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james bond quantum of solace

Casino Royale received reactions when it was announced as the first Bond film to feature a blonde Bond. Bond fans were even asked to boycott the film. And when the screening date came, these criticisms were destroyed. Although it was said that the most unsuccessful James Bond would be, the most successful Bond film of all time appeared. The name 007, which changed the shell as a movie, also kept up with this change as a game. Bond, whose production rights were featured in EA Games, was acquired by Activision and the first game was announced. Developed by Treyarch, the production was presented to the cast a few days before the film of the same name entered the cinema.

Bond diary

After the producer logos prepared with a special font for the game, we meet a video that resembles the opening of the movie. I can’t say that when I passed the main menu dominated by the Bond theme and started the game, I first encountered very nice things. Poor quality background designs and graphics were not at the level they should have been. If we skip this part for now and go to other details, the game is about the developments in Casino Royale and the new film Quantum Of Solace.

For 15 episodes, the production, in which we direct our hero James Bond (Daniel Craig), who is responsible for killing the designated names, has an FPS perspective. In moments of conflict, thanks to the e button, we can take cover behind every object in the environment and carry out controlled attacks. At this time, the game switches to the TPS perspective, and we can see bond through the height. Bond, who receives the necessary directives before each mission, learns information about the place where he will go and the person he will kill. Although almost linear gameplay prevailed during the episode, the producers gave players two options; advance loud or Silent. When we play through the first Nifty, you can feel better that you’re up to something hidden. At this time, you should not only move quietly, but also disable security systems such as a camera that monitors the environment. If you secretly approach your enemy from behind, you can defeat him in a shortcut by pressing the button that appears on the screen. In the second style, you can provide action-oriented gameplay. You have to constantly advance in control, otherwise you get heavy damage as a result of just a few hits, and the bond lens begins to narrow on the screen. And then if you don’t hide somewhere and rest, you can die. Artificial intelligence is better prepared than I expected. Our enemies are moving, firing accurate shots. In Quantum Of Solace, where you can carry two large and one small weapons, the weapon inventory is sufficient. Weapons such as Uzi, Sniper, M16 are available. Just as we can get some of the ammunition from the men we killed, we can get it from the chests we sometimes come across. A pistol with a silencer attached to the tip can become the best weapon in the game, especially when you want to move in secret.

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Borders are late

You’re in a place, and you’re dealing with men who want to kill you. Without killing all of them, no doors open and you can’t cross into a different area. They are not affected in any way when you encounter and shoot characters who are prepared for end-of-Episode encounters earlier. So the game restricts the player. There are a few fun ways to kill.

Just as you can kill those under it by shooting a large chandelier in a large hall, you can perform this process by shooting the container of a ship. In most parts of the environment, you can also commit mass murder by shooting objects such as tubes, generators and gasoline canisters, but this feature is so exaggerated that in a large hall where guests are entertained, one can say what the tubes are doing in the middle. Sometimes we have to hack open locked doors and computers. The instructions that appear on the screen during this time are quite simple. We just need to press the Yesil direction keys on the screen. Again, using mobile phones in the environment is necessary for us to access some information and for the extras part of the game.

We killed the pawns and reached the end of the episode. Now we’re dealing with the target. As featured in The Punisher and Stranglehold, episode-ending bosses with long health bars are not featured in 007. Sometimes you can see, sometimes you can be in a difficult situation, but a number of instructions appear on the screen to recover the situation. One icon is on you, the other icon is on your opponent, and your goal is to bring the two icons together. In this way, we encounter fight scenes that we are also familiar with From Casino Royale. Episodes such as the famous gambling table scene in which bond is poisoned and the follow-up scene on the crane are also featured in the production. But elements such as the lack of sections used in the car left the game weak.

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Fancy dress

Although I didn’t like the first minutes of the game as graphics, I saw that the graphics came to beautiful levels according to different sections. Especially the interior designs are fine. The light and shadow effects are also beautiful. Our main character Bond’s design has been likened to Daniel Craig. He is pleasing to the eye with his clothes, which he wears specially for each episode. In the same way, the modeling of weapons is successful. The physics aspect can sometimes be called good. Small objects around can get damaged, explosions are nice. You can kill an enemy hiding behind a wooden table by smashing the table, but for some reason, when you are behind a table, that table does not break. Death animations are as successful as Call of Duty 4. Already the game was prepared with the graphics engine of Call of Duty 4. Quantum Of Solace, which provided backing from the film as the soundtrack, was voiced by Daniel Craig.

Online Bond

The one-man script of the production can be finished in a really short, three-hour period. When we step into the extras title, we encounter additional features such as important characters, weapon designs, concept drawings in the game. In Multiplayer; It includes modes such as Bond Versus, Bond Evasion, Golden Gun, Territory Control, Conflict, and Team Conflict. As for the result, the incredibly short gameplay time, the lack of features such as driving, caused the production to lose power. Despite these, Quantum Of Solace is a game that will allow you to spend quite enjoyable hours.


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