Halo: Combat Evolved Review

Halo: Combat Evolved

Doom3, Half-Life 2, Deus Ex: Invisible War games such as the FPS genre for those who wonder when to jump one of the best examples of this genre has come across; Halo: Combat Evolution. At the end of the game, which broke sales records on the Xbox console, we are faced with the PC version.

In fact, the situation is a little interesting, or even embarrassing, because the PC version of the game is much better than the original produced for the Xbox. The game, which is great for Xbox with tighter controls, multiplayer support for up to 16 people over the internet, and more realistic and photographic graphics, has been great for PC. Here’s the bounce we’ve been waiting for for FPS games. Although the game is the same as the Xbox Game in terms of subject matter and content. So don’t expect new single player missions, more advanced enemies, or anything like story development. But these
it’s not the features that prevent the game’s wonders.

After Halo came out on the Xbox and broke records, Splinter Cell performed the same feat. But which game is better is among the topics of debate. Given that the Splinter Cell game came out of Halo later, we can actually see how successful Halo was.

Actually, I don’t think it’s just the great graphics or the impressive science-fiction subject behind Halo’s great success. I think the main reason behind this success is the atmosphere of the game, which is amazing and allows you to see the world around you as if it were alive. When you look at it already, but games that can capture atmospheres like this are very successful.

It’s 2552. In the game, people try to drive the invading aliens away from Earth. Pillar of Autumn, a battlecruiser, travels to the planet Halo and leaves you, the last spartan warrior, there for an ambush. Most of the time in the game you fight alone, but sometimes you don’t have teammates who fight with you, who help you. The artificial intelligence of both your teammates and your enemies is quite good in the game. This is a feature that definitely increases the realism of the game and the dose of fun. In addition, as a master soldier, you can use many things, such as grenades, sniper rifles, special vehicles, and alien ships. But don’t think of the game as just killing bad guys. There are so many scenes in the game that it brings stones to sci-fi movies. And the places you move forward in the game are really big. Sometimes it’s necessary to get a car to get somewhere.

The most serious difference between the halo on the PC and the Xbox is that on the PC you can increase the resolution to 1600 x 1200 and look at the garfics. At this resolution, the aliens take on a more realistic appearance than the cartoon characters. By the way, in order for you to enjoy the mentioned graphics, unfortunately, you need to have a flying computer. A couple of crashes occurred during the game. To fix this, you need to set the anti-aliasing setting for the GeForce FX card to off.

The most impressive part of the game for both PC and Xbox is that it supports multiplayer for up to 15 people online. Being a sniper at high resolutions is much more fun and worth seeing. In the Multiplayer section, there are six new maps, but they do not look very different from the original map. Another aspect of the game is that you can use Banshee spacecraft in some levels. So you can have a lot more fun.

There are also a few more weapons for Multiplayer. One is a flamethrower, a flamethrower. I’d say it’s a pretty fun weapon. At the same time effective. The second weapon is the fuel rod pistol. It’s a weapon that I don’t like very much, and I think it works like a plasma rifle. There is also a new type of Warthog in the game. A rocket launcher was added to the vehicle. Such a vehicle can be very dangerous with a driver who knows his job.

Changes aside, the Halo is the same as the Halo for the Xbox console. If you like online games, new maps, if you want better and more precise controls, especially if you want to fight in the international arena, you have an appointment with the nearest computer games store. Don’t take too long.

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