Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Review

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Few players who probably don’t know the barcode-headed hero Hitman. Assassinating, running from mission to Mission, secretly and quietly finishing the job, we lived most of it in The Hitman series. With his last game, released in 2006, we checked out the charismatic barcode head one last time and began to wait for his new adventure. Although Game Five is also on the way. Behind the famous Hitman is Io Interactive. Apart from The Hitman themselves, he had brought a classic like freedom Figthers to the players. We’ve seen him turn from a regular tap mechanic to a rebel against the occupation. The production cemented the action well and took its place among those who will be remembered. After two successful projects, Io Interactive again announced an action-packed game, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. They emphasized that two notorious criminals who don’t like each other would come together and have great action as a team. Using the same concept, EA Games ‘ Army of two was preceded by Kane & Lynch: Dead Men; x360, PS3 and PC. Now we’re running the team game of Kane and Lynch.

Seriously dead guys

At the beginning of the game, we find Kane and Lynch being taken away in a vehicle. Lynch tells Kane that he has to protect his head, and the accident happens. Kane and Lynch survive the crash and the game starts here. The first part forms both the escape part and shows what to do and how to do it. I also want to address the subject of the production here. Kane’s real name is actually Marcus. One day, his son finds Kane’s gun in the house and kills himself. After this incident, Kane leaves his family and leaves America. He’s in illegal business. After many years, he steals his last job, precious diamonds, and returns. But here he gets caught and is caught by the cops. In the first episode, he and Lynch are actually taken to be executed. But ensuring that they escape while they are taken away is completely fake. It’s a plan of the organization Kane used to be affiliated with. Because the organization wants the diamonds from Kane, or they say they’ll kill his wife and daughter. They give Kane a certain amount of time to bring the diamonds back. And Lynch, Kane’s fate friend, is a psychopath. So the adventure begins.

The game, which was advertised before it came out, is straight action and we only manage the character of Kane. We can’t control our wingman Lynch, he’s under artificial intelligence control. We’re usually with Lynch in the game, but sometimes other people are with us without Lynch. We give three different orders to our teammates as protection, attack and follow. According to our instructions, they are trying to implement it. But it’s not as if they’re following orders. Because artificial intelligence is a real retard. Our men can’t follow our commands or stay stuck somewhere. You can even witness strange events, such as Lynch hanging out somewhere and turning 360 degrees to get out of where he was hanging out. Sometimes they can be seriously injured in a very simple way, which really happens in a ridiculous way. In the same way, opponents have had their share of it. There’s no point in being afraid of the enemies you’re facing, usually a procession of partridges. Once they hide behind an obstacle, and then they appear like ducks. It’s easy to get shot. Just like Saban, who saved the homeland, there are those who come running and shooting at us. It’s a lot easier to finish these than the others. In the first episode, when I came to the garage, fleeing from the cops, one of the cops who raided the garage was leaning over and moving like this. In the same way, I was leaning in with my character and he didn’t even turn around and shoot(!) different difficulty levels also do not pack artificial intelligence. It’s just that the game gets a little harder, and when they shoot, it hurts more, that’s all.

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Broken wheel

I mentioned our teammates getting hurt. Normally we get injured and that’s when our teammate comes in and gives us morphine. Thus, we are able to stand up again. But if morphine is not done, our character slowly dies after a while. In the same way, if we eat morphine once and get injured again in the back, we can go to heaven and hell for overdosing on morphine a second time. As our teammates do, we can give morphine to the injured and get them back on their feet. Display as our health declines

The game has extreme linear gameplay. All we have to do is kill the enemies in front of us and move straight ahead. The direction is clear. There’s no disappearance. The map that opens by pressing M shows the point where we need to go. Anyway, we can’t get in and out of anywhere else, because the inside of the large section is covered with invisible walls. Even if we want to go, Kane automatically returns, saying no. We can’t make use of the various ways or opportunities that we need to do. This linearity can take hold after a while. However, Io Interactive was able to offer different ways in Hitman. At least having second alternatives in Kane&Lynch would be more of a plus and save the game from linearity.

We have a camera angle like Resident Evil 4 and Gears of war, which recently came out on PC. As we can shoot normally, the camera is close to the right shoulder and there is another camera angle that we aim at. In this way, we can kill enemies that are already cakes much easier. Our character can lean against walls and take cover. It does this automatically, taking cover is not left to the player’s control. This system, which looks good at first, can cause a little headache in the future. Finally, a game in such control was in Gears of war on the PC. But in it, we could cover the character by hand, so everything was better under our control. But it’s obviously not good because it’s automatic at Kane&Lynch. A system that was well thought out to be like, but failed in practice. In the production, our character can carry up to two weapons, and in addition to these, there is also a grenade. We can press F and switch between weapons. The range of weapons in the game is also not very wide. And then there’s the magazine switch. Again, the character does this automatically. It fills automatically when the Bullet runs out. Again, I’m in favor of doing this manually, not automatically. It has to wait until the last bullet. Sometimes very constipation can occur. Instead of a small clip against a crowded group of enemies, there is a situation where they immediately load and shoot. But we have to see it to the bottom of the last bullet.

Shaking snaps

A lot of nonsense can happen when you play. For example, on a mission where we went to a nightclub and kidnapped her, something interesting might appear. I’m killing guards on the mezzanine above the dance floor. But despite the sound of gunfire, people continue to dance wildly. I shot someone dancing on the right side of the mezzanine just above. The man is dead. People started running away, but despite this, people on the left continued to have crazy fun, like, “someone’s dead, forget it, keep dancing.” Again, they don’t die when we shoot at our teammates in the same way(!)

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Even though I made a few of them unrecognizable and blew their brains out, the guys kept running and jumping. Another nonsense that happens in this game. At least not die, Department of new play; but nothing like that at all. It completely kills realism.

The Windows Live feature that Microsoft now wants to thoroughly instill in the PC is available in Kane&Lynch. Before entering the game, you must open a Live account. Just get a Hotmail address in it. As you play the script and multiplayer, you earn certain points and they are processed into your Live account. As a Live member, you can also see them on Gamercard. You’re already playing Kane&Lynch on Gamercard. This feature, which started with Xbox Live at the beginning, also appeared in the latest PC games released by Microsoft. But Kane&Lynch, whose distributor is Eidos, also has this feature. Gradually we can see that in most games.

Apart from the scenario mode of the production, which is full of errors, we have the option of Multiplayer. I’d say it’s the best part in Multiplayer. There’s a mod called Fragile Alliance. We rob a bank with other players, and the players become enemies as we get our hands on the money. We kill other players and earn more points. But this time, the dead players are coming back as one of the police force and trying to get the pain out of you. He gets the most kills and the only one left gets the most points. Multiplayer, which seems a little difficult at first, begins to sound very enjoyable as you play. Because of its various features, there is definitely an interesting multiplayer mode. I recommend you try Kane&Lynch in Multiplayer.

Ineffective element

For those who have played their last term games, Kane & Lynch may sound prosaic. The graphics of the production are backward. The main models are Kane and Lynch well made. Gene, the other main characters in the game are also well modeled. But other than that, the ones are usually copies of each other. It is possible to see this situation, especially in opponents. The environmental design seems to be good in some places, while sometimes it really grins along with the coatings. In general, the charts are averaging. But here’s the thing there. The game can also be played on low video cards such as 6600 or X1300. The sounds are obviously better than the graphics. The vocalizations are well done and the music on the main menu is good. Already Jesper Kyd is the name behind the music. But some effects have been vicious circle. This is a minus.

There’s physics modeling in the production. On the one hand, this provides realism in the game, and on the other hand, it can lead to funny situations due to program errors. From enemies who die on their knees with their hands inside their legs, strange modeling can be seen around them, who die with their arms open.

Kane & Lynch is unfortunately a failed game despite being told and explained so much. It’s coming out below expectations. Despite a good scenario, he falls into negative situations with some of his nonsense and mistakes. As if the game had been released before it was completed. In fact, there are small but beautiful details, such as a place where we are hiding being torn apart by bullets, a scenario, different Multiplayer possibilities and exciting action. But these are undermined by cons. Frankly, his one-man scenario will never play out again. Maybe you can look him in the face for Multiplayer.


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