaders is a flawless production, apart from some minor mistakes that can be ignored, even the game is so good that it can attract even those who don’t like RTS…

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