Jeep Mountain Madness Review

Jeep Mountain Madness

As the streets and streets of Istanbul, our famous beautiful city, are indented and protruding in the consistency suitable for all-terrain vehicles, in the heart of every citizen who receives a Class “B” driver’s license lies a Jeep. A citizen who does not want to leave control of all kinds of terrain, whether it is 4 pulls or 2 pulls, wants to spend the day with a Jeep. The easiest way to do this is the virtual world.

We’ve played various racing games for years, but the vast majority of them have been with speed monster sports cars. All-terrain vehicles of this type have always been secondary. Sports car brands that managed to introduce themselves to the audience of players with various racing games received the reaction they wanted from the ads they made in a short time. All-terrain vehicle manufacturers, on the other hand, have had a lot of difficulty entering the computer game market and introducing themselves to the young consumer. At this point, Jeep, one of the world’s leading all-terrain vehicle manufacturers, made a game with the same name, in front of users.

Jeep Mountain Madness(JMM), prepared in conjunction with Terminal Reality, can be downloaded from the official Jeep company internet address. The 202 MB JMM is crafted as a vehicle simulation rather than a racing game. In other words, if you are waiting for difficult competitions that can be done on the world’s leading tracks with vehicles that are faster than each other, immediately get out of this expectation.

As soon as JMM opens, the tutorial option appears. Wondering about the tutorial of this game, which we will eventually play for the first time, we say “yes” to the option that stands in front of us, and we cannot believe our eyes. He called the game tutorial, our familiar “options” settings! Fortunately, because we know how to adjust, we don’t spend much time in tutorial and click on the “new game” section of the game. There are various mods here. The story that gets our most attention is mod. Here we are trying to reach the places we are told. This mode, which lasts 5 episodes, is prepared with a length that will end in 1 hour.

First, we need to play a short training section, as in every game. Here they teach us that your brakes, which you almost never use, can stop the car at what distance, what precision the vehicle’s turns are. Then the first chapter begins. From the moment you take control, you realize that playability is too weak. OK, the environment you are in May be snow-covered mountain roads, but vehicles are sometimes too comfortable, sometimes too difficult to move. Even as you play, it gets such a feeling that you feel like they chose the place in the game as snow-covered mountain roads because the control of the vehicles is so bad.

At JMM, turning some corners is literally torture. So much so that without the rocks, trees and similar parts of nature around the bends, it is almost impossible to bend properly. In one section, we even try to climb the high points of the mountain from a path. If you bend to the trees around them, etc… if we don’t hit it, being able to stop and take a bend is literally torture. I would also like to note that Zati can be flown down like a cliff from some places. Of course, in a game like this, the damage doesn’t even have an “h”. As you fall, you get up and move on.

The game gives us almost no freedom. When we go too far to the edges of the course we are going on, an in-game reset is thrown and JMM leaves us right in the middle of the road.

When we look at the music, if the game was a successful production, the music in the background would boil over, but when the game is bad, you pay attention to the music whether you want to or not. I’m sorry to say that JMM’s music is also very unsuccessful.

What do you see?

The graphics of the production resemble the games of a few years ago. A game with poor playability, failed sounds and graphics that lag behind time. Frankly, it’s a game that’s never worth downloading from the internet. Don’t get distracted by the game and forget about real life…


Low system requirement. Nice Jeep models.

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