Jaws Unleashed Review

Jaws Unleashed

“Something has been going on on Amity Island lately. People die in a very violent way, and every day a new one is added to these events. It is understood that a giant white shark was responsible for the incident. Sheriff Martin Brody, Quint and Matt Hooper engage in a big fight against this monster.”

This was briefly the subject of Jaws, which was filmed on the white screen in 1975. 13.February.Jaws, adapted from the bestselling novel by Peter Benchley, who died in 2006, was filmed by Steven Spielberg. The famous director, who was 27 at the time, had shot his film outside rather than on set and used natural light. Starring Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Lorraine Gary and Richard Dreyfuss. In 1976, Jaws won an Oscar for Best Editing, Sound and music. In the year it was shown, it was quite a success and set a box office record. The film, which left many afraid of the sea, rose to the cult level. He has also joined the recent fashion of digitally transferring cult films.

Teeth of the sea

All we have to do in Jaws Unleashed is terrorize Amity Island as Jaws himself. In the first episode of tutorial, we are caught as a result of our raid on the beach. They lock us up somewhere to investigate, and after we destroy this place, we sail into the open sea and strike fear into the island of Amity.

Our game consists of a whole island and basic tasks that we have to do. Usually, these missions are things jaws can do, such as blow up a place, organize an attack, smash it or this. In addition, there are additional tasks. We can take these extra missions by coming next to the glittering buoys in the sea. Additional tasks include protecting a dead whale from other sharks for a certain period of time, grabbing Bungee jumpers in the air, smashing Jetski riders, etc.

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Whether it’s the main tasks to continue the scenario or the extras, you get a certain score from all of them. With these points, we improve Jaws ‘ abilities. We have five different abilities: Speed, Hungry, Accuracy, Hungry and Life. As they raise them all in one cam in the game, they want a little more points in each tier. But as these features of Jaws evolve, he learns new forms of attack. That’s pretty good for us. It doesn’t just take missions to get points. You get points for everything you attack and kill. Let it be a person, let it be a fish, let it be a boat; anything you see at sea and attack will come back to you as points.

After passing the first two episodes in Jaws Unleashed and gaining our freedom, we are free around Amity Island. We can go anywhere around the island and create violence. The island consists of certain parts, these parts are shown by buoys. By the time you cross the buoys, we have reached that part of the island after a small deceleration. In the previous section, only fishermen can be barken, and the other part can be holidaymakers. Not only the island sections, but also some of the main mission locations are marked by buoys. When you want to enter these parts, do the previous tasks and open here will give a message. In short, we open them all by doing the main tasks in order.


Give your victim a tail blow if you want, tear your mouth apart if you want, or completely destroy it in one move is up to you. As a result of our increased capabilities, our attacks become sharper. We can jump into the air and grab the man inside the boat from the top of the boat (the best way is to smash, explode or sink the boat). We also have shark sight. And Yesil Yesil.thanks to this, we can see our victim green and green in dark environments.

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