Half-Life is a first-individual shooter computer game created by Valve and distributed by Sierra Studios for Microsoft Windows in 1998. It was Valve’s presentation item and the principal game in the Half-Life arrangement. Players expect the job of Gordon Freeman, a researcher who should get away from the Black Mesa Research Facility after it is attacked by outsiders. The center ongoing interaction comprises of battling outsider and human foes with an assortment of weapons and settling puzzles. In contrast to numerous different games at that point, the player has practically continuous control of Freeman, and the story is told generally through scripted successions seen through his eyes. Valve prime supporter Gabe Newell said the group meant to make a vivid world instead of a “shooting display”. Half-Life was constructed utilizing GoldSrc, a vigorously altered rendition of the Quake motor, authorized from id Software.

Half-Life got approval for its illustrations, sensible ongoing interaction, and consistent account. It prevailed upon fifty PC “Round of the Year” grants and is viewed as quite possibly the most powerful FPS games just as extraordinary compared to other computer games at any point made. By 2008, it had sold more than 9 million duplicates. It was trailed by the extension packs Opposing Force (1999) and Blue Shift (2001), created by Gearbox Software. It was ported to the PlayStation 2 of every 2001, alongside another extension Half-Life: Decay, and to macOS and Linux in 2013. Valve ported Half-Life to its Source motor in 2004, while an outsider redo, Black Mesa, was delivered in 2020. Half-Life motivated various fan-made mods, some of which became independent games, for example, Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat and Sven Co-operation. Half-Life 2 was delivered in 2004, trailed by Half Life 2: Episode One (2006), Episode Two (2007), and Half Life: Alyx (2020).



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