Kick Off 2002 Review

Kick Off 2002

It was a game I remember from the Amiga, Kick off. When I heard the game was coming out, I was so excited and started constantly following Acclaim and Anco’s website. Finally, the game was released recently. Of course, it was up to us to get the game right away and study it.

The game’s graphics are made looking from the top, staying true to Kick off. A little different, it felt like the guys looked more 3D. By adjusting the camera angles or something like that, you may have a chance to capture a more isometric image, but unfortunately I couldn’t keep the game on my machine long enough to mix them. Or rather, I couldn’t resist.

It won’t affect you too much if the audience is a garbage man. Because you can’t see them too much when the goal is scored or during the game. Only thanks to their confetti, which melts like snowflakes, can you feel their presence.

I wish I’d
After installing the game, I started the game with excitement. Great opening music. You’re at full throttle. Hurra, I decided to practice right away. I turned on the screen. But all of a sudden, I realized I had made the mistake of my life. What was that? I can’t even touch it, let alone keep the ball on my foot. I decided to mix up your features. I thought maybe if we played with his sensetivy or something, he’d come around. Just cancelled… Actually, this game is for our Ant. Ideal for picking it up and hitting it from ground to ground.

It’s in the voices in the game. Yeah, you can hear the balls. But I don’t understand why there are still voices I hear on the Amiga. The dup dup sounds that came as I touched the ball bothered me. Especially don’t ask if there are referee whistles. A holiday to the houses. In a huge stadium, he sings as if he only made the sound of the referee’s whistle. By the way, if you take the game after all these words, Be careful. After the goal, the music goes bang bang as God Is God. Don’t be afraid.

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I really like the music. How did they do that I don’t know. I’ll say they probably only used a loop or something from a keyboard, but there’s even a soloist in the main menu music. You come out of the match with Techno rhythms. But he must have taken the same gas in the opposing team that I saw 3 red cards in the first match and ate 6 goals. (Not to mention what I wrote myself)

I’ve described the controls above, but I want to tell you a little more. After all, I feel sorry for the money I gave. You can play the game with only 5 keys. Direction keys and ctrl. You can pass and shoot with the Strl key. Even with this button, you can determine whether your goalkeeper will throw the ball with his hand or with ayapi (one click, double click). But when you hit that ball, it’s very clear and clear who’s going to get the ball. Of course he’s a competitor. Because it’s not even about holding the ball. All right, let’s just say it hit you in the foot. In any case, the opponent takes it away from you immediately. Can’t get? Either you’re running straight or you think the ball’s on your foot or something. Don’t try to turn left and right when the ball is on your foot. As a matter of fact, only you will return. Look, the ball is still moving forward in the same direction.

In Crown and corner shots, the situation is not very different. It’s not clear which friend you can throw the ball at. Whoever gets the ball in the direction you throw it. It’s usually a competition.

You know, I never want to say bad words about a game, there is a labor, at least I say that you should talk about the good aspects of the game. But that’s so it won’t happen. It’s like I’m playing Kick off with an Amiga emulator. I wish it was. At least I wouldn’t have said nostalgia or anything like that and removed it 10 minutes after setting up the game.

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What do you expect? Be glad I even wrote so much. I’m saving you the burden of spending extra money. Did I mention that there are an incredible number of blondes on the Turkish national team?

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