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Gun, which took its place on the shelves for Xbox, PS2, GC on November 8, met with PC users on November 9. Interestingly, it will also be available for the Xbox 360 on November 15. But the producers are waiting for a sales figure when there is no console, it is a mystery (!)

Shortly after we install gun on our machine and click on Icon, our game opens. The video, which is quite intriguing, gives us some clues about the game. It has also come to your attention that the level of violence is higher than the average game. Don’t think it’s just going to be limited in the video. There will also be scenes in the game where boundaries will be forced. Anyway, without further ado, we enter the options and make serious adjustments to the graphics settings. Because when the production first opened, unfortunately, it doesn’t promise anything visual. And when we bring the settings to the top, we get a degree of play. After completing our Settings, our adventure in New Game and gun begins!

First, the images attract our attention. They can be pleasant to the eye when viewed blindly, but when viewed carefully, especially the environmental details fall a little behind compared to today’s games. Especially if you’ve seen Half-Life: Lost Coast, your tolerance for graphics changes, whether you want to or not, and you can’t put up with the detailed visuals. Obviously, the design of the characters is not bad, but the corners in the environment blind the atmosphere a little. Bird game in general pale colors dominate. This move to make the atmosphere more realistic can even cause you to lose the character next to you, which is sometimes almost the same color as the environment. Of course, in such cases, map comes to our aid.

Hunting a bear!

We begin the game as a young Musketeer. One afternoon, our father(Ned) and I are going hunting.. Of course, the logic of this hunt is that it is completely educational. At first, we’re asked to shoot crows flying around. Then we try to hunt deer. After we deal with them, we kill the wolves that attack us. After overcoming this, Ned is attacked in a careless moment. But it’s not the Wolves who are attacking this time. An attacking bear! No need to be too cunning. With Ned’s gun falling to the ground, you get rid of it in 8-9 shots. Then a tight action begins on the steamer you are riding on. Enemies from all over the ship are attacking you in droves.


Damage modeling of our enemies is available. That’s why an enemy we shot in the leg is leaning towards the leg where the bullet hit. And the one we shot in the stomach falls forward. But the real violent aspect of the job is after the bullets that hit the head. So much so that suddenly the body and head are separated. Especially if you do it sequentially, the game starts to give a lot of pleasure.

When we look at artificial intelligence, we can’t say that it’s very successful. Obviously, your enemies are moving a little bit. It is clear who will attack you in the open area, and who will open fire from behind the boxes. As soon as those who attack openly either come directly at you, or shoot where they are, not moving much. And don’t let those behind the boxes mislead you that they hide and open fire. Because it has nothing to do with artificial intelligence. All they do is bend over and shoot. And they don’t do that when you stop shooting. You shoot with the end of your barrel pointed at it, and the enemy stands up and shoots back as if nothing happened.

I’ll take a horse. On get it off the ground.

In the game, you can also encounter animals that are indispensable to the Wild West! Because I don’t remember a Western that wasn’t used at all. And the producers added the use of horses to the game in a very logical way. If we press the “f” button when we get to him, we go up on the horse, and after that, our controls are based on the horse. Obviously it’s very realistic to use horses in terms of mobility. A separate advantage is that it is fast. Because sometimes the distance we have to go can be a little long and boring for a pedestrian. Horse riding is both faster and more enjoyable.

The sounds of the production are above average. I’d rather the gunshots were a little more emphatic. Because old weapons have to be pretty loud. There’s not much noise in the atmosphere. When we come to music, unlike a lot of productions, those in this game don’t tire. They can rest for a long time with the game.

Playability can be a little challenging. Obviously, when you turn the mouse to target or look around, sometimes you can go more than you want to go. But this is not a problem with Mouse sensitivity. Unfortunately, this can be a little annoying.

What system is it played with?

The Gun requires a 1.8 GHz processor, 256 MB of RAM and 32 MB of video card for the minimum system. The system we use; 2.4 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 128 MB FX5700 graphics card has. Obviously, when the graphics were at the top level, we didn’t see a slowdown that would affect the gameplay. It’s just a few little misfires in very crowded places. This, in turn, shows that the game can be played on low systems, even if it is with minimal graphics.

In general, producer Neversoft has put forward a game that can be played. Because although it may seem boring at first, it can become more enjoyable as you play. For example, it’s fun to find someone with a bounty on their head. Such apps in the game are looking like a kind of side mission. Obviously for those who love TPS, this Wild West experience should not escape! Even if you don’t like TPS you can play to get involved in that atmosphere. But it’s not a production you can devote too long to, GUN. It’s not a game that can stand out from the big names on the market. But a pleasant Wild West journey can be made to pass the time. Don’t get distracted by the game and forget about real life…

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