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In RPG games, I could be evil and end things as evil if I wanted to. In general, many beautiful RPG games have also offered the path of evil as an alternative. The one who wants can decide as good and the one who wants as bad. I’m tired of being on the good side for a long time. I wanted evil directly, which Infernal offers us as a collaborator of the devil. Infernal, whose demo was released some time ago and I’ve been waiting for for a long time, has finally arrived. In fact, the reason I waited was because it was an action I could play with my mouth on the PC, rather than just chaos or evil. The Metropolis firm also assured that the action in the Infernal would be full. After the animated gameplay on his demo, I put the full version on hold. How will the full version react to the effects?


Infernal, a game that can be played on the side of evil. For those who do not know the subject, let’s specify it immediately. Ryan Lennox is a good agent who works in the name of God. But in his missions, he thoroughly messes up and enjoys killing. This is counterproductive in the name of the forces of good, and eventually Lennox succumbs to the destruction and anger within him and strays from the path. As punishment, his powers are taken away and left in the middle. Knowing the Evil Within Lennox, the devil draws him to his side, giving him new powers. Now Ryan becomes someone who works in the devil’s name and hunts down the defenders of good. Ryan, who is already sitting in the bar with a beautiful woman with white hair in the cinema right at the beginning of the game, falls into a trap. In fact, the good agent he’s talking to pulls a gun on him, tells him to run when he’s about to shoot, and then the deal with the devil happens. In fact, agents are basically working to balance both good and evil without dominating each other. Actually, there’s no need to blow too much head over the script. Because it doesn’t include the winding, deep subject you’re used to seeing in RPGs or other games.

One of the first remarkable points in the making, and indeed the best of the game, is the graphics. Infernal was not built with a ready-made graphics engine. Metropolis sat down and built a new engine from scratch. Obviously, this graphics engine written from scratch has done a good job. Infernal’s graphics are above mediocre. I already mentioned it in the demo. Because there won’t be much difference in the image in the full version. The texture of the environment is beautiful. Ryan and the main characters in the game have good modeling. Already the details are obvious on Ryan. The blessings of Directx 9 are very nicely blended around. Alone, the lighting, the brightness, the reflections are extreme in some places and thoroughly fuel the feeling of artificiality. Explosions look good. Competitors ‘ modeling is usually the same. But in the main, it is an engine made from scratch and performance as well as optimization that does not tire.

The beauty that is in favor of the charts, unfortunately, does not continue directly in the sounds. The effects don’t repeat themselves to a certain point. But after a while, you can see that some of them are the same. His rote mood in the vocalizations continues. Especially in some of the cinematographers made with the in-game graphics engine, like the synchronized work in the demo. Image and sound don’t match. The music playing on the menu and in the action-packed parts is a good choice when considering the speed and atmosphere of Infernal. Gas fragments and they fit well into the environment.

Thanks Ageia

The physics interaction in the production was nice. They provide a certain realism and adaptability to the atmosphere. For example, in the first episode, there are glass columns, cups, etc.that break when they Press inside the bar, when we get into a shootout with the guys. It puts the player in the mood. Again, if you fire an explosive next to someone upstairs, the wooden part on which he was standing falls apart, and his body realistically falls down. Physics has worked in terms of the realism of the way your opponents are killed. And if you shoot a dead person on the floor, he’ll react again. But sometimes the bodies of the dead can remain in the form of bananas or in a dancing position. This leads to funny situations. We can interact with things like haystacks, chairs, crates, etc., we tear them apart. Infernal Ageia is one of the games that supports the physics card. But since I didn’t have a card, I couldn’t see the details of the physics part. But even now, it’s enough in the game. If it wasn’t for the physicality in an action-packed game like Infernal, it really would have undermined the atmosphere.

Infernal is a pure blood action game. I’d say it’s the most moving and engaging project I’ve played in lately. In general, we encounter a lot of enemies, and we clean them up. Classically, we open encrypted doors, etc., and move forward. Actually, there’s nothing else in the game. There are card passes. We kill certain enemies so that we can unlock them, and we take the card from inside so that we can open the door. Sometimes we hack into security systems and open doors that are locked. And we have the ability to find the secret password and unlock it, which our special powers have penetrated. In fact, all of this is now classic game logic. It already has an Infernal linear structure. The point and path are clear. Obstacles in front of you are also easily crossed.

It can rain a lot of enemies on us in general. Already, less than 3-4 opponents do not come out in front of you. An average of 3 people will always be in front of you. From the first episode, you are already engaged in a duel with direct opponents, without saying what is happening. The artificial intelligence of enemies is not bad in some ways for such a game. They have attraction, like hiding, shooting from where they’re hiding, rolling around. But they don’t always repeat that either. Because their numbers are already plentiful, the lack of artificial intelligence is closing a little in this direction. Besides Normal enemies, there are special opponents with some abilities that come out from time to time. They don’t really have any tricks other than their special powers. They’re done with a few Infernal shots. The enemies in Infernal are fluid and have no venomous mind, but they are briefly enough for the game.

Alarm reserves

Against enemies, we lead our forces in opening locked doors, shutting down alarm systems, etc. We have three main powers, teleportation, private vision, and Infernal attack, which also gives the game its name. We can teleport to a place that appears in teleportation for a certain period of time. In a place where there is a risk of being caught that we can’t go ourselves, we can turn off alarm lasers or security cameras this way. Sometimes we can teleport behind the enemy and use it to catch him off guard. But we do it for a certain period of time, and when the time is up, we go back to our original place before teleportation.

Special sight power is used to allow us to see ammunition, items, the surrounding area, and to see the secret passwords of doors that sometimes do not open with a card or computer hack. You can use this power many times in the game. Finally, there is the” Infernal attack”. In fact, this Infernal attack is a secondary shooting mode. Ryan’s arm is suddenly engulfed in flames, and when we shoot, the opponents die in one shot, as well as a small explosion where he hits.

As a type of weapon in the Infernal to play from the shoulder camera, such as Resident Evil 4, neither missing nor more. We always have a gun with us. In addition, we can find known action weapons such as machine guns, scanning, grenades, etc.from enemies or surrounding boxes or something like that. Sometimes there are weapons in secret places. For example, if you find a button hidden behind a painting and press it, a locked closet door in a different place opens or something like that, and a gun can come out of it. It can only come out as a weapon, ammunition, etc. There’s not much shortage of weapons and ammunition. Because we have another ability to absorb our dying enemies. When you press E, Ryan keeps his hand on his dead body and absorbs his life energy, as well as passing it on to himself. In any case, you will constantly do this process to find the necessary cards. We also have to do this suction in order to replenish our declining health and find ammunition, etc. We have a meaning that allows us to use our special powers. Our meaning fills itself in the dark and when we kill people. It doesn’t make sense when there’s light around. Even sometimes, even in a dark place, because of the excessive brightness and reflection effect, you may think that there is light here as soon as manam is full. When we’re out of ammo, Ryan can make his fists talk. And the beauty of it is, Ryan’s not like the characters who usually shoot at someone who’s right under our nose. Instead of shooting with a gun, he automatically works directly in the stomach and face with his fists. That’s a nice little detail. In addition, to kill our opponents again, except for our fists, weapons and powers; we can take advantage of the explosive elements in the surrounding area and, in rare cases, physics.

Minus direction and results

We can stand against the walls and shoot by pressing “bottom” from where we take cover. When we get to the bottom of the wall, when we press the direction button, Ryan stands against the wall and takes cover. But pressing this direction button and taking cover sometimes causes something wrong. If you’re a little close to the wall or the corresponding place in the middle of a shootout, if you press back to want to run back, Ryan is leaning against the wall and taking cover instead of running away. It can cause a little indigestion. If you press forward, back, right, left twice, like in Unreal tournaments, Ryan turns red and rolls in that direction. Again, you will use this a lot to pass some alarm systems and avoid enemy shots. It’s fast, so it works. I didn’t like the main character jumping. He said that when you jump and jump in a style like really constipation, it can be done a little more properly.

Although Infernal at first attracts attention with its abundant action and evil part, it can squeeze after a while. Killing enemies in abundance sounds enjoyable and moving at first times. But in later parts, the same things always repeat and linearity minus factors. There are no alternative routes, we have to go from the point indicated by the game. But despite this, it can be finished once. With pleasant graphics and gas music, you can fall in pursuit of the Angels of good.

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