GunWarrior Review

GunWarrior also comes across as a production based entirely on a Wild West theme. Although played from a first-person view, it is not in the usual FPS or action genre.

It’s mostly based on deathmatch as a game mode. In the divisions, we try to respond to enemies who attack from many places, nooks and crannies, kill them all, and move on to the next division. All that’s the game. In addition, our areas of movement within the departments are also extremely limited. The game compresses us in a small place, and we here barely try to resist the enemies, and at some point we may have to give up.

After launching a new game from the main menu, we encounter a decoy demo. Although the quality of the Dec demo makes it say “not bad”, the blurring feeling given to the image as a structure begins to tire the eye after a while and loses its charm. Anyway, at the end of the demo, we find ourselves trapped in one of the rooms upstairs in a house. When control passes to us, we try to shoot the men who are shooting at us one by one. We usually do it by looking out the windows and shooting the guys we spot. From time to time, there are guys who come to the front balcony or sneak in.decidedly. Most of them also attack from the windows of opposite buildings, from the street, or from the occasional decks. Since we can’t catch all the guys at once, we need to use the radar at the bottom right. In this way, by shooting all the guys, we collect money on one hand, in other words, points, and we try to get out of here and move on to the next place.

Such a form of deathmatch is actually not bad, but our freedom of movement and the space given to us are so restricted that even if we bend over, someone from somewhere shoots us, and even despite the radar, we may not see who shoots us. And that’s starting to get very annoying. Images that are slightly better in intermediate demos decimate below mediocre after the game starts. Graphics are far, far from what we see in quality FPS of our time. In particular, the hand animations of enemies and our own man are extremely bad. And there’s no need to go into the environmental details. It’s just that in the name of hiding, various materials, columns, or some different items have been placed around. Of course, even using them does not know to what extent it benefits us.

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