Hermann Maier Of Ski Racing 2005 Review

Hermann Maier Of Ski Racing 2005

Although we usually watch ski competitions on Eurosport and TRT, this sport has not yet fully settled in our country. Of course, although there are enthusiasts, it is known that football is the number one sport in Turkey, as in many countries. Producers also think about the audience that is related to winter sports, and produce various ski games from time to time. The most recent of these productions is Ski Racing 2005!

Hermann Maier

Our game is called Ski Racing 2005 Featuring Hermann Maier. Hermann Maier, one of the most prominent figures in the sport of skiing, was 38 in 2004.he won the Ski World Cup. The Austrian skier, nicknamed Herminator, had a very serious accident a few years ago, but it still seems to be the fearful dream of his competitors. Ski Racing, which came on the scene with such a name, let’s see what kind of game it was.

“A few years ago, he was in a heavy traffic accident on his motorcycle.

We start by creating a profile. Then we come across a beautiful menu with a simple design. We do a few exercises using the singles Event section and enter the World Cup, which is the highlight of the game and even the goal of the game. A character creation screen appears. If we remember, there was such a section at RTL Ski Springen, which was on the markets in December. But Ski Racing’s creation screen is not as successful as Ski Spring. In Ski Springen, the materials (boots, skis, helmets, etc…) we could buy with money. In fact, what we got came back to us as a performance boost. Although we could not expect high values from low-cost tools alone, the materials we bought at high fees came back to us as small balances of power in achievements. In Ski racing, this only causes visual changes. It’s like changing Skin in the GTA.

One important feature on the character creation screen is your athlete’s ski style. These are divided into 3 as Technical, Speed and Mixed. If you choose the technique, your Carving and Edging features will increase, while if you choose speed, your Stamina and, of course, your Speed features will be high. If Mixed, it means that all the features get a little increase.

So much so that it is a severe accident that will bring one of its legs to the point of rupture.

We create our character the way we want and move on to the World Cup Main screen. In addition to the medals and awards we receive here, we can see our statistics and abilities. When we press Enter, we encounter the stage selection section. If you’re just starting, you can’t choose more than Stage-1.

Our first race is in Austria. We’re in position at the starting point. After the signal is given, our difficult stage begins! If you haven’t practiced in the Single Event section, your job is quite difficult. Controls in the game are simple and maneuver times are key points of Ski Racing 2005! If there are flags that you can’t pass between them and miss, you are instantly disqualified. As you watched at high speed, a flag appeared that remained on the edge so that you could not pass through it. In such cases, you can hold down the “A” key and make sharp turns (remember that the more you use the said Key, the slower you will be.) Because to beat your opponents, you are racing against time. The faster you are, the higher you are in the rankings.

After a very long period of treatment, the Austrian athlete wears his ski suits again.

Although the gameplay is generally easy, you should be very careful with your timing. Athletes who have used a Ragdoll * effect act as if all the bones in their joints are broken when they hit a place. This makes you feel like you’ve controlled a body throughout the race (!)

As you complete the challenging trails from each other, the audience stands still as if it were just a photo frame. Cardboard spectators, which we are used to seeing from many games, are drawn in 2D so that the system does not push too hard, and they can be given movement. At least when we see it from afar, we can think that someone is excited there. But even though the audience at ski Racing 2005 is 2-dimensional, it’s sometimes ridiculous that they’re still. As you quickly descend the ramp, the chants also help you, but there is no movement in sight! This contrast takes the realism of the atmosphere one step back.

And Hermann Maier, 38, held in April 2004. He Wins The World Cup…

Looking at the system requirements, we can see that a P4 1.4 GHz processor with 256 MB of RAM is enough. Already during the game, there are not too many moving objects in the environment, so your processor will not get too tired. So a 1.4 GHZ processor with 256 MB of RAM is ideal. As for the video card, you also need a 64 MB video card with at least DirectX 8.0 support. As can be seen in the options section of the build, there is no detailed graphic setting available. We are able to optimize only a few settings. If you want to capture the brightness on the screen or, I think, that fairy-tale air (which we also encountered in POP Warrior Within and Sand of time), you need to keep the glow on. But it’s also obvious that glow will put a lot of strain on your machine. For all these reasons, you can have a lot of difficulty with a 64 MB video card. In addition, you also need to have 1.4 GB of free disk space on your hard drive.

In this way, he signs a success story that many athletes cannot imagine.”

In general, ski Racing 2005 Featuring Hermann Maier is a success for players who love the sport of skiing. Challenging races from each other in all original venues easily distract you for a while, even if you are not interested in the genre. Graphically, the production is above average, but the audience lowers the bar a little. As for the sounds, you can hear the sound of the snow you are sliding on quite clearly. Interesting sounds of enthusiasm that come even to points where there is no audience. As the gameplay is very simple, you can get used to the game in a short time. If you’re interested in the genre, you should get it. How many games about skiing are already coming out. Although RTL Ski Springen’da on the market, but Ski Racing 2005 Featuring Hermann Maier will leave you a different taste. Let’s hope you don’t get caught up in the game and forget about real life…
* Ragdoll : stuffed rag doll effect


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