Ice Wind Dale Review

Icewind Dale

In the summer, the game market is usually sluggish. New games always come out in winter. But this summer, Black Isle Studios ‘ Icewind Dale came out, and it was good to get out.A good example of the FRP type. I’d say it’s a mix of Might & Magic and Diablo. I will mention these similarities later in the article. The game’s graphics have pros as well as cons. As follows: in the game, the backgrounds are drawn very high quality, it makes you feel the atmosphere you are in, but both the characters you control and your enemies are drawn very detailed and we have no chance to adjust the quality in the game’s setup. Also, in battles, there is not enough attention paid to the melee scenes, your elements beat the air instead of the enemy. And the sounds are pretty good. The dialogues are very high-quality, and the music is literally perfect. Min. As we can understand from the performance of the system, it is a game that does not tire the system too much. The interagency films are also quite beautifully prepared: the subject is told by a Foursquare voice, while the pages of a book are translated and we see the corresponding picture.

The subject of the game:

It is set in 1281… Classic subject in FRPs, good, etc. evil (good fight evil), while the Barbarians live happily in their own land, an evil arcmage arrives and unleashes the evil creatures of the FRP with his magic on the Barbarians and begins to reign in their land. The Barbarians, disturbed by this, organize and wage war on him, and usually fail, while a gengaver comes out of them and makes them men, they fight one last time and defeat the army of arcmagein, but even when arcmage dies, he does his last shit again: he opens a portal to hell (dimension gate), demons pass through the portal and attack the Barbarians. Our chengaver sacrifices himself and is thrown into the portal, breaks the spell and dies… This is not the end of the matter başlangıcıdır…Biz we are an adventurous group of friends, and as we travel, we come to the first city where these events began to occur. So our game begins.

At the beginning of the game, we create our characters in a way that those who play Might & Magic will remember. We have a chance to create 6 characters, and these characters will form our group of adventurers. One of the most important points of the game is to choose these characters very balanced. After we give each character the portrait we want, we choose the race of our character, these races can be selected from all races that are not evil in the FRP. (For example: Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Halfing, Dwarf, etc.)..) It takes a very long time to make descriptions of these races, you can get information about the races from the character selection page in the game. After choosing our race *our class (e.g.: Paladin, Warrior, Thief, Druid, Mage, Cleric, etc.)..) we choose, so will our employee be an archer, a wizard, or a chingaver? There is class restriction for some races. For example, a stunted halfing can never be a warrior and wave giant axes. After class, we determine our character’s abilities, how strong, how smart, how resourceful, etc. Here it should be noted that if the character is a warrior, it is loaded into the force, if it is a ranger, it is loaded into the Dexter, if it is a mage, it is loaded into the intelligent, etc… Already the game says that the stat(feature) you choose is very important for whom.Importance Of Class Selection:

These elements, which we will use throughout our entire game, must be chosen in such a way that they can help each other, save the party in a difficult situation, work harmoniously. The most important class in your party must be Cleric. Clerics are sorcerers who specialize in treatment. Hitpoints (health) of your elements at the beginning of the game is not too much, and after 1 single blow, they can become in need of treatment. It is appropriate to create your other characters from at least 3 combat experts, a mage and a thief. One of the combat experts is a ranger from elf IK so you can kill opponents with arrows before they get any closer. Thief’s ability to open locked places and break traps will also be very necessary in the game, if you don’t choose from the beginning, then you will definitely feel its lack. Our character is complete. We started the game. Now we have a game screen that will be quite familiar to people who play Diablo, and also resembles the Ultima series. On the left are the game’s main menus, where the game goes in the middle, on the right are portraits of characters for quick selection, and commands that we will give to the characters at the bottom, and quick inventory access. Our game works in real time, managing 6 men (or women) seems very difficult when you first start the game, but when you get used to it a little bit, you realize that it’s not so difficult. When we select the men with the Left Mouse Button and click elsewhere, they walk, attack or talk.

The game starts at an inn. A man comes and says that we should stay decently in the city, not get into trouble, and that we should stop by sometime, that he will offer us a job. Talk to the fat woman behind the bar table when you’re in control, try to gather some information, the woman says she doesn’t have time to talk, she can talk to the deer if you buy a drink. He says bugs raid the cellar when you want a drink, offer him help. (Be polite to every character you talk to in the game, even if it’s an enemy, don’t ask for money, let them offer you money, this gives you extra experience and makes it easier for your people to level up) when you talk to a woman and go down to the cellar, you will see insects around and around. You attacked the men you trusted most with bugs. Be careful your men don’t die. If he dies, it takes a long time and a lot of money to find the magic needed to resurrect him. One of the most important points in the game is that the moment you get stuck, you definitely run away. He kills bugs and gives us some gold when we talk to her. As we drink, we learn the latest rumors. Strange creatures were roaming around, and the car to bring supplies to the city was late. Talk to other people in the bar, ask about everything, this game is not just about going and killing the devil, you have to talk a lot. You don’t have to talk to everyone named townsperson, just talk to a couple of them.

We’re out of the inn. Just enter the shop on the right and shop, you can only kill insects with the first weapons you have in your hand, from there select weapons suitable for the classes of your employees. Each character has a carry limit according to the strength we give him, so you can’t pack every piece of what you have in the bag, so just recognize and carry what is very necessary and will make good money when you sell it. Now go and go all over (don’t go to the bridge below right now) listen to people’s problems and try to cure them, then go to the House of the man who called us (the townspeople describe the place to you), then go and cross the bridge, a child will come in a hurry and tell him that monsters have attacked him, they have stolen the fish he was holding, Be kind to him. You’ll be fighting some goblins.

My strategy (in all your battles, certainly do so) is to press pause (in the lower left corner) as soon as you see the enemy. Place your elements logically, determine who will attack first. Close pause and certainly don’t let your men fight to the death, but when you’re in trouble, fall back and let them come at you. Mow them and fish (!) give it to the child after receiving it. Here’s a lot of experience in the first episode. Rest your staff at the hotel and go on the mission given by the man you first met… The more you play the game, the warmer it will get and you won’t be able to get up from your head for hours. A complete FRP is a game for anyone who knows the genre. FRP you who don’t know… 🙂

Technical features of the game are as follows:
The screen resolution is not very high.
Game soundtracks are made as CD-audio. Eax supports it. If you have such a sound card, you can enjoy the background sounds of the game quite a lot.
It can be played online.

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