Killzone: Liberation Review

Killzone: Liberation

Sony’s hand-held console, the Play Station Portable, which has great repercussions, is not a definitive production that identifies itself on the PSP, rather than getting them to mind that we are hit with a game like other consoles. Although its price in our country competes with other consoles, it manages to attract the attention of gamers with its charm. Killzone was made by its producer Guerrilla for the PlayStation 2 only and had great repercussions when it came out. Aside from being an fps-action game developed only for the PS2, it also attracted a lot of attention with its timeless graphics and sounds. The firm’s policy of working with Sony alone continues, and Killzone meets with the PSP. A little reminder, by the way… The company is preparing the next-generation Killzone for the next-generation PlayStation, the PS3.

For Freedom

Killzone Liberation opens with a video with very high quality graphics and effects. It does not escape the eyes that all the blessings of the PSP are used to the end. Although the production is in the future, we do not fight alien or robot enemies. Enemies are made up of commandos like you. A warlike community has set out to form their own government on the planet Helghan. But over time, the planet begins to transform this community into inhuman beings named Helghast. Now humanity and the Helghasts are facing each other. We enter from where the previous game ended and begin our struggle for freedom as Templar from human soldiers. Our goal is simple, to take down the enemy before the human soldiers become Helghast. After hearing our simple story, we take the remote.

There is no great gameplay that connects the story. You are trying to perform the tasks assigned to you in successive departments. Although the production is still a Shooter, our perspective has changed. Now we play from the isometric camera, looking at the map from above. Our character’s first weapon is the Assault Rifle. Although at first we have non-powerful weapons, over time we can use more powerful weapons by opening them with the “Unlock” system. In Killzone liberation, the more powerful you are, the harder the enemy is. Artificial intelligence does a really good job. When you fire at the enemy, all attention is drawn to you and they try to eliminate you. They’re attacking the point where you’re hiding with guns and bombs. Running and shooting at the enemy will probably result in your death. Because the production is far from just an FPS. The production is more of a tactical-FPS mood. As you move forward, you always have to look out for objects to hide. On maps that we usually complete on foot, sometimes it gives us a separate pleasure to use tanks and similar vehicles. You have to try to find hidden boxes, not just search for hiding spots. By breaking these boxes, you can take advantage of things like weapons, Health, money, ammunition that come out of them. Especially health and ammunition are life-saving factors. In each section, there is also a certain amount of money bag in these boxes. The more you collect them, the better. With your accumulated money, you can buy weapons and equipment in the future.

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From time to time, you play some episodes with Rico, your Assistant Soldier. In these parts, his health also depends on you. When he is injured or his health reaches a critical point, you should try to keep your soldier’s health at a high level with syringes provided from boxes on the map. You can command your soldiers and get help at critical points by making some mission assignments. Campaign mode is equipped with checkpoints in certain locations. If you die “” make sure you die a lot ” you continue from the last Checkpoint. In this way, thanks to checkpoints, we get rid of the hassle of playing the task from the beginning. Although the construction seems to be moving in a single line, there are different ways to reach from one point to another. I have no doubt that you will have fun playing Single player mode, although it ends in about 5-6 hours. If a friend has a game, playing Multiplayer with Wi-Fi is really a separate pleasure. In multiplayer, the enemy is a little smarter and more in number. In addition, the number of ammo and health is much less. Construction thus increases its strength against 2 friends a little more.

Character modeling and animation is super in one word. Especially in the explosion scenes, the reactions of the enemy character indicate that rag doll modeling is being studied. As a result of explosions and bullet blows, particles of objects fly in the air. There are ripples where our character presses as he passes through a puddle. In short, the construction takes full advantage of all the possibilities of PSP in terms of graphics and physics modeling. As for the sounds, considering that the tempo in the game has never decreased, the military anthems and tempos that play capture the rhythm of the game. Explosions, weapons and character sounds are very well done. As a result, there is not much that will bring minus points in the game, except that the single player is a little short and the story remains a little airborne. One of the best action-shooters you can find on PSP. It’s even one of the best games on PSP.

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