How To Recover Data From External Hard Drives?

Recover Data From External Hard Drives

Pist Global company, which performs data recovery operations through digital data storage systems, offers reliable services. External hard drives are often used in all areas for data backup purposes. On external hard drives, physical and logical failures are known to occur more. Data recovery operations are needed for data that cannot be reached due to failure. With its services as a hard drive recovery service company, it brings its customers to their data in a short time.

Data Recovery From External Hard Drives

The company performs all kinds of data recovery operations in clean rooms with data recovery engineers and licensed data recovery programs. Hard drive data recovery service success rate is very high. When data recovery operations are performed on external hard drives, firstly the type of failure is detected. Creating data recovery procedures based on the type of physical or logical error that occurs on the Hard disk. By using data recovery programs developed specifically for external hard drives, they ensure that the desired data is revealed.

External Hard Disk Failures

External hard drives, as with other hard drives, have two types of failures. It is defined as physical failures and logical failures. The most common type of failure is physical failure. Users carry external hard drives with them, and falling to the ground can occur during this transport. External hard drives that fall to the ground have a higher risk of physical failures. External hard drives with an SSD system are more resistant to falling to the ground, and there is little risk of loss of recorded data.

External Hard Disk Logical Errors

One of the types of failures that occur on hard drives used as data storage systems is logical failures. Those who start communicating  with the company  along with calling with Hard drive recovery service can start receiving data recovery services. Logical errors that occur on external hard drives include:

* Corrupted file system,
* Lost files,
* Random formatting,
* Lost metadata information,
* Decryption error,

External hard drives can suffer a variety of failures in the face of sudden power outages, software errors, or physical impacts. Each type of failure can cause data loss.

Reliable Data Recovery

During data recovery operations, the people who perform the work will be able to access the contents of all recorded data. External hard disk users often try to do data recovery themselves with various programs, because of the fear of being exposed theirs personal datas. The company shows that when entering into a data recovery service contract, it serves its customers with a privacy policy.

Successful Data Recovery Operations

PIST Global firm performs data recovery in a laboratory environment. The success rate is always higher in laboratory data recovery studies. Those who deliver their external hard drive to the company in different ways know that their data will be successfully recovered. For successful data recovery operations, they perform all operations as certified. It provides 100% data security, ensuring all kinds of security of confidential data.

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