Hard Truck Apocalypse Review

Hard Truck Apocalypse

The producers, who are out of the Hard Truck Line that we are used to, attract attention with the innovations that they bring. From the first Hard Truck, we were doing classic truck transportation, buying gasoline with the money we earned, putting money on higher model trucks and trying to create our own truck cage. In Hard Truck apocalypse, however, this concept changes in most respects and turns into a truck transport with action RPG elements that we play in a third-person angle.

Hard Truck Apocalypse – Classic story

It greets us when we enter a very high-quality video game. The first thing you notice here is the masks on people’s faces. A short story is told at the end of the Video and explains why people have masks on their faces. Evil has gradually increased on Earth, and as a result of great destruction and wars, the atmosphere has become inhale. People wear masks to continue their lives and live in a constant state of war for their future. It may be a classic story, but it would be inappropriate to expect a scenario that is already too full from a truck game. In order to meet the needs of people, trade for financial gain was disrupted due to the unsafe roads; people also tried to secure themselves by mounting weapons in their trucks.

Birthday present

On the day our character turns 18, his father gives his own truck to his son as a birthday present. But our father has a little request from us, and we have to deliver a package to his friend in another town. So we get our first mission and go on the road. On the road, we encounter all kinds of enemies (Heavy Trucks, War Transports, Robots, Infantry, Bosses). All of them are different in strength, armor, model, weapon he uses. At first, weak enemies are becoming stronger. In the towns we reach, we can get our car repaired, we buy it (we are running low on gasoline according to the road we are going), we can change the color of our car, we take tasks and most importantly, we trade. We finally hand over the relic that our father gave us to its owner and make our way home. Apart from the cargo and similar tasks that we receive in towns, we can sometimes get small tasks at a gas station that we stop at on the way. It’s like taking an old man from place to place, delivering a package to someone. We have a bad surprise waiting for us when we get home. The bandits burned down our farm. Our father is lying on the floor and telling us his last words. He gives the name of a friend and wants us to find him, saying that there are facts in our lives that we don’t know, and he doesn’t have time to explain it. We’re back on the road to find out the truth.

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Hard Truck Apocalypse – How about an RPG with a truck?

The addition of basic RPG elements comes into play at the point of fighting enemies you encounter on the roads. We can mount over thirty weapons in our truck. Among them, we can attach many more such as machine guns, missiles, mines, energy weapons, etc.to our vehicle, and sell loot weapons that we collect in commercial centers. We collect these loot weapons from enemies we encounter and kill on the road.

Then in the first town we go to, we sell guns and turn them into cash. Hard Truck Apocalypse actually looks more like a single player version of the Auto Assault game. In both games, the main goals are the same; to survive, to strengthen the vehicle and get a better model, to trade.

Bouncing chassis

Unlike previous hard trucks, Apocalyps consists of wasteland. Interconnected dirt roads, mountains, plains, green lands between towns form the main theme of the game. As you can imagine, there’s no sign of paved roads. When that happens, you have to drive in a lot of rough terrain. No matter how bumpy the road is, no matter how many hills, huge trucks can climb. Actually, it seemed a little strange to me; I couldn’t understand how a truck could climb to the top of a huge, dim mountain. The physics engine used can be considered good, but some errors can be very annoying. For example, on a very small bump on the road, the chassis can suddenly take off as if the truck had hit a giant obstacle. When you go from one town to another, you will sometimes find that the map is divided into regions. There’s a short load on the interregional transition. It’s not very annoying, but in previous productions, the lack of a loading screen was, of course, better. It’s impossible to get used to the controls right away. Because the truck is a little difficult to control. It is more convenient to play with the steering wheel, but it is not very easy to use the steering wheel when controlling the weapon at the top of the car with the mouse. As with any Hard Truck, Apocalypse needs a little patience. From one place to another, transportation is provided by truck, so it takes a little while. Impatient players may not enjoy the production.

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Same melody

Although the graphics did not bother, the previous version did not have environmental effects, but the trucks were very well modeled. If it occurred to you that you could do this, why did you leave the environment so halfway? His question came. Now, I’ve crossed the perimeter, and there’s the question of why truck modeling has gotten worse. Not good truck and damage modeling, mid-level environment and physics and graphics engine that make mistakes from time to time, unfortunately, prevent graphics from rising above the middle. As for the sounds, there’s only one melody playing in the background. I don’t understand why uniform music is used. The music that moves in the action scenes returns to the same timbre again when it returns to normal conditions. The gunfire and explosion effects are much better done than the music. Making like is a bit of a relative concept for those who have played previous versions. The reason is that some people like pure trucking more than the RPG elements involved. However, we are faced with a production that is worth trying with the innovations that it adds to the genre.



Adding RPG elements, the story that was not in the games before.

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