How to do Twitter Account Verification? Blue Teak Reception


New rules are coming in for the Twitter account verification process, plus how to get blue teak? We also shared the answer to this question with you.

New app and details for Twitter account verification have been announced. As you know, verified or confirmed accounts on Twitter are displayed with a blue tick mark. This means that the accounts in question have an important status on social media, as it notes that they are reliable in some relevant matters and comply with the platform’s rules. A new application for Twitter account verification and details were also announced with a new announcement. How does the application process work? How can I get blue teak? Who’s fit for this? These issues have been shed light.

New apps for Twitter account verification coming
It was stated that have made:

“Over the past few months, we have been working to bring clarity to account verification eligibility criteria and have launched a new policy shaped by public feedback. We have also started implementing this policy by automatically removing the verification badge from accounts that no longer meet the updated verification criteria, are inactive, or have missing information. Today’s app presentation marks the next milestone in our plans to provide greater transparency, credibility and clarity to verification on Twitter.”

What is blue teak on Twitter and how to get it?
First, let’s briefly talk about what Blue tikin, Twitter account verification is. The Blue confirmation badge that appears in the profile makes it known that an account of public interest is genuine. Your account must be an active, recognized and original account to be eligible for this Badge.

From the original, intent means stating that you are a reliable source, and the platform also knows it. Some criteria for this are as follows:

Official website: you need to add a link to the official website that represents Your or your organization’s Twitter account.
Identity Verification: You need to provide a photo of an official identity document, such as a driver’s License, Passport.
Official email address: you must have an official email address with a domain name related to the category you are related to.

And the issue of recognition is another matter. Your account must represent or be associated with a highly recognized person or brand. In this regard, the recognition categories for Twitter account verification are as follows::

Companies, brands and organizations
News organizations and journalists
Sports and games
Activists, organizers and other influential persons

For approval in the government category, the account must be the Twitter accounts of important government officials and government departments, including the head of state, elected official, appointed Minister, corporate structure, ambassadors and official spokespersons. Of course, these accounts must have more than one reference.

Company, brand or organization accounts (including non-profit organizations) or their managers ‘ accounts can also receive approval as long as they meet two requirements. One of them is to be in public directories such as Google Trends, public exchanges, or Wikipedia articles. Another is to be within 0.05% of active accounts located in the same geographical region according to the number of followers. They also need to have 3 or more references in leading news sources within 6 months of applying.

News organizations and journalists are evaluated according to various criteria in their applications to have blue tics in their accounts. Their accounts must be public and must refer directly to the qualified organization’s name and official website, or meet the criteria set out in this policy. Independent or freelance journalists can be approved if they can show that they have published at least 3 articles/contributions containing their names in qualified publications within 6 months of application.

To get approval in the entertainment category, you need to have the accounts of leading companies such as film studios and music organizations. In the account profile, the link to the notified body must be open, and the production or related entity’s website must have a link to your profile. It is also a criterion to have at least 50 productions contributed to IMDB profiles. References in news sources also apply to this category.

Activity is also one of the criteria that is considered in your profile. Your profile needs to be visible and have a full name. In addition, you must have logged into your account in the last six months and confirmed your email & phone number. If you do not violate the Twitter Rules, your account will be recognized as an active account.

How to apply for Twitter account verification?
With the new announcement, everyone on Twitter will be able to easily access the new verification app in the next few weeks. This application section, which will appear on the Account Settings tab, will be gradually made available to everyone in the following period. Applicants will receive an email from Twitter within the next few days, and if the Twitter account verification process is approved, you will be able to see a blue tick on your profile.

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