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hearts of iron iii

Between 1939 and 1945, they were not dates the world would proudly remember. The world would remember these days with sadness and shame. More than seventy million people died between these dates. Some were innocent, some were bloody killers. Pearl Harbor, the atomic bomb disasters, and the killing of Jews occurred during this period.

With the end of the war in 1945, the Soviet Union and America became the world’s new superpowers. There would be no World War for a long time. But the foundations of the years-long cold war between the two superpowers had been laid.

Facts and consequences

Sometimes I wonder what strategy game programmers would do if it wasn’t for World Wars. This bloody battle inspired, and still continues to be, many game genres, not just strategy, but action. Paradox InterActive is also among the companies that make the best use of this battle… The Hearts of Iron (HOI) series garnered great attention all over the world and managed to sell hundreds of thousands of copies.

The third member of the series features a similar graphics and gameplay structure to European Universalis, one of the genre’s face mites. We can see such a functioning in Medieval Total War. If, Of course, we don’t start the battle engine and turn it into automatic… Regardless, such strategies don’t need good graphics to succeed. They can easily achieve success with their continuity, superior artificial intelligence and strategic thinking. Don’t expect massive battles and awesome graphics from Hearts of Iron III, either. But witness his amazing success in reflecting the atmosphere of those days and capturing history.

The game is based on the history before the war began. It begins in 1936 and extends to 1945, the year of the end of World War II. In the process, you can lead the most famous figures in history, such as Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill. Hoi3, which has much more detail than previous games in the series, stands out in these issues and manages to keep history alive.

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Not everything in the production works with great military power. At the same time, factors such as public well-being and diplomacy are important, such as the European Universalis and Medieval Total War series. That’s what has to happen, because a product of strategy based only on war can fail, especially if it doesn’t offer brilliant things from a graphical point of view. There are hundreds of cities you can manage and people with different needs. You may have a little headache about it. Paradox Interactive has so many details that it can make the guy say enough. It is not easy to govern thousands of (yes, thousands) States, and the fact that they have all come from different democratic regimes does not make it easier. Democrats, racists and others… As I mentioned earlier, the historical infrastructure of all countries is well prepared. Realism rightly gets full marks from me.

Agents and Privacy

One of the most enjoyable elements of the game is the spy factor. The information they can steal is incredible, and what you can do with that information is even more incredible. Just as you can sell this information to your allies, you can use it to blackmail your enemy. The diversity of military units is also incredible. From nuclear bombs to infantry, you can have every unit. Of course, for this, you must calculate your economic strength well and make wise use of it. No matter how much military power you have, it’s easy to lose the war when the money runs out.

In battles, there are two possibilities, Either you manage the fight yourself or you leave the event on the computer. Yes, there is no management like Medieval Total War, but it is too detailed, even too detailed. You have options for this soldier to go here, planes to attack from behind, these ordinary allies to dive from the side. Fortunately, your units are very intelligent and do not have difficulty following your instructions.

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The music is also a plus… They reflect the structure of the period extremely well and give pleasure. I can’t help but add that they’ve made the game a reality. As a result, Hearts of Iron III is a product that has no significant cons, except for minor performance issues arising from managing too many units, but can force those who are not very close to the genre… And for those who love the genre, it’s a treasure.

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