Hooligans: Storm Over Europe Review

The team that lost when the match was over was a redhead team that embarrassed all its fans with its football like a timid cat, even though it played on its own field. Redhead and all the fans had the honor of tasting more than disappointment at the end of 90 minutes. These worthless football players with a wad of money in their pockets would now take their vile football that they had watched the entire game and go into the dressing room and then into the sheep of their model lovers and find the solace of the night. What’s that?’ And the other fans?

He only had two weeks to get his paycheck, and he went like an idiot and spent the last Money in his pocket to watch the team play. He deserved something, too. At least a win. Anything that makes him feel like he’s won something, that he’s achieved something. But no! These idiots with big noses didn’t care about anything. They didn’t care about the thousands of people who came here to watch them. They’d have won the game anyway. He wanted to come out of the game and have a drink with his own crew and at least forget what he saw on the field. Red hair and his friends drank their drinks, and the team’s fans came across the bar. For the redhead, it was an opportunity not to be missed. They thought they were shit because they beat them at home. And now, without hesitation, this owner standing opposite the stadium had the audacity to come to a certain bar. He was motivated by the outcry that broke inside the redhead. He made the first verbal taunt by choosing a victim from them, drooling himself, saying, ” crime does not go unpunished.” “Hey, guys, doesn’t that guy’s Jersey remind you of cow shit? “he shouted in a way that everyone in the bar would hear. The message had arrived. However, verbal taunts continued between the two team fans for about five minutes. The Bar owner had already called the police. Then, in exchange for an insult to his cow-dung-colored jersey, the redhead ignited the fuse with lewd words made about his mother. The redhead turned the beer bottle he was holding upside down on the table and broke it and jumped on top of the opposite group with his eyes blackened. He managed to deliver the broken bottle over his target with great dedication. He thought he needed at least six stitches for the wound that opened up on that asshole’s arm, and that gave the redhead a lot of pleasure. The Bar suddenly became confused with this sudden jump. By the time the cops arrived, it was out of control and the bar was overflowing. The redhead was busy polishing one of the snobs ‘ faces with his fists when police reinforcements arrived at the scene and brought the commotion under control. For this reason, the impact of the baton he ate on the root of the neck was extremely sudden and uncontrollable.

When he opened his eyes, he saw that all his friends were taking turns in a cell. He straightened up with the help of his friends, and he left the cell to testify. He realized a painful truth when he testified. About thirty fans each said that it was the redhead who started the event, as if they were united in their mouths. Even his own friends. He confirmed these statements without denying them. A statement against the testimony of so many people would probably show that he had lied on official records. That way, he’d be in there a few days longer than the others, that’s all. Besides his victory, it was a small price to pay. Actually, redhead started it, but he didn’t want to admit it. Maybe if he remembered something, he wouldn’t have a hard time accepting it. After testifying, he left the room to be taken to his cell with two police officers. At least that was what she thought. He thought he was going to be taken to a first-floor cell where his other friends were, but oddly realized he was being taken to be put in one of the cells on the ground floor. When he saw the cell where he was going to be placed, he was speechless and tried not to go in, rather than trying to scream. He closed the door and shouted at the cops behind him, but they didn’t care about him. “You are making a mistake. You put me in the wrong cell, “he screamed desperately for the last time after the cops. Then he followed the missing cops down the hall and turned behind him in fear. There were as many as ten or fifteen fans inside, each with jerseys the color of cow droppings on them. He remembered the faces of many. Fifteen angry fans, all badly beaten! He slinked many of them in disarray. It’s not for us to tell the rest of the story. But just know this. “Redhead” is no longer the nickname of the team’s toughest cheerleader. Now everyone calls him ” sweet red.” And as a matter of fact, our hero is no longer so harsh.

An original game (?)
Before we begin our review of the game, it is worth saying this. Hooligans is a game based on a really interesting idea. A lot of missing points in the game can’t change that. But unfortunately, only the innovative idea is not enough to make the game beautiful. If you can’t look at the name of the game and get something out, let me open up the purpose of the game a little bit. Holligans: in our game called Storm Over Europe ( Holligans will be used for the rest of the summer), the goal is, in general, to be a loyal fan of his team and never leave him alone, especially in away matches. Of course, you don’t just have to give that support on the field. You’re usually going to get involved in some incidents off the field. Of course, the use of such tasks, which make up the overall game, for the team is discussed. The more you start to understand the intermediate videos in the game and the group of hooligans you are in, the more you will understand how you are managing a group with a portfolio of decapitated characters.

In the game, you play scenarios that develop sequentially and are not very connected to each other in the order of tasks. Your goal is to eliminate them by causing various damages to the fans of the opposite team in general. For this, you will need similar units and units that can be found in a classic strategy game. For example, to produce troops or units in a real-time strategy game, you must have a home base attached to that unit. You can generate units by supplying resources to this home base. A similar system exists within hooligans. You’re taking over so-called “pubs” to produce units. Then you provide resources to your base, which you have captured along with your men, by looting the surrounding stores. With these coins ( the currency used in the game, by the way, is “Euro”), you buy people who will help when you start a fight and mess with you with the money from the pubs you have seized. The guys you buy vary among themselves. Of course, we owe it to our neck to classify these units and provide you with a little more convenience in the game;

Leader: the most important character you control in the game. If one of the leaders dies, then you can only imagine seeing the end of the game. In addition, these characters increase the loyalty between your units with their presence and the chants they make. It’s very useful in fights, but you still try not to keep these units on the front lines too much.
Bulch: this unit is the most durable and powerful character you have in the game. You can use this unit to knock over iron bars, or push heavy materials such as container-trash cans around to close roads or open closed roads and change their location. Also, these units feel pretty good during the fight.
Rat: this unit, which is quite fast, is generally ideal for attracting the attention of the opposite team and taking them to the police area. He has a fighting ability and strength that can be called whether it happens or not during a fight. He’s also an expert at getting in and out of places. Use these elements specifically for theft and looting of venues.
Raver: a unit with Fast and medium strength. Especially with its affordable price, it manages to be an above-average carater.
Hooligan: these face-masked units have medium strength and speed. But their main purpose of use comes from the explosives they use. If used correctly, they become the most dangerous unit in the game. They do not have the ability to noticeably reduce the crowd to groups of fans, especially with the explosives they throw at long distances.
Biker: this unit is famous for being extremely slow and constantly lagging behind. But if you don’t have one of these elements, you can’t use the tools that will be very useful in the game.
Supporter: you can’t control these units directly, but they travel around your base and provide not bad protection.

Units like this. There are also eight separate features that each of these units has. This in the following ways;
Health: indicates one of us’s life scores.
Concc: faceless person 🙂
Drugged: the state of being affected by the drugs he was taking
Drunk: state of drunkenness
Fear: Horror
Anger: Resentment
Loyalty: Loyalty
Stamina: Endurance

The game also features several buildings. Some of them provide you with weapons and ammunition, and some help you ( let’s see how I explain ) to be with ladies who offer the privacy of their gender for money. If you give your men the opportunity to be with these ladies in exchange for their money, you will see an increase in their life scores ( Health). Yes, I agree, it’s a very unusual method to increase the life points of units in a game. But such events are common in the game.

After a few clues, I think we can move on to technical evaluation. The graphics of the game are enough considering that it is a 2d strategy game. It’s a game that almost never forces a machine and will work Pasha Pasha. The modeling of the units in the game has made it easy to distinguish them. Buildings and environmental graphics are also not bad. In general, we have often seen the highest levels of graphics found in this type of fixed-camera angle games in the past years. In other words, it is obvious that much better can be done in this system. But these charts aren’t bad either. At least it doesn’t tire your eyes.

The voices will pass comfortably through the assessment. He’s as tough and restless as he can be, in keeping with the wild nature of the game. In addition, the voices of the units are also very attentive and high-quality. For example, the presence of the voice that accompanies you in the main menu and uses the English accent harshly in the game is unsettling. In addition, music can be boring if it repeats itself too much after a while. After a few episodes, I turned off the music in the game, and in the absence of this music, which no longer bores a person from repeating, even though it is beautiful, I thought it appropriate to listen to my head a little. But I still don’t want to say a bad word to the voices in a general sense, after all, they were prepared satisfactorily.

The game’s controls are easy to design. You control your units using classic methods, such as in a real-time strategy. From this point of view, there is no problem even in the process of understanding the game. When giving orders to units, you can select a target and give the necessary instructions from the icons that appear on it. Already in the first part of the game, you are given the necessary information about how to control your people.

The game’s producers are very comfortable with all kinds of obscenity, violence and brutality very boldly mounted into the game without caring about the future reactions. As a result, they have come up with an interesting game in which beer and drugs go as cookies, prostitution is handled in a multi-task dose. A game that can be bought even because of these interesting ideas. But don’t have too high expectations for the game. Then you may be disappointed. In the meantime, we plan to have a competition. If you correctly guess the name of the first media body that will make the news that this game encourages people to commit hooliganism and outrage, our surprise gifts are waiting for you.

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