Intel reveals how they turned GTA 5 into a real world


Stephen Richter, an Intel engineer, explained in an interview the details of the artificial intelligence they adapted to the GTA 5. Richter, who says that they use convoluted neural networks to provide realism, notes that this artificial intelligence can literally take games into the real world.

In a content we shared with you last week, we mentioned that Intel Labs engineers have adapted an artificial intelligence algorithm developed to GTA 5 and that the image resulting from this adaptation is as if it were the real world. Stephen Richter, an Intel executive who gave an interview on this topic, explained in full detail how they provided the images in question.

Richter, who says there are many artificial intelligence algorithms for movies, games and simulations, says the most accurate algorithm must be used to achieve the best result. An Intel executive who stated that they used the “convoluted neural networks” technique, one of the sub-branches of deep learning technology, to achieve this, notes that the artificial intelligence they created was trained to replace objects in the game with those in the real world.

Intel’s AI learns photos of objects on Earth


Intel engineers trained the artificial intelligence algorithm they used in GTA 5 with photos of real-world objects. However, this has led to some differences between the artificial intelligence and the adapted version of the game in its normal form. Stephen Richter, who said that the object photos were also taken in Germany because they continued their work in Germany, says that this is why natural formations, especially asphalt and trees and greenery, look like in Germany rather than in the United States. Richter’s words, it seems, may one day allow a game to be in a real country.

Stephen Richter agrees that the image created is good but fails to offer enough realism. An Intel engineer who also points out the reasons for this, says that everything in the game is not realistic enough, which affects artificial intelligence. For example, the fact that traffic in GTA 5 is minimal compared to real life and the garbage deposits in the game are at a minimalist level has confused artificial intelligence and failed to provide the realism it should be.

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According to an Intel executive, this artificial intelligence algorithm has the potential to deliver much better results if it is trained in areas that are much more detailed and compatible with the image that will be adapted. In addition, this artificial intelligence also needs to be integrated into game engines to achieve the best results. Stephen Richter, who mentions that artificial intelligence already has access to some data, says that their current goal is to include this artificial intelligence in game engines.

If Intel can do what it wants, we can clearly say that there will be a big revolution in the gaming world. Because this technology will make a game look like it’s real. This, in turn, can allow a game to take place completely in a real city. On the other hand, augmented and virtual reality productions that will be created with this kind of artificial intelligence can offer people an experience they haven’t seen to date. For example, you can walk around the popular squares of Istanbul or the vast beaches of Antalya using appropriate equipment.

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