Jack Orlando: A Cinematic Adventure Review

Jack Orlando: A Cinematic Adventure

I’m sure most people have never heard of Jack Orlando before.Jack orlando, which was released with its first version in 1996, known as the golden year of Adventure games, was a game that was dim as well as big adventures such as Broken Sword.But the game has been reorganized from the production company Zuxees, driven to the market by jowood production, and currently Directors cut is the company’s new favorite.

Hey, billy!!
Jack cleaned up every mess in the country in time., he even received a Distinguished Service Medal from the state (something like that).But as Jack got older, he gave himself up to drinking and became a pain in the ass.one day,as he wanders the streets again, Jack witnesses a murder, and when he goes over the killer like ‘nooliy there’, he eats a hilt on his head, and when he wakes up, he sees a gun in his hand, a dead man next to him, and a police force around him.Naturally, the cops think Jack’s dead, and they’re putting him away.But after a while, he is released due to insufficient evidence.Jack, all of a sudden, this is happening., he thinks of it as a beauty that Luck has put on the bird’s head:).so jack straz seized the opportunity to return to his old glittering business life adorned with stones:).Jack also has a chef.the chief has a farm:).His chief doesn’t look at it well.Because in the later parts of the game, you will see that the chief is the leader of this work and is a terbesiz person :).but for what it’s worth, jack won’t let go of the rope.Although the theme of the game is quite beautiful, its duration is short and consists of a single cd.At this time, when Adventure games are scarce, these small details are a camel’s ear.Most at least it would be better if it was a 2-CD Game :).Also, Jack Orlando is just as easy.It’s annoying that Jack gives huge clues about what to do.

A perfect kaftan!!
The game also has an interesting feature.during conversations, for example, when Jack and a police officer talk, Jack’s voice comes out of one column and the police officer’s voice comes out of the other column.In this way, I found out that I installed my column incorrectly :). Inventory of the game (menu where the items you buy are stored)si I think the most beautiful detail of oyuinun.when you press F1, the inside of Jack’s jacket opens, and you can place your inventory here and organize them the way you want.

Visual and sensory feasting
As you can see, the most successful part of the game is the graphics.cartoon vari pale graphics are very suitable for the theme of the game and are so compatible with the characters.It’s really nice that it’s not dull and it’s progressing in fmv(let’s say video) format.In addition, FMV also has such beautiful graphics and explains the subject very well.But I still can’t figure out how old Jack is, although he looks 35-40 on FMV, he looks like a 70-year-old in the game.So I got my average and convinced myself that he was 55 years old :).
Let’s just say once in 10 games, if not more, jack disappears.But all that bug happens to the kadi girl.it’s not possible to install it at that moment.So you have to make quick saves all the time.Just like I didn’t save what I wrote and the electricity was interrupted 5 minutes ago :)) the music was arranged according to the venues.For example, music with a band and a trumpet in a military camp ; romantic music is put in the nightclub, and they sound pretty good.It was also the most revamped element according to the first version.Dialogues and monologues (i.e., Jack’s own conversations) are voiced by professionals and are quite successful.

The alternative is minimal!
Now comes a very classic sentence.yeah, we’ve always talked about the good sides of the game, and now let’s look at the negative sides :).Although I mentioned a little in the previous lines, but don’t get carried away, for example, money always comes out of the same place and it’s in the middle of the street.but it was very well thought out that he went and asked his friend for money.Let’s add that we take nonsense and never use most of it until the end of the game.the fact that other menus with the exception of inventory have never been dealt with,we can add to the negative details that the game is short and very simple.

Actually, the game doesn’t have much to tell.By accepting every adventure fan’s mistakes because it brings innovation to the rare adventure games on the market! a game he can play, jack orlando.Also, a version that we can accept as censorship of the first version is directors cut. Also my Millinium is the first adventure game by Jack Orlando. As a result, it is a fun game, although it is high quality and short.

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