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hitman 3

After a series of successful launches in the years 2016, 2018, and now in 2021. The Hitman series has offered an improved and upgraded gaming experience to gamers. The latest of all is Hitman 3 that offers a new virtual interesting challenge that is keeping gamers engaged. When you complete three to four rounds of the adventure, it becomes easy to locate victims and kill them. Every task is having different locations, but continues with the same storyline, hit and kill. Players are Agent 47 and have to complete a contract of killing. Hitman are surrounding him and have to complete his target without giving them a hint about the kill.

Let’s end the world of Assassination, the best version has just launched to keep you giving the feel of this brand. Loud music will force you to slow down the volume of the game. It is just so much realistic; it doesn’t feel like a game. A mystery that is about to get solved. Interesting choice of effects and music. Killing contracts of Agent 47 expects you to kill within the observation of the hitman. It is a mind game, to distract and to kill the target. It will take few rounds of game to understand the tricks and to complete the missions. Once you understand the whole scenario, it is very easy to master.

What keeps to coming back to this game?

Agent 47, is very easily achieved. The game is designed to make you that and enjoy the upgrade. This is not gaming is to shoot and bleed, it is more like a mystery that needs to be solved. Gamer The gamer has to be very much involved in the flow of the game to understand what next is expected. The most interesting part is to distract the security guard. It can be irritating for a few, as every time gamer has to toss the coin and flick it away. Another attractive feature is the camera. It is very handy.

hitman 3

Hitman 3 gives the feel of the brand

It has been seen when a new series is launched, developers just overlook the previous versions and try to stuff everything within the latest release. Not in the case of Hitman 3, it has done justice to the past series and feels like a continuous version of the same league. It has come up with 6 maps to explore and is much more intense and having humor as well. When you see a gamer live stream his game, it is hilarious. You can easily get an idea about what is next and how soon the level can be completed in few minutes.

Features, weapons, and maps

Stiff controlling and rigid interface is observed, weapons offered are just having few upgrades. There is nothing so amazing new about the game. It’s amazing and hilarious to watch amazing efforts to show the breath-taking interior of the tallest building in Dubai in the game. Yes, you read that right. It is the entry location for the third series. The mission starts and proceeds to the UK, Germany, China, Argentinian, and among this transit, you can easily see the efforts of the developers. They have tried to show the diversity and have chosen relevant locations of these famous places. The effects of the lights and rain are impressive. Words will not do justice to the real impact of the graphics. It’s been thumbs-up to the game for this improvised aspect. It is visually perfect.


Gaming is a profession and such games attract one to play professionally. In this present Era, if you are planning to join this profession. This game is something you can enjoy and live stream. It requires a few hours to master. I will be kidding if I say that. It requires a couple of days to get your hand swift with all the features and ability to complete a certain level. Leveling up is few rounds for a pro player. This game is designed for newbies, to attract them to the Hitman series. Well, it is easy to understand and is not upsetting for a Hitman fan.

Overall, the game is worth for the ones who have PSVR and are enjoying their hands on the gadget. You can easily play it on PSVR and have a relaxed gaming experience. Well, relaxation is something I get from playing my game. It is interesting to see the interchangeability from one location to another, rather switching of maps. You will not get bored off by playing it again and again. There is something that gets uncovered with your next playtime. It will be able to entertain you and keep your mind focus on the situation and to crack the puzzle. It is an engaging game and is highly recommended to play.



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