King Of Fighter Extreme Review

King Of Fighter Extreme

Although the output of N-gage Games has slowed recently, there is still a market for mind-etched Productions. One of them, KOF (King of Figther EX), is taken from Arcade halls and is mounted directly to the phone. Snk did not anticipate that KOF would bring such a lull. KOF’s first foundation was laid in 1993, and the achievements and acclaim it showed up to 2001 pleased game manufacturers, who probably now find themselves in N-Gage.

The game is played just like in arcade games and is very comfortable with the N-Gage’s 8-way controller. Looking at the Keys, 2 auxiliary calls, 3 small kicks, 4 small punches, 5 big punches, 6 passing or defending, 7 small kicks, 8 big kicks, 9 max keys, 0 joking, that is, pulling the person to himself. That’s all the features of the keys. About the menu. First, we see the logos of Hudson and SNK after N-Gage. Then we see “press key 5“ flashing constantly. We immediately press 5 and 4 options come to us. Start records and the ubiquitous quit. We said Start and our options are in front of us;

* Story episode where we select 3 new guys and start

* Battle: this is where N-Gage makes N-Gage. Bluetooth tan 2-player multiplayer.

* Practice: a warm-up round in which you can command the fighter in front of you, beat the guy, constantly do max super, count combinations, and the beauty of the job is that the guy decreases and rises, and your energy does not decrease at all.

* Time Attack: you race against time and beat people as soon as possible.
* Survival: it’s really hard here, why? After you beat him, your energy doesn’t fill up, it just gives you energy between rounds. Here the most champions win.

Start with Story, and here are our fighters.. We chose 3 elements and after doing the ranking, we started fighting (the difficulty of the game is set in the options section). The first difficulty level can be called normal for beginners . If you don’t know your fighter’s movements, don’t worry, from the menu that comes out when you press the right or left arrow, you click on the Command list and you can see all your fighter’s movements at that moment. Reinforce this by practicing if you want.

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You played, you beat the whole nation. Of course, these conversations, as usual, are just articles. Soon after, you came to the last man, beat him, and he came alive again, shining brightly. You beat him again. After fighting 6 groups, you kill the Last Man 2 times and it ends. So where’s my medal? Here is the master version of one of the teams you are playing (if you finish as a team). What does it do? It just burns blue when the Super is full, that’s all. And new places are opening. That means we have 7 secret places and 7 Masters in front of us.

Let’s move on to the charts. As if the graphics are super because the game is 2D. It’s like you’re in an arcade. The only difference is, there’s no arm, but no tokens. The sounds are beautiful, but no separate sounds are added to each movement. If you do super to the opponent in front of you, it makes its own unique sounds. Of course, since the N-Gage sterio has an audio output, there is no problem with the sound output from the phone (you will not find the same quality on other phones, since the sounds are wav).

Let’s get to the mistakes; this time Monster with fan clubs that make so much noise does not have mistakes, of course there are. Sometimes I’ll trip the opponent, my guy’s waiting. Why, because the content is very colorful, the phone contracts (don’t get it wrong, the phone doesn’t get stuck because of the color), but it’s reflected in the game just not pressing the key. It’s very rare for you, but it’s not a problem, because if you press the remote on the left down pervert and press the big kick fast, the phone will make such a hangout, whether you want it or not.
My advice to you is, if you have N-Gage, it’s a must-have Game Kof. as you play, you will see new moves and super.See you at the next review…

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