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If you get sick or are unemployed and have to stay at home during the week, you may have come across one of the many shows on TV that focuses on home decor. For those who don’t know, the art of turning a house comes from buying a house, making it, and then breaking it down. If you’ve watched one of these shows and thought, “this job is for me” – now you can get the House Flipper game.

You start with some money in the bank, you live in a crappy little cabin as your office. You use your laptop to find some jobs, such as installing radiators and painting walls, and even cleaning up cockroach infestations. Developers are also offering the option of turning off cockroaches in case you are scared of small insects.

The first few jobs you do act like some kind of tutorial, just asking you to do one or two things like bathe, clean or paint. At first, you’re pretty slow in what you do. Almost everything you do, from mounting devices to painting walls, requires you to press the X or R2 button (I wish it was that easy in real life). Take the pad, press X or R2. Screw into a sink, Press and hold the X or R2 key. A wall of plaster, the press … you get it.


Always walking around and always pressing a button can be boring, but it didn’t feel weird. At first you’re pretty slow in everything you do. When you get the magic mop that cleans anything, it can take a while to get the job done in the early stages.

Fortunately there is a skill point system. For example, after painting a certain amount of walls, you are rewarded with a skill point for the ability to ‘paint’. You can improve your rollers, reduce the amount of paint you use, or do it faster. We liked this leveling system as there was a real sense of progress, although we were better at painting, assembling, negotiating sales, demolition and so on.

After a few jobs, you’re ready to buy your first property. The first homes you can buy are usually landfills. There’s a fire-damaged house that you need to reattach, repaint and renovate. But before long, you’re buying bigger houses and making bigger profits.


The game is simple enough but the developer manages to make it quite attractive. We’ve said before that we feel bored with the controls, but strangely the game has a calming, chilled air that is almost therapeutic.

The game is from a first-person perspective and the graphics look quite realistic. I’ve tried the game with Xbox 360 controls but the controls are better with the keyboard and mouse on the PC as well. In any case, over time it has become easier as our mastery has grown, but you often have to correct yourself to highlight something you want to see.

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Another issue was content. While there are many color options to choose from for your furniture, you usually set up the same sink, the same bed and the same TV. It is not that this situation does not create a sense of repetition. What’s more, it seems that most homes you enter to renovate need the same things. Install a radiator. Plug in an outlet. Take a shower. If there was more content, this would probably be a lot more fun. The other issue was that there was no way to build a second floor or basement and there was little to do in the garden. Of course, a DLC called Garden Flipper was later offered for gardening. This added brand new tasks and ingredients for gardening.


house flipper

Yes, there are many different floors and tables and paint colors to choose from, but we think adding more elements to the game will be useful. You can choose the color of cabinets, things like that, but it would be better if it had more options to get a really personal look. However, the menu system for finding new things works well.

When you’ve finally completed your property, you’ve prepared it for auction. Throughout renovations, potential buyers will tell you what they are looking for, for example, a room for a bedroom or a large space for their belongings. A little red arrow next to their picture will tell you even when they don’t like something.

The auction sees all the people bidding on the house you just turned over. When your final offer arrives, you can negotiate to raise the price a bit more, and then, with cash, you can go and buy a new property to replace radiators and screw sinks like a pro.

After all, we had a nice time with this unusual little sim. We read some people’s comments that they are bored because there are no more options. The game is unusual even with this version and is one of the best home Editing games on the market. It’s worth a try!


The game focuses on renovating and reselling various properties with the aim of making as much money as physically possible. This includes key skills to master along the way, such as cleaning, painting, tiles, plaster and interior design. Garden Flipper, the game’s first paid DLC, allows you to take the same skills outside as well.

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The DLC puts itself into the game in two ways. There are currently gardening contracts, similar to existing renovation contracts. These are pleasantly varied, from simple lawn mowing or decking to the construction of an outdoor gym or children’s playground. These contracts allow you to make extra cash and are designed to demonstrate the level of personalization available, giving you plenty of ideas when it comes time to design your own garden from scratch.

Whether you like it or not depends on what kind of House Flipper you are. However, if you enjoy the long game, take your time and make each property as good as possible, you’ll enjoy it as much as you did from the original.


The game’s new HGTV DLC focuses on expanding the core features that people already love about the game compared to the first DLC. After uploading your registration file, you need to approach your laptop to access the HGTV DLC. There are also improvements in map functions.

House Flipper’s HGTV DLC is a major expansion to the base game. It contains a lot of brand new houses, which are very different from those in the basic game. There are secrets you can find in some houses, such as having a secret basement when you knock down a particular wall. There are also many new items in this DLC. Now you can add molding to your walls and get tiles in groups of tens instead of individually, which makes adding tiles and panels much faster than before.

The HGTV DLC also features new mechanics. Now there are character models of a man and a woman. After completing a job, the house is shown before and after pictures showing the state it started and how it looked after it finished. All of these images are also saved in a new tab on your laptop so you can go back and look at them at any time.

House Flipper’s HGTV DLC adds plenty of content to justify the cost. It’s not just a small collection of new options, it’s significantly expanding the homes and items you have access to. Fans of the game who just want more content will probably be very happy with what this DLC has to offer. So, yes, it’s worth it. New homes, environments and items are worth experiencing and add a lot to an already excellent simulation game.


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