Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon Review

Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is actually one of those productions that goes back quite a bit. Starting with Super Nintendo, the series is reunited with game lovers by Natsume after ten years and twenty games. Innocent Life: a Futuristic Harvest Moon is set in the near future, not far from an isolated island. A farming-based life simulation, the original Harvest Moon structure is preserved in the production, while the game is simpler and consequently the character depth is less than in previous versions of the series.

Agricultural course

Construction begins in 2022 on the small island of Heartflame. But we soon realize that the island is not as calm as it seems. Also, Legends and rumors say that if the volcano on the island erupts, it will end all life. Unlike previous versions of the series, this time we control a small male robot created by the benevolent doctor Hope grain. The kind-hearted doctor bought land with various crops in it so that we could understand what it is like to be human and live in peace. However, we are also tasked with investigating places that can be very dangerous to humans, reporting volcanic activity, and uncovering mystical events on the island of Heartflame. We must also keep the island pleasant for all people, and establish systems in which old-fashioned farm work will be performed automatically.

We begin with the doctor’s close friend’s call, which includes a watering call and training mode. We take care of our land just as we did in previous productions. We plow the soil, plant the seeds, make irrigation. This continues until the soil becomes fertile, flowers bloom, and nutrients. Then the products are collected and sent to the market. Outside of our working time, we watch television shows, talk to Earth dwellers, and thus learn how to cook and eat. Given that we are robots, eating and cooking may seem a little absurd. But given that we are trying to learn how to be human in accordance with the story, it turns out that what we are doing is not very inappropriate. Although all this may seem easy at first, for example, every irrigation we delay can cause disruptions because it slows down the growth of plants, or all crops can be damaged due to natural disasters that do not affect the island, such as a storm. In addition, processes such as clearing weeds from products, extracting stones and rocks are among the efforts that increase plant yield. And in doing all this, he helps us with tools such as digging, shoveling, scythe.

And every Sunday, we visit Dr. grain to pick up critical objects that will provide story development and facilitate our work. Conversations with townspeople are interesting, but not very important for the story. Although they are not very attentive to Character Modeling in the production, which has visually quite colorful and cute graphics, they seem to be at a sufficient level. In terms of sounds and music, the production is accompanied by pleasant and memorable melodies, which are also the same as the average visual level. Innocent Life:a Futuristic Harvest Moon was a pretty fun production overall. Especially for those who want to play something different than ever on a portable platform with content.

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