Hot Wheels Velocity X Review

hot wheels velocity x

Super beyond ultra Speed

When I first heard the name of the game I was going to write, I said, “it’s definitely something crazy from the name.” When I found out it was a car race, I thought it was one of those herpes games where you make herpes speeds. I uploaded it, and I knew I was right. In fact, Hot Wheels Velocity X came out on almost the same dates as the long-awaited need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2. Maybe they can’t compete with each other, but I think they both differ from each other in different ways.

Flaming wheels

The game has 5 modes in itself. Adventure, Challenge, Drag Race, Battle, Joyride. With Adventure Mode, you play by topic in the game. In other words, the game ceases to be a kind of car race and turns into an action game where you follow tasks. Missions include defusing bombs, recovering a stolen disk, etc. In the challenge, you are asked to perform the tasks assigned to you prematurely. And when you perform these tasks, either new levels are opened or new weapons according to your mission. Most levels in the game, weapons and vehicles are locked. With this mode, you can open the level and weapons. Drag Race is a little different from what we know. Normally, the fastest person who finishes the short distance is the first, while here the first person who finishes the normal level is the first. Battle Mode, on the other hand, has the same goal as Carmageddon, which is actually a separate ap game. A lot of contestants with you are trying to destroy each other by taking the weapons found in the episode. In Joyride, you do tasks that are given without a time limit. With this mode, you can unlock other vehicles. The game has 33 vehicles, 5 episodes and 10 weapons. The weapons are made according to the game’s herpes. From a gun that throws a sound bomb to a barrel of oil, there are all sorts of weapons. If you play and finish other episodes before playing advance mode, The adventure section becomes very enjoyable. Normally, when you enter this section directly, most cars and weapons are locked. In the game, the bar on the left side shows the Nitro you can use, and the right side shows the damage status of your car. When you press the acceleration button 2 times with Nitros, the car gets up. There is also a Freestyle event in the game. After you jump high off the ramps using your nitrous, you get points when you turn your car around or make moves like that. Although it is out of the question to get something with these points, but get it. It’s still a nice event.

Velocity’s fastest boy

In accordance with the style of the game, the graphics, skins, weapon designs are each carefully crafted individually. The sections are multicolored. The modeling of the vehicles is detailed. Almost everything is interactive. When you hit it fast, most vehicles, poles, etc. it collapses or explodes. The graphics are not very good when you blow up other vehicles in Battle Mode alone. It seems a little simple. It’s nice to have the guns on the vehicle. You can use these weapons with the Space button. The effects of the weapons are nice. There are a lot of places in the departments to fly, jump. Most of them have weapons at their extreme. It’s down to the lines formed by the wind when it’s in the air. The music is prepared in techno style according to the game. Although he does not rest loudly during the race, the raucous sound of him playing from behind adds a different taste. The vocalizations aren’t very good, but the guns sound good.

Final Words :

I think the producers of Hot Wheels Velocity X chose a very good time as the release date. Because they are very confident in their obvious games, they released it at the same time as a game that everyone expects, such as Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2. The players will understand that the game is really good and it is obviously very hard to work on. Having a variety of modes in itself is a huge plus. Wanting to play as normal car racing plays, wanting to play as action style on the subject. A game that must be acquired and experienced.

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