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jack keane

Jack Keane, published by Strategy First, was developed by German producer Deck 13. We already know Deck 13 from the Ankh game, which came out of their own hands in 2006. The company, which presents the ancient Egyptian theme in Ankh in a very colorful and pleasant way, has used the same structure in Jack Keane. But the theme is different this time. When games come out of the hands of the same company, it is not lost on them that they carry similar features in many ways.

It can be said that the adventure genre, which has long been silent, has moved a little with the latest Simon The Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens and now Jack Keane. They’re not very high-quality productions of the genre, but they’re enough to fill the gap that’s been around for a long time. It can be easily said that the production appeals to both minors and adults. The story of the game is also quite beautiful. As you can imagine, in a game in which we direct Jack Keane, we are assigned as an agent by the Secret Service belonging to the Queen of England. Our mission is Tooth Island in the Indian Ocean. This is because Dr. T is trying to eliminate the tea plants on the island. The English, famous for their five teas, must have been very uncomfortable with this situation, they took the job seriously enough to send an agent to the island. However, there are mysteries in Jack’s reasons for accepting the mission that he wants to illuminate about his past. If you’ve played Lucas Arts ‘ Monkey Island adventures before, Jack Keane will be familiar with both his adventures on the island and his unusual story.

5 tea

The story may seem a little boring at first. However, a story that becomes increasingly interesting, full of surprises and funny dialogue, will eliminate the boring at the beginning. Fifteen different main spaces and their sub-districts contain architectural elements that are a little absurd and have a little cartoon graphics. A total of 250 missions have classic adventure content, such as finding and combining objects. Of course, we’re not alone in all these missions. Dozens of strange and funny characters accompany us. The story, told in a cinematic way, is conveyed through short videos that interlude during the game. If you have previously played an adventure game in the style of Point&Click, you can dominate the game from the first minutes. Although you have not played, you can understand how things work in a very short time.

In the game, where we can control Jack and Amanda, the level of puzzles can be said to be reasonable. In solving problems, rules that apply more in the real world are used. Such as using the stick as leverage to knock over a barrel, finding Sesame for fishing, etc. It complements the background music accompanied by orchestral vocalizations of characters who speak in different accents, which can be considered good. In terms of graphics, we mentioned that there is a colorful atmosphere that looks nice to the eye. However, it is also clear that the coatings are insufficient. However, details such as dynamic lighting, soft shadow transitions can save the situation. Overall, the production scores above average. Although it is a playable product in the absence of adventure-type games on the market, we can ignore some of its vulnerabilities. A good opportunity for those who love the genre.


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