Kessen (決戦, “Definitive Battle”) is a continuous strategies computer game created by Koei and distributed by Electronic Arts.

It’s anything but a dispatch game for the PlayStation 2 in Japan and North America. It was at first the solitary constant wargame game accessible for the PlayStation 2.

It’s anything but a constant strategies game set in primitive Japan, centering upon a contention between the eastern Tokugawa group and western Toyotomi tribe (with Ishida Mitsunari as the Toyotomi’s gatekeeper and defender) shogunates toward the finish of Sengoku Jidai. Tokugawa Ieyasu filled in as the essential delegate for the Eastern powers where the Western armed force changed pioneers dependent on the aftereffects of select key fights.

Despite the fact that it was, generally, truly exact, the game contained various “imagine a scenario where” situations, for instance, if the Western powers are triumphant at the Battle of Sekigahara (verifiably an Eastern triumph).

Two spin-offs were subsequently made, Kessen II and Kessen III. These two games acquainted mystical and meteorological components with the games.

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