Jade Empire: Special Edition Review

Jade Empire: Special Edition

I don’t want to make BioWare a classic starting story by saying it’s like this or that. Most players already know the name Bioware and know how it is a company. Jade Empire was on the Xbox platform almost 2 years ago (although not exactly 2 years). At that time, most Xbox owners had the honor of playing this Far Eastern-themed game. I even know that a friend of mine stood in front of me and said, “Be Jealous, crack, explode, long live Bioware.” Although then I had bad revenge on him. Jade Empire was announced in PCs last year. Actually, like in Halo. It came to PCs long after it first appeared on the Xbox in Halo. It’s the same with Halo 2, and he’ll be a guest with Vista. Jade Empire, that’s what was done in it. They say it’s late, but not power; of course, it’s a great event when one of the Xbox’s legendary RPGs comes to the PC.

Last year, Jade Empire announced that it would go on PCs, taking the name Special Edition with it. But besides adding this name, the main problem was how would the port of the game be? According to these, the graphics will be overhauled, the control system will be adapted to the PC, a new two fighting styles will be added, and artificial intelligence will be slightly improved. In short, the process of correcting the main lines in productions that have actually been translated from Xbox and PS2 to PC. In productions translated from PS2 and Xbox, the most problematic part was the controls and graphics. What has Jade Empire been able to do at these points? I’ll answer that for the rest of the article anyway.


The game is set in ancient China in a fantastic way. In a school where martial arts are shown, we are Master Li’s best student. Already at school, everyone says,” you’re very good, you’re great.” As everything goes to dust, one day there is an attack on the village where the school is. We’re surviving the attack. On the one hand, we are looking for Master Li, and on the other, we are fighting against the emperor, the greatest evil. Actually, Master Li saves us from the Emperor when we were kids or something. It turns out that it’s our destiny to stop the emperor or something. But I don’t want to go too deep and kill it. When you’re already playing Jade Empire, you study the script. After a little touch on the subject, let’s move on to the port parts of the Jade Empire.

If I had a game that turned from PS3 or x360, I would have missed the graphics. The power of the next generation of consoles is obvious in this regard. But Jade Empire is a game that can be considered a little old, coming to the first Xbox (after all, it has been close to 2 years since its release). Currently, the PCs are much better graphically than the Xbox and PS2. As much as the producers say that we make up the graphics, I expected a nice improvement in the graphics for the previous reasons. Jade Empire really surprised me in terms of graphics. The graphics of the first Xbox were better than the PS2. The advantage of this was also used, and it turned out to be a good result. The first point that draws attention is the detailed modeling of our character, the main characters and those around them. They’re really focused, especially on our own character and the other main characters. You can notice them in the dialogue parts. Although the surrounding landscape is not as much as the modeling, it is generally pleasing to the eye. Directx 9 effects are beautifully fed into Jade Empire. Games of light and brightness are evident. In general, the game’s graphics have been really nicely overhauled for the PC. I’m giving Jade Empire a passing grade on this.

I wanted to address the sounds after the charts. The most perfect part of the game is the sounds. The effects are really great, but the most crucial point is the vocalizations. There are absolutely great vocalizations. Jade Empire is officially a holiday in the sense of sound. Also, all the music used, including in the main menu, is beautiful. The completely ancient Chinese atmosphere is evident in music, sounds and vocalizations. Congratulations to the producers on this.
After the graphics and sounds, let’s move on to the controls. The controls are definitely fully compatible with the PC, and most importantly, “Mouse” support is used directly. The same FPS controls are included in the game. We redirect the character with W, A, S, D; we protect and attack with the mouse keys. The controls are fine, but there’s a little problem. The key changed, we played the game and closed it. When we enter the game again, there may be another key instead of the one you assigned. But it’s an occasional problem, and it’s not going to hang out. We can hit Chi with an E, fill our health with a Left Shift. Q and Tab switch between previous and next targets; 1, 2, 3, 4… we can choose our fighting style from the number keys. Space protection is happening. By pressing F, we can switch to Focus mode and handle our opponents extremely easily. In fact, in general, the keys to all the action and control are at hand. Controls in Default form appear directly in front of the user in a friendly way.

Stat scores

The production includes Mind(Focus), Chi(Spirit), and Health(Body) (those in parentheses are written in special stones outside of Mind and in the Stat section). Health, that is, our health. Chi actually directly represents meaning. We have what we can do with Chi. For example, we can hit with Chi in every fighting style. When we activate Chi, our hands are covered in blue, and our damage is greater. We need Chi again to transform. We can also fill our dwindling lives with Chi power by pressing the Left Shift. After all, as long as these are active, our Chi power decreases. Mind has places where it’s used like Chi. You need a Mind to use a gun. So our hands can hold a sword. A lot of things require Mind.

There are various stones in the construction. Up to 3 of these stones can be used by our character. These stones have characteristics that give our character. As features, for example, it adds +2 to our health. It changes various oalrak, as it reduces damage by 50% in opened traps. In the stones, Health is replaced by Body, and Chi is referred to as Spirit. Mind, on the other hand, is directly located under its own name. Don’t let this little name change fool you.

The highlight of Jade Empire was its emphasis on martial arts and martial arts. We portray the fights we see on TV from Kung-Fu movies, just like in Jade Empire. In fact, we also do Kung-Fu moves directly in the game. We have strong, Normal attack and Chi attack. The action parts are real-time, not turn-based. But these are in certain places. Our main character doesn’t go into attack mode when we want to. For example, you can’t just attack a monkey you see on the road. If one of the enemies appears in front of you (according to the scenario), our character immediately moves into an attack position. But let me say that the action parts in the game are quite plentiful. Another point in the game is that we have many different fighting styles and can change them directly in the game. We’ll change the fighting style most of the time. We can do it by necessity or tactic.

Fighting with a gun against Ghost enemies doesn’t work. So we may have to move on to the normal combination of kicks and punches. But on the contrary, Legandry Strike (Normal attack) is more ineffective against normal enemies, while Fortune’s Favorite, that is, attacking with a weapon, is much more effective and allows you to finish your work briefly. Sometimes you’ll have to do tactics. Let’s just say you have the Ice Shard style. You can freeze the guy with a strong shot, dive into him with a gun right behind him. He will not be able to move because he is frozen, and you will reduce energy from him. With Heavenly Wave, you can slow down the enemy so that you can easily kill him. Now, according to the time, place and conditions, you will evaluate the most appropriate styles at your disposal.

BioWare power

Jade Empire uses a decoy similar to the other sibling game Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) that BioWare made. In fact, we can even say it’s almost the same in most respects, but of course there are changes in between. From the search menu, we can increase fighting styles, raise our decks, view the Journal, view the map, save and Load the game, etc. The menu, which shows that our character we remember from KOTOR goes to the good or bad side, stands in the same way in Jade Empire. Decimated menu design, which we are already used to from Kotor, allows us not to attract strangers in the production. It is undeniable that the decommissioning menu is similar to the game of the same company. Quite handy, on the contrary.

There are 4 different character classes to choose from. They are classified as Sorcerer (Magic), strong (Strong), fast (Fast) and balanced (Balanced). Each class has its own unique starting styles. For example, Balanced kicks are constantly used, while Fast makes his fists talk. If he chooses the Magic class, he comes out with claws in his hands like Wolverine and attacks like this. Changes in statuses are noticeable. Magic is also high in Chi, while strong’s health is high. If you want, you can make changes to the stat of the selected character by clicking “Custom” before entering the game. You can specify the name of the Gene yourself, or you can set a name by the game. Unfortunately, on the outside, we have no way of changing or creating our character. There is 1 male and one female character for each class. They all look obvious, we can’t make changes.

If you’re used to it as a group in RPG games, that habit will be broken in Jade Empire. The game is an RPG centered on a single person. But despite this incident, there must be another character with us. But we can’t interfere with this character in any way. If we fill our health, so does his health. And if he dies during a fight, don’t be afraid. It automatically revives when you win the fight. These characters will appear across the script and join us. Although many characters join us, only one character accompanies us. From the decal menu, we can replace this character with another one. They all have different characteristics. For example, Dawn Star, who joined us at the beginning of the game (I think she was the most beautiful character in the game), is very effective with her sword. But in addition, there is another character who turns from a little girl to a big demon and attacks. In short, they all have separate forces and attacks. They’re very helpful in crowd fights. In addition, when you come to the selection screen from the search menu, you can choose whether the character next to you is attacking or staying on Dec.

Closing speeches

The dialogue system that leaves my mouth open in every game of BioWare continues again in Jade Empire. Dialogues determine our fate in the game, deepen and change the script. For example, you can insult Master Li to other students, or you can say that you really believe what he says. By just talking to a group of bandits you encounter, you can make them walk away without fighting them. For example, I met the ghost of two dead children, and they asked me to find and kill one of them. But I took that person to where the ghosts are. One of the ghosts said,” Let’s kill him, “and the other said,” Let’s not kill him, let him bury our bones.” Here, you can follow the bad and kill the man, or you can follow the good and recommend that children bury their bones in graves. So you can shift to good or evil. Every answer you give in every way has a certain result. This result constantly affects you, for better or worse. So pay attention to the dialogues and follow. Again, you can get side tasks according to the dialogues. It’s up to you to do these side tasks that you get. But if you do, you can earn more experience points or a precious gem that has quite a feature. The result will work for you.

It also has an extra part in the production. This extra includes mini-games. For example, in an episode we control a plane (don’t say where it came from, you’ll see it when you play). But we can compare the part of killing enemies by plane to games in which we see two-dimensional aircraft in Arcade halls only from the hill and shoot down the enemies that come in front of us. As Jade Empire progresses, there will be various mini-games like this, and as these games come out, the lock in the extra section will be removed. After that, you can play them from the extra part if you want.

Final brews

Artificial intelligence is enough for such a game. They run away from you, they are protected, they make special hits and intimidate you. Even when they are crowded, they are very painful. Sometimes they can do two moves once in a while and be really amazing. In general, artificial intelligence is enough for a game like Jade Empire. 8 different models in the game were made individually cinematic. In the face of this effort, I really appreciated BioWare once again. The cinematography is extremely beautiful and wonderfully made. As an extra, you will see banners, statues or something like that in the game. Go to them and tap them. These provide information about the story and history, giving extra experience points. And there are myths around. They immediately reveal themselves (in blue and yellow). With them, you can increase your Chi, Health, or mind strength. You can increase your health power not only with these, but also with health, Chi, or Mind cannons that come out of enemies and surrounding objects.

The Save-Load thing is pretty easy. We have the ability to Save wherever you want. Also automatic Save system and Quick Save Plus One Direction at some points. And the Jade Empire doesn’t lack anything? Of course there are. The biggest example of these is that the camera sometimes gets stuck at the peak angle. Especially this error can happen sometimes in closed places. But once you Load the game again, this problem fixes. Also, the game is a little short. And there was a point I was paying attention to. It seemed to me that Jade Empire was held at a certain FPS value. As a result, Jade Empire: Special Edition was a nice console translation. He adapted well to the PC. Already the fact that the producer is Bioware is the first proof of what it is like. If you haven’t played on Xbox and have been looking for a nice RPG lately, definitely try Jade Empire.


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