Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Review

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

The success of the Guitar Hero series, which began with Harmonix and grew stronger in the hands of Activision, has gone through the roof with its latest games. After Guitar Hero 3 (GH3), which put the sales lists together with Legends of Rock prepared last year, Activision, whose appetite swelled from good to Good, took a different step this year and chose a band that became a legend in its field as the theme for the game. Guitar Hero, which was not developed for the PC this time, has not forgotten PS2 users, as well as preparing for the next generation of consoles.

What’s next? Aerosmith…

Our game, which managed to gather many Rock legends from Guns N’roses to Metallica under its roof, this year is about the legendary American rock band Aerosmith, who took their first steps in 1970 and had Album Sales of 100 million units in total. When we first step into the main menu, we see that Aerosmith’s menu structure is almost identical to GH3. The first option is Career Mode. When we choose this option, we play a kind of game scenario. We get the chance to play Aerosmith, great music and a total of 31 songs. Songs like “Sweet Emotion,” which plays in the game’s first video, and “Dream on,” which we’ve heard a different version of in recent years by Eminem, are just two of those quality tracks. In addition, there are additional songs that you can buy with the money you earn. Before each concert program, videos of interviews with Aerosmith members appear on the screen. Then, when we look at the scene, we first encounter subgroups, not Aerosmith. All band members are featured in Aerosmith as well as in GH3. Of course, we can introduce our own character into different styles according to our request, we can buy elements such as guitars, clothes. After the subgroups put the audience in the firing position, Aerosmith descends on the stage and fires the fuse. Aerosmith elements were not only transferred to the game, their movements were also combined with one-on-one play.

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Universal Music, the same melodies

In terms of gameplay, there are no significant differences in the game. For beginners and those who want to remember again, Aerosmith’s control mechanism is based on the L1, L2, R1, R2 keys. In addition to these keys that we use to press notes, We also use Analog Keys to give effect to long melodies. When our Rock bar is full, we use the down direction key to activate it, and the down direction key to use the traps we get in guitar battles and mutual duels.

If you say we’re always moving in the same style, the answer will be no. Added to the game is a track of DMC’s signature Rock-Rap mix. In addition, after this track, we are faced with a duet of Aerosmith and DMC. Guitar battles, which are the scene of exciting battles in gh3, can unfortunately be done once in the new game. And against the band’s guitarist, and it’s not easy. After completing the scenario mode, the other option is to step into the Multiplayer title; mutual gameplay, guitar battles and co-op features are included. In the first option, whoever plays the song best wins. In guitar battles, this time players were offered the opportunity to fight each other. By making the most of the various abilities and tricks that the game provides you, you are trying to get the upper hand. The lack of scenario mode, so it’s kind of closed. In Co-op mode, as it is known, one side plays the guitar, while the other side is accompanied by a Bass guitar.

World Tour

Aerosmith has a structure that shows itself and surrounds the player as they play like other Guitar Hero members. During our world tour throughout the game, we take part in different scenes and different stage shows. The game’s graphics, consisting of coloring and line-style designs in cardboard tones, are again beautifully crafted. Camera angles, which vary depending on the tempo, and especially the guitar camera, are dizzy, as in previous games. As a result of the fact that you play this game for a long time, and then try to follow the notes that slide on the screen, I can tell you that your eyes can play small games for you later. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith unfortunately couldn’t give me the perfect pleasure I got at GH3, not at the GH3 level to me either, but it’s certainly not a bad game either. It’s a must-play game for GH fans and especially Aerosmith fans.

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