Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Review

Half-Life 2: Episode 2

I remember when the First Half-Life came out. My friend came to me and said,” such a game turned out to be raging, he doesn’t run away, ” and he infected Half-life. When I set it up from the CD and entered my structure, it showed its difference. When I went to Black Mesa as Gordon Freeman, because of the experiment, the gloom in the environment, the tension in people, was evident from the beginning. We put on our clothes and went to the experiment place, and then what happened happened. After going back and forth to the Zen planet a few times, we found the lab invaded by creatures and messed up. Gordon Freeman now had to kill to live, and he had to get out of Black Mesa as soon as possible. We already know what’s behind it. In Half-Life 2, the subject was more branched and knotted. As a result of the events of Half-Life 1, The combines came to earth and captured Earth as a result of the 7-Hour War. As Gordon, we were coming back and fighting against the Combins with our old friends in Black Mesa. That’s when Alyx and I met. Half-Life 2 finally saved G-man from the explosion. After that, Valve announced that there will be episodes in the sequel to Half-Life 2, and events will continue with them. We all waited for episodes to find answers to deepening scenarios and unanswered questions.

Mysteries are growing

At the end of Episode 1, Alyx and I escaped from city 17 by train. But the effects of The Citadel’s explosion made it all the way to the train and caused it to crash. At that moment, Episode 1 was over and left us in excitement. Valve really finished Episode 1 right on the spot, and he ate some tin from me. Episode 2 begins right where the train crash happened. Alyx saves us again, and the adventure begins. At the beginning of the game, a wave is coming towards us with the effect of the explosion. If we turn around, we can see the train cars falling off the bridge. So the mouth of the cave, which is closed, also opens and we enter. After cleaning up the creatures that come in front of us with Alyx’s help, we come to the building. Alyx is here contacting her father, and we’re moving on again. We’re coming to a mine entrance with wagons and buildings. It happens when you enter the building from the roof and open the lock by pressing the button, and then go out from under the building. Alyx is attacked here and dies. Meanwhile, Alyx and we are being rescued by a Vortigaunt. After that, we run underground to revive Alyx, and continue with Alyx for the rest.

Let’s move on to some innovations in the game. The three-legged creature that attacked Alyx is one of the creatures that has just joined the game. Another is the one that will appear when we run underground, and they throw Toxic substances at us. It can hurt us when this substance they throw at us. But I suggest you use a pump against this new insect that throws poison. It really comes from their rights. And you’ll see larvae on walls or corners. These larvae increase our health by 1. As Vortigaunt tries to revive Alyx, there is an episode in which insects start attacking from 4 sides, he is really excited. On the one hand, we try to protect Alyx and Vortigaunt, and on the other, we try to defend ourselves. Using mines in crates, we can carry out mass insect deaths. So we can stop them more easily. There are two people from the Resistance who are helping in the same way. Thanks to them, it’s easier for us to deal with insects. At first, the episode seems a little uniform when you run from place to place underground. But as it progresses, things get more complicated and the excitement grows. So the only sense of flatness disappears instantly.


With the revival of Alyx, we return to the task of closing the portal again. We’re moving forward with Alyx’s instructions in the production. Go here, open here, etc… we are trying to close the portal. But it’s not that easy, of course. The best part of the production is actually driving. We’re already getting the car in the middle of the game, and it was a really perfect finale to take on the Striders in the last part.

There is no notable innovation in Episode 2. But the gripping narrative in the story continues. In general, the weapons we use are the same. Half-Life 2’de and some games imitated Gravity Gun’u again a separate pleasure to use. In fact, although we usually use it to overcome small puzzles and obstacles that we encounter in the game, it is most effective in alternative ways to kill enemies. Speaking of puzzles, we have recreated puzzles that we are already familiar with from previous games, which we can solve thanks to the interaction of physics. For example, we need to go upstairs with the freight elevator. But as soon as we start the elevator, we can’t keep up normally and it immediately goes up. All that needs to be done is to put iron weights on top of the elevator thanks to the Gravity Gun and prevent it from moving. So we can jump on it and catch up when we can’t get up. We can go up by throwing weights down. Again, this type of puzzle makes the game more enjoyable and more diverse. I still don’t see such obstacles in most different projects.

The charts are as successful as ever. Especially the expressions on the faces of the characters are really well portrayed. For example, when he talks to Alyx, his face looks a little smiley, and he suddenly frowns and wrinkles. He can also express the anger, resentment, happiness in his voice. Although the Source engine came out a few years ago, with innovations made on it, it is now taking root in most games again. Drawing open spaces in Half-Life 2 was successful. In Episode 1 and 2, this event was better done with a little more makeup. Closed areas, shadings are again reflected in the visual as they should be. But the main thing is to show the ruined world completely, from the color of the coatings to the detail of the surrounding area. The bad situation in which the Earth is located is very well conveyed to the visual in the game. This has been my biggest influence since HL2.

As for physics, we’ve already seen it in Half-Life 2. The game literally taught physics how to interact with the environment. This feature continues again. The sounds are good again. The effects we are already familiar with, the success of the vocalization of Alyx and others, is obvious. Music is enough for me to make it again. Already Half-Life 2 and its sequel Episode 1 were technically successful, this success continues again in Episode 2.

A storm of excitement

It opens in the archives about the game as it progresses in Episode 2. This archive contains information about creatures, your location, events, etc. This information is also processed into statuses in your Steam account. You can see how long you’ve played the game and the archives you’ve opened.

Valve again gave a great artistic production to the players. The mystery in the story continues again. I’d say the questions in the heads increased more with Episode 2. He again left mysteries and secrets. It’s unclear what G-Man is again. It was like the event officially lost series. But for me, the lack of production was that it lasted less than Episode 1. And Gordon’s not talking again. If we could hear the voice of our opponent at once, it would be complete. As a result, Episode 2 continues the story after Episode 1 and tells what happened to Alyx and Gordon after the accident, what they went through. But as he closes, he leaves mysteries again. He definitely needs to be picked up and played. If you don’t hate Half-Life, take it.



The story continues where it left off, the graphics, sounds, physics interaction is again of the same quality, there are two new creatures and Alyx

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