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international athletics

As with everything else, the Olympic Games in Beijing were played and video games were released. We were used to sports games that Electronic Arts had already made a habit of releasing every year in a classic way, or games that were made after a popular movie. It seems that from now on, we will get used to playing their games in person after every Olympics. Beijing 2008, which attracted attention especially with its graphics on new generation consoles, has completed the Olympic Games without going to PSP. International Athletics came to the aid of PSP lovers who were deprived of plenty of different types of sports in it. I hugged this structure with four hands because of the astringency of not being able to play Beijing 2008 on PSP. I was quite willing to play him, but it seems that he wasn’t so keen on playing himself…

The first question that came to my mind when I saw International Athletics on both Beijing 2008 and PSP on new generation consoles was how sports were played. We’re used to football and basketball. But that’s how sports like running or long jumping were played. Here, of course, rather than the keys used, the question of curiosity was whether it would be pleasant to press the keys in series on a track that was already obvious when running, as in Train Simulator. In the continuation of the article, I will address this question along with the controls, that is, whether pressing the button will be enough to satisfy us. It may not be under the Olympic title, but International athletics, which is about sports and themes in the Olympics, has fourteen sporting events. Among these events, which are played against a large number of competitors, we see sports such as 100m running, long jump, shooting, high jump, hurdles running, discus throw, pole vault, javelin throw, moving target shooting, archery. Because there are similar sports, such as more than one type of running, in fact, all sports fall under several main headings. All of these sports can be played in three main modes: Quick Event, Decathlon and Tournament. As you can imagine with Quick Event, we have a chance to quickly experience the sport you want to play a wider part of the game or spend time immediately in limited time. In the decathlon, we play ten different sports back to back in the classic way. In the tournament, we try to be the person who carries the medals on the podium by eliminating people from different countries.

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Button craze

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, it was time for the controls, we mentioned that the production is button-based, now let’s look at how we manage our athletes. Basically, the keys used include the analog lever, X button and L-R shoulder keys. For example, in running, we run by pressing the L and R keys in a series, and if we are in a close fight with someone, we press X on the line to win by head difference when it comes to the line. In the Cannonball throw, it rotates on our axis with the analog arm, and with X, we try to determine a good shot according to the meter at the bottom. The meters on the screen largely allow us to have an idea of what the result will be. We can also see how early or late we make a shot on the meter. Since everything is happening with buttons and there is a difference in button usage between sports, it is shown which keys to use in this sport during installation before starting the event. Since the difficulty of each game is different, we have also been able to change the difficulty level of your opponents in the decathlon and tournament. But the difficulty levels of sports are hardly consistent.

According to the time we achieved as a result of our competitions, a world record breaking feature has been added. In the upper left corner of the screen, you can see the world record time and the time you made. It can be said that we are witnessing amusing scenes, especially as we break records. From a visual point of view, we see that the production remains at a fairly mediocre level. Apart from environmental elements, character modeling and animation is not very successful. Since their sound is not inferior to the charts, we can say very comfortably that the production is not technically successful. If we say that International athletics has lost its playability due to its technical shortcomings, it probably will not be wrong. Therefore, I would rather recommend a large number of different types of sports to players who want to play in one package, but do not keep their expectations high.

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