Hitman developer is developing a medieval-themed game featuring Xbox-specific Dragons


IO Interactive, which has published and developed Hitman 3 in recent months, appears to be working on a new game.

IO Interactive, which is developing Hitman 3, one of the successful games of the first quarter of this year, is apparently working on a new game.

IO Interactive is currently working on a game that has not been announced, according to a Windows Central report confirmed by Eurogamer, one of the game’s trusted press organizations. the game they’re working on will be a game exclusive to Xbox consoles. There are no details about the PC in the news, but since all Xbox games come to the PC, this game will also be released for the PC.

Looking at the news, it is stated that the game developed by IO Interactive will be medieval-themed and Dragons will be found. AAA is among those who say the game, which is said to be high-budget, will have a big world. Finally, it has been reported that the game is at the very beginning of the development phase, and therefore not many details are yet known.

IO Interactive is also currently working on a James Bond game. James Bond’s development is still at an early stage.



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