Ironstorm Review



Yes, it was as it seemed; he survived, and lying on our cold bed, dreaming of the smell of hot coffee next to us, and thinking about the life we will live when we leave this damn place, a soldier enters the room and says that the commander has called you to him. And you’re like, ” Where did this guy come from?”you say, but you also know that you cannot disobey the order. But you have made the mistake of your life. It’s unknown, because that cut-eyed man gives you such an order that he orders you to die, but I don’t know if you’re loyal to the army or naive, he accepts the order, and that’s how you get into a lot of trouble.


Yes, now we are slowly starting to get into the mood of the game, now we can enter the war, everything is ready and in place, but the team next to you soon disappears, and at that moment you start to feel the atmosphere of the game very well. Because they gave a feeling of loneliness in the game that when a person plays an hour, he really gets in the mood. The graphics look fine at first, but there are some problems with shading, which can sometimes have a bad effect on the atmosphere of the game. But this does not mean that the graphs are bad, on the contrary, the graphs are good enough, but there is also this, as everything has a flaw. I think the best part of the game is that you can play very comfortably, even if you don’t have a very good system. Before I forget, I should mention that the game takes up about 1 GB of space, even if you install it at a minimum.

The good graphics are undoubtedly underpinned by equally strong playability. Because both the firstperson and the 3rd action camera are really good. However, it might have been better if they had worked a little harder on 3rd action. Besides all the good aspects of the game XP’larda control keys can not set and sometimes 98’larda the game has a problem such as opening. You can also handle these plug-ins by installing the appropriate detenator for your video card.

The music in the game is pretty difficult, because when you come in a place well chosen, the music is getting louder and suddenly the game that lends to the atmosphere of a separate air, but in-game to talk on the radio, not because it is not face-to-face talk with the radio goes like it’s done; no, don’t sizzle or anything like that. The effects support creative’s new system, Eax2, which adds another plus point to the game.

Although the multiplayer part of the game is very satisfying and contains new weapons and maps for those who are tired of counterdan, this number seems a little small to me. It is also very important in this part of the sniper game that you do in most of the game. IronStorm multiplayer section contains 5 different modes that you can play in different ways.

As a result, there is a production that can be fixed with the first patch, but it distracts the game from being perfect. In general, it didn’t seem wise to me that you chose this game that didn’t add anything to the genre in the period when all these games came out. But while there are other games to replace Iron Storm, it’s ideal to play for a certain period of time.

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