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Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson, who achieved great success by bringing the Lord of the Rings series, which was shown as one of the most important fantasy novels, to the cinema screen, is adapting King Kong once again for Beyazperde next month. Jackson decided to make a play while preparing King Kong, the giant gorilla that he watched as a child and cited as the reason why he started directing.

As in the Lord of the Rings series, the film’s official game was prepared on PC and all game consoles to increase interest in the film a little more shortly before it was released, as well as to give important tips about the film to King Kong fans who have come to the point of gnawing their nails out of curiosity. Peter Jackson, who previously worked with Electronic Arts for movie games and said he was closely related to computer games, especially wanted to work with Ubisoft, where he was very interested in the game Beyond Good & Evil. Ubisoft, of course, did its best to offer us game lovers much more than just a simple movie game by not rejecting this request.

Filming on cursed island

For those who do not know about King Kong, to briefly tell the story; Carl Denham, a filmmaker and director who is on the verge of bankruptcy, wants to save himself from the impasse he has fallen into by making the film of his life. Along with friendly screenwriter Jack Driscoll (the character we will direct in the game), they go to film on an island where they don’t know what’s in it, creating a film squad consisting of actors who have nothing to lose to make a movie of their lives.

The island they reach is surrounded by huge walls, and this situation, as strange as it is terrible, is a terrific filming area for Crazy director Carl Denham, and he begins to film every interesting object he sees. In fact, it’s too late when they realize that the island is full of many cursed creatures. In contrast to the group that tries to save their lives, Director Carl Denham films everything he sees and does not take what happened seriously. Managing to somehow defeat all the creatures they encounter, the group eventually encounter the gigantic gorilla King Kong, the main protagonist of the story. Kong kidnaps Miss Ann Darrow in the lead role of the film. The group is now trying to both save Ann and survive. Carl Denham to film his life…

Two different types in one

Our game, which goes one-on-one parallel to the story of the film that Peter Jackson re-carried to the cinema screen, basically contains two different genres. The episodes in which we control fearless screenwriter Jack Driscoll are designed as first Person Shooter, and the episodes in which we direct King Kong are designed as Third person Action. The overall structure of the game is quite atmospheric and consists of scenes that progress just like a Motion Picture. The episodes we play as FPS go no further than being a killing machine with a gun in his hand, like other examples of the genre, but an incapable person who tries to survive and has to account for every bullet he uses. That’s what makes the game more atmospheric. On the other hand, the episodes in which we run King Kong are sometimes based on jumping from platform to platform and climbing walls, such as Prince Of Persia, as well as using our novelties against giant creatures. The biggest difference between the two characters we use; one is trying to survive, the other is at the point of dominating everything thanks to his excessive power.

After the installation, we follow the general theme accompanied by the film’s trailer and enter the Cursed Island after a big storm. We only manage Jack for a long time at the beginning of the game. We’ll go deep into the island and advance in the FPS genre until we meet King Kong. When we start the game, we encounter very different phenomena than the usual FPS games. There’s no power indicator, no amount of lead, no weapons on our screen! We’re just starting to move forward with what Jack sees through his eyes. After a little progress, our friend hands us a gun when we slowly start encountering creatures. Using this gun with 6 bullets for nothing is like pouring water into a flask in the angry desert and drinking it into hair. Each of the bullets is gold, and you strive to spend as little as possible.

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Alternative weapons

In later episodes as FPS, we need to find alternative weapons when each bullet is of the nature of gold. If we look carefully at the environment, we constantly see bone fragments or spears stuck in the ground. By using these spears, we can usually kill a middle-class creature at once, and I would say that we usually only use these spears as weapons. After each spear is thrown, it stays where it is for a short time, and we can take it back and use it. But if we prefer to hit the enemy instead of throwing the spear, they break after a few hits. One thing about Spears is that if we can find a source of fire, we can burn their ends, causing a lot of damage to the enemy, and burning the Bush snap in the vicinity. If there are creatures in the bushes, we fry a few at once. Sometimes an object that we have to reach happens behind these bushes, and we have to burn it to reach it.

The battle system in King Kong’S FPS mode is different from normal FPS. To use the weapon we have, first we make it available by pressing the space key, and then we fire the weapon by pressing the Left Mouse Button. It takes a while to get used to this control system, which seems strange from the beginning. I said that the bullet is very valuable, and the spear, which is the weapon we will use the most in the game, when we swing it at small creatures, we can fix them where they are. For example, giant millipedes, which we often encounter in the first episodes, usually die in two strokes, and if we throw a spear first and stab them in the ground, the job becomes easier because we throw our second shot at a target that cannot escape, which is still in place.

During the adventure, we use weapons that belong to the years of the game and that we will recognize from the games of the First World War. Since it’s absurd to have these weapons in the maps, the producers present them in chests thrown from the plane to help us. Chests attached to the parachute sometimes come in front of us, and sometimes they are attached to a tree branch. We have to spear that point or somehow reach out and drop the chest. Since we can only carry one firearm and one spear at a time, we need to determine which weapons to choose, such as pistols, rifles and binoculars, according to the type of enemy we will encounter.

Alternative strategies

When the number of enemies increases, this time the food chain comes to our aid. How? In the universe through which our game takes place, all creatures are necessarily eating each other. If you have 3 dinosaurs in front of you, and you only have one spear in your hand, you can immediately hit the bird flying in the sky with your spear, and when it falls to the ground, you can see that these three dinosaurs ate the bird. In this case, all we have to do is escape the way out. Because our game is definitely not based on killing enemies like other FPS’s, we’re just trying to survive.

And what we will do along the way is usually the same. The doors that open to the point we want to reach are always managed by two arms. At the end of two poles standing side by side, two people have to rotate 360 degrees at the same time, and the puzzle that we will encounter many times in the game; we always rotate with the missing arm around Dec. These “door handles”, located behind a bush that must be burned or in a place full of creatures, become our biggest puzzle. He usually burns bushes to kill more than one enemy, or throws a small animal in a remote spot and our enemies eat that animal, and we take the arm we need and disappear as soon as possible.

Two chances against the creatures

And the giant creatures that we encounter and have to work very, very hard to kill are the most exciting moments of FPS episodes. For example, the escape from T-Rex episode, also found in the game’s demo, lasts a little longer in the real game, and you have some really incredibly exciting moments. No weapon in your hand is working on these big creatures, you’re just trying to distract them and escape.

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The creatures we encounter during the adventure kill us in two moves. When we receive the first blow, the screen turns red, the sounds disappear, and we begin to hear music from afar. In these moments when we have completely lost ourselves, if we can somehow get away from danger and stay calm, we are back to the way we were. Even if we are bitten by a fly when we are injured, we say goodbye to the adventure.

The game, prepared for PC along with consoles, uses a simple recording system. The game, which constantly records itself at checkpoints, usually memorizes information just before major conflicts, and after we die, the place where we start again is not far away.

The controls are not different from a typical action game, nor are they quite comfortable. When leading Kong, we hit the enemy with the left key, slide left and right with the space key, and catch the enemy with the right key. Usually, enemies get caught after a few slaps and die taking a finishing shot. When playing with Kong, as in the other episode, there is no power indicator, and we understand how much damage the gorilla has received from scratches on it. Finally, the most beautiful feature of Kong is that he concentrates on hitting the enemy in the chest to hit them harder, and he gets much more angry and scares the enemy. So when we’re not fighting, we turn mouse’s wheel and Kong yells and punches him in the chest.

Another beautiful visual

The visual aspect of King Kong is quite strong. In particular, the fog that forms the atmosphere of the game, the air that is constantly rainy, and the sky that is Misty put people in the air. The main characters and King Kong are modeled quite nicely. As we experience Kong’s fight scenes, we encounter quality images as if we were watching a movie. But it is impossible to say the same for hostile creatures. Some enemies grin next to the main characters because they are not made in enough detail.

The most important element that makes up the atmosphere of a game is no doubt sounds and music. Each of the music, which I believe was taken from the film in the game King Kong, and all of which are orchestral, is more beautiful than the other. Moreover, the sound effects almost make you believe that you are on this island. Our character gasps when he runs too much, all the sounds fog up when he gets hit, and the effect of the calming music that plays deeply is indescribably beautiful.

I have to say that King Kong is a complete system monster, even though its graphics are basically very successful and it benefits from all the blessings of DirectX9.0. AMD 2500+, 1GB RAM and Nvidia FX 5600 with the system I tested, I had to play at the lowest settings so that the game would not be installed. In short, to play the game properly, you definitely need a 2.5 GB processor, 512 MB RAM and a graphics card above the middle class that supports DirectX9.0. Yes, the game runs and opens on lower systems, but how much can be played with a low screen refresh rate is a separate issue.

As a result, King Kong, adapted one-on-one from a motion picture, goes beyond all other official movie games. Because all other movie games are adapted to a certain type of Game. However, King Kong almost creates a new genre, as if it contains two different games and contains different elements than similar games, whether it is FPS episodes or Kong episodes. The only bad thing about the game is that it repeats itself too much. If you’re looking for a difference in the action genre, if the effort to survive outweighs the killing for you, and if you’re interested in the King Kong concept, don’t miss this excitement.



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