Harry Potter: Philosopher’s Stone Review

Harry Potter: Philosopher's Stone video game

It’s a Heri Potir epidemic.. Put on Heri’s glasses, get on his broom, use the same underwear, if he didn’t cut it, check him personally, we made his game.. They did really well. This four-eyed dwarf with media gas enters our lives a little more and unnecessarily at any moment.. “Children with glasses who read Heri’s book got rid of the complex”, “Birebirmiş to Cumlessness, Heri Efendi gave birth to twins without having the month of those who wrote the belly prayer to His Holiness!”aside from disgusting Stags like this, we have a four-eyed brat studying at the Witchcraft School, and I don’t understand how he turned into such a mystery. It’s like the Spice Girls ‘ One-Man Thing.. Get the tape out soon.

But first his game came out. I’ll bet his toys are already on the market.. Children who read the book and see the film will, of course, take it from their toy and ask for its game. Here’S a game like Killop, branded by Warner Bros., made by EA Games, on the cover of “Be Harry Potter!”(Be Harry Potter) it says, what child can resist it? Let’s beat the kids, what the hell am I doing with this game? Well, Murat, you’ll get it..

In order not to take up much space, the first moments of the story are told in two-dimensional pictures and in a very boring way, how a motorcycle-riding dwarf left Heri at the door of a house when she was a baby, how Heri went to Witchcraft School when she grew up, etc. The play begins with Heri’s first moments at school. I haven’t seen the movie, but I think it’s going in parallel with the movie. Halfway through the game, we each learn magic, then enter a “test field” to use the magic we learn. The job of learning magic is based on correctly drawing an icon drawn on the screen using the mouse, if you succeed in the first one, you repeat it three more times, each time you are asked to draw more error-free. After all, you’re given something called a Gryfindor score, which I have no idea what it does. I don’t know what Gryfindor is anyway. It must be some kind of football team. In the third league, Yimpaş comes immediately after Yozgatspor, GryfindorSpor. Ehehe.. EW, that was a disgusting joke. Pretend you didn’t hear it..

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Once you learn to “draw” the spell, you start using it. Don’t be afraid, you don’t have to draw again or memorize the keypad to use it. Each spell can be used on a specific object, and when you get in front of that object, the spell you can do comes out on its own. From using spells, collecting beans and wizard cards, which I absolutely don’t know what they do, to saying, “Flipendo!”, “Alohamora!”, “Obareey!”atarakta magic NARAS, such as, you progress from level to level. Nothing in the name of puzzles. So, those puzzle isn’t. You usually spend your time jumping and jumping. There’s also an optional automatic jump option, so if you activate it, you don’t mess with the timing.

The controls suck. The game is played through the eyes of the third person, but the camera controls are a work of real genius. If I had an employee who invented camera angles like this, I would first break a sack of oak wood around his waist, and then condemn him to live as a Heri Potir Bean. If you turn the mouse to the right and left, the camera turns to the right and left, that’s all right, but when you push the mouse forward and down, the camera also plays up and down! How so? What’s more, Why? Why can’t I fix the camera at a certain angle? As this does not contribute to the gameplay, after a while you become nauseous. “Strafing” also does not exist, so you can not slide Heri right and left. You can just move it back and forth, if you want to deviate to the left, you have to turn the camera there first.

Come on, whatever it is, when you get on your” flying broom, ” you’re in pain. Turning Heri right and left, flying up/down, etc. torture. You have to have a ten-finger reverse relationship with the keyboard. All this torture makes you fantasize about what Heri can do with her broom, which is not necessary.

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Since Heri is an anti-violence, melaike-like Brat, there is almost no action in the game. There are more dwarf creatures and hungry plants than any, and you can’t kill them. But if he had entered in the form of an axe in one hand and a rocket launcher in the other, he would have entered my eye. Instead of these, you call it Flipendo, the creatures start to sleep horul horul. No blood, no violence, how cruel, long live goodness.. Heri, why don’t you go to Middle Earth sometime? Dec. Yeah, yeah, I want you to do the same trick to Sauron, please..

Oddly, the graphics are good. In other words, such games are prepared with the idea that they will sell anyway, and control, save, graphics are not given any attention to issues such as, as a matter of fact, they did not shake the first two in this game, but the graphics are beautiful. Because the Unreal Tournament engine is used! I’m surprised they sat and tried. If you had done something better, compatriot.. The interiors are fine, thanks to the familiar quality of UT. Lonely exteriors are falling apart. For example, I realized why what I thought was a green creature typical of the Yesil game was a tree. The voices are good, because if I’m not mistaken, the actors in the film also performed The Voice of the game. I can’t express my opinion about music because I haven’t heard it much.

To get to the point, it’s child’s play. There’s, like, 25-30 episodes in total, and after half, I couldn’t take it anymore. I’m saying stay away from the elders, I can’t say, because the little boy at home will buy it for you anyway. You’ll get this, just like you got Hugo so far. However, stay away, so that your mental health does not deteriorate. So far, Hugo, Power Rangers, television, morning oxen and bilumum have been disrupted by special programs for cattle..

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