GTA: San Andreas Review

GTA: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto, a crime simulation created by Rockstar Games in 1997 that did not participate in water, turned many phenomena in the game world upside down, as well as changed many things in my life. At that time, I thought that the PC was used for strategy and FPS games, I spent most of my time with such games, I did not prefer action games. I would rule the characters who were in favor of righteousness, as if I were going to ensure the order of the world, and try to be the angel of good of the city. On one of the days when the Games began to repeat each other and become boring, I received a strange phone call from my best friend: “brother, you must see that the game has come out…”

My friend’s house was close, but I wasn’t very enthusiastic as I was bored playing the same games. When I got to my friend in half an hour, I once again understood the importance of the phrase “raw chicken is eaten for memory”. Because in front of me, the one who flips and shakes all the rules of the game. I came across a production that turned each of the usual taboos upside down. Grand Theft Auto threw away all the facts that had to be done in an action game, giving a person Unlimited Freedom.

After about an hour or so of watching my friend steal cars and drive crazy, crash right and left, crush people, tear down the streets, I couldn’t wait for it to be my turn. When I got my hands on the controls (thanks to the basic needs of people, my friend had to take a break for 1-2 minutes.) I felt I was more free than I had ever been in a game before. It was incredibly enjoyable to stand on the side of the street and dive into the first passing car, throw the driver aside and hit the roads at full speed. Among the vehicles on the street, we chose a red and extremely fast car that was our favorite. We did all the tasks with it, and when we got too much damage, we replaced it with a new one. If my mom called and said, ” Son, we wondered what time it was.”if he hadn’t said,” I think I’d never have gotten off that screen. Before I go home, I have one last task to do: find a way to take your friend’s cd home…

Additional package that reverses everything

There is no doubt that Grand Theft Auto ended one era, started another, and acquired itself an incredibly large fan base. But he soon got into trouble with countless cases. Due to the fact that the game is a crime simulation with a full meaning, the claim that it encourages people to commit a crime and contains a lot of profanity, many environments were disturbed, and even the distribution of the game was banned for a short time. It was not long before the game was re-released as a result of great pressure. Many game magazines even lined up to deliver a short demo to their readers.

When Grand Theft Auto started chewing gum in the mouth of many game lovers, for those who are skilled, there was no longer an unsolved puzzle, an incomplete task, and a mystery that was not found. People were now waiting for the second version. But instead of upgrading the game to a higher version, Rockstar Games released an additional package that will distract people in the short term. This additional package, which took us to the streets of London in 1969, contained almost nothing, unlike the first game. It was only because the game was in England that traffic was running backwards. Of course, the map design and missions were brand new, but none of them were enough to satisfy the taste of the new future game. Although a big cut didn’t like Grand Theft Auto: London 1969, the sales figures and play rates completely denied it.

It’s time for Game Two.

About 2 years have passed since the bomb Rockstar Games sent to the game world, which announced its expected game. GTA 2… This time, I had the honor of playing GTA 2 for the first time, acting faster than my friend. (Thanks to my then monster system, Pentium II 400 and 32 MB of Ram, was a great help in this regard.) My friend’s system can not run the game in full sense, so this time we did the GTA morning at our house. One night, the more the mystery of the game could be solved, the deeper we went and realized that the game, which at first glance seemed the same, was actually quite overhauled.

From this date, the name GTA has now become a brand, the new game has started to take advantage of the blessings of graphics cards, especially slowly. Although our view of the screen was still a bird’s-eye camera, the difference between day and night made the game visually quite different. The maps were larger, the missions were larger, and the inter-gang balances that we would be involved in made GTA 2 extremely playable. A lot of things were developed in the name of freedom. Although there is no equivalent for hours, I still remember how we used buses, lowered and boarded passengers at stops.

Second revolution in the gaming world

My friend and I were dreaming in our own way while we were playing until GTA 2 came out of the water. You may not believe it, but what we were thinking was, “I wonder how this game could be three-dimensional.” In fact, we were so carried away that it would remain a dream that “no, they can’t make such a game three-dimensional.”he says,” Think about it, if they do it, it’s like real life.”we were thinking. It is not known whether it was known to me and my friend, about two years after we dreamed these dreams, our biggest dream, three-dimensional Grand Theft Auto, that is, GTA III, was released.

GTA III, which said hello to the world with the PlayStation 2 version in 2001, also brought countless firsts. Aside from the fact that the game first appeared on the console, it created a revolution again with its incredibly advanced technical infrastructure and numerous opportunities to roam freely in the city. GTA III, which even bought a PlayStation 2 for a person like me who was thinking about investing his money in his computer, deserved much more than simple praise.

It is impossible to believe whether a game develops so much or changes so much. Because now we have a city that lives in its own state. In the heart of a crime-ridden city, we played a simple man trying to get into gangs that had a higher priority than the law. Typical GTA logic; ” play the vehicle you encounter, walk around as you wish.”apart from its logic, many mini-missions were added to the game. When we got into the vehicles, the radio that was playing fascinated almost everyone. We turned on the radio you wanted and listened to songs with a total length of hours. Each radio had its own DJ, as well as a musical style. Each of these features attributed the name GTA to being the most innovative production among all the games released to date.
Additional tasks that greatly extended the playing time of GTA III in a way allowed it to not be left out of hand for many years. If you were tired of doing consecutive tasks, if you just wanted to tour sokata, you could go and steal a taxi, drive a taxi to make money. If you want to do something in the public interest (which is the degree of public interest is debated.) this time you could also be a fireman, an ambulance driver, or a cop.

As much as Grand Theft Auto hit the market in 1997 and confused the market, it had the same effect on the innovations it brought to GTA III. About 6 months after the PlayStation 2, GTA III, which met players with the PC version, technically did not offer much innovation, but with the logic of being on the computer, it became a multi-player mode and various visual additional modes. Thanks to the GTA III modes, which are still being developed today, we can replace the vehicles on the street with models such as the Eagle, Sparrow, which are one of the immutable cars of our country.

Additional package without additional package

It has not been a full year since the GTA III madness; Rockstar Games has once again appeared with a new game; GTA: Vice City. People who are still playing GTA III like crazy, “where did this come from?”, “So how does this differ from GTA III?”the game, which led us to ask such questions, took us to the universe where Brain De Palma’s unforgettable masterpiece Scarface (Scarface) took place. On the streets of Miami, where crime, drugs and smuggling went wild, we led a man who started from scratch and went on his way to becoming a mafia emperor, just like in the script of Scarface. With our character Tommy Vercetti, everything we could do in GTA III continues, we were trying to become the new name of crime in a more colorful, larger and more interactive universe.GTA: Vice City looked to the eyes like a modified version of the previous version, just like Grand Theft Auto: London 1969. The game, which technically uses the same structure, seemed to be made up and re-released with a couple of graphical updates and various interaction settings added. But the beauty of it was that the game was not dependent on the first version and was playable alone.

Offering new vehicles, new weapons and usable buildings, Vice City GTA III had the structure to close whatever was missing. Now we could jump from vehicles while cruising, use motorcycles and helicopters. The helicopter, which has always been at hand for those who want to travel around the game map in a short time, was one of Vice City’s most important vehicles.

After nearly a year of delays on the PlayStation 2, the logic of releasing the PC version was now an unchangeable rule in the GTA series. GTA III and Vice City first came out on the PlayStation 2 platform and then came out on the PC, whether you want it or not, it brought with it a lot of development. Just like GTA III, Vice City had graphical improvements and various additions using the PC infrastructure.

Silence broken

Every time Rockstar Games is buried in silence, it’s a firm that comes back with big and bomb news. Just as in the past 2 years, programmers who we think are in the making of a new game have given the news that will drown PlayStation 2 users with joy and announced GTA: San Andreas.
The game, which debuted at the E3 show last year, promised so much innovation that it made not only PlayStation 2 users but all other game enthusiasts drool. Our character would now have a certain personality, and the game map would become tremendously large. With newly added weapons, vehicles and quests, the game would take on a whole new dimension. While all these claims do not seem to exceed the rumour size, what happened happened and GTA San Andreas was first released on the PlayStation 2 platform.

All that was promised, expected and desired was now in San Andreas. A huge main map, many new weapons and vehicles were in front of us. Above all, our character now had a personality and dignity. We had to go through certain stages to get to the top level among the gang members. As the physical appearance of our character changed, getting girlfriends, and many details that I couldn’t count were included in the game, the days of grief began for players who couldn’t own the PlayStation 2.

As someone who curses that I sold my PlayStation 1.5 years ago, I started waiting for San Andreas like crazy. The praise he received from my friends was proof of how good the game was, but since I still couldn’t even touch the game, it was increasing in value to me. Rumors that it would be released for the PC in June sprinkled water on my heart, but the days did not pass. The PC version of San Andreas was officially launched when the dates were June 7. No one can hold me anymore, wait, I’m coming to the streets of San Andreas…

Here we go

Our adventure on the islands of San Andreas, which contains three cities, includes the 90s as a period. The map of San Andreas is a huge island consisting of three cities in total. A tiny formula is available to visualize the size of the space you can walk around, imagine the total size of GTA: Vice City and multiply it by four. Here’s the dimension of the San Andreas universe. It is divided into many districts to provide easier access to such a large map. Each district has its own style, structure and appearance. The city of Los Santos, where we started the game, is located south of the map and is usually run by small gangs. The other city, called San Fierro, is an area with more developed buildings. The gangs here have more opportunities and have more say. Las Venturas, the last city, resembles Las Vegas, both with its feature that comes with being built on desert land and with the casinos it contains. Of course, management here is provided by mobs who appeal to large audiences.

If you, like me, are one of those who first met San Andreas on PC, you may want to listen to the topic a little. Carl Johnson (or CJ for short), our main character in San Andreas, is a teenager who grew up in the suburbs. After getting into trouble with the gangs in the area, Carl, who prefers to run away and leaves the city to never return, decides to return to the city where he was born and raised, after a long time. But when Carl is gone, his family, which he left behind, is disturbed by the area’s gangs. Carl’s brother, unaware that he is making the situation worse, decides to start his own gang and everything goes wrong. A family that has now made serious enemies is suddenly attacked one night, and Carl’s mother does not survive this attack.

Feeling guilty about his mother, Carl returns to the city where he spent his childhood, and the city he left years ago is no longer the same. His brother has been one of the heads of the new gang and is in trouble with gangs whose heads are bigger than theirs. As soon as CJ returns to the city, we understand how much crime the city has turned into when he was briefly detained by the police and thrown into the middle of the street after his money was taken. In this way, we take the first step on an endless adventure with CJ, who is trying to stay afloat in a city where there is no cop to trust.

Stereotypes aside

It is necessary to admit that this landscape and scenario that we encounter when we start the game are a little cliché. But when it comes to GTA, the main story is thrown aside a little. Because the real beauty of the game is hidden in its details and tasks. Believe me, there’s no game on the market right now that can spill water on San Andreas ‘ hands about detail.

As soon as we make our first entrance to San Andreas, of course, we get the graphics. Technically, although the Graphics Engine 4 years ago is still being used, quite a few improvements have been made. Especially in the PC version, the details increase a lot thanks to the high resolution. Later, what caught our attention was the city structure, which presented a picture of the majority of Negroes in terms of the overall structure. In a field full of Negroes, their distinctive slang and curses follow suit, whether they want to or not. In the first one or two missions, we witness how successful the conversations were. If we walk around our city a little bit, it is dominated by a more suburban part, and the view of the city, which is usually forgotten, does not escape attention.

If you remember, as soon as we started Vice City, we saw the first development added to the game with a small motorcycle standing in front of us. In San Andreas, we see a bike at the same point where we start the game. As soon as we start driving, we realize that it’s not much different from a motorcycle, but it’s slower. Unlike previous GTA games, the distinction between day and night, which has progressed quite visually, is also shown. Day and night changes in our game are no longer happening at once, but gradually. So the shadows we see also change at every moment.

It’s not like innovation will end in San Andreas

For those who have played the GTA series, San Andreas offers the same amount of innovation as everything was so different when Carl returned to the city where he was born and raised. Our new game has a map as big as all other GTA games combined, decorated and enhanced visuals with many details. As soon as we start counting, the most important of the list, which does not seem to end, is the personality of our character. Unlike other games in the series, in San Andreas, our character has his own personality, appearance and charisma. Just as we gain respect for gangs with our tasks, we can also change our appearance by doing some additional tasks.

As soon as we first started the game, if we want to do tasks in a row, we also received the most basic information. For example, the game shows how to increase the degree of respect that is very important and how to control the basic needs graphics. If we Press The tab key on the condition that we are out of the vehicle at any point in the game, the needs chart appears on the screen, just like in The Sims game. There are degrees of respect, endurance, novelties, obesity and sex appeal.

Respect determines the point of view of the gang we are involved in against us. In order to get advanced tasks, we need to have a high degree of respect. Thanks to endurance, we can swim and run longer. Those who know know that in previous GTA games, we also had a character that could last longer as we ran, but this time this power is shown graphically. As we increase our muscle strength, our body structure also takes shape Nov. Our health forces are increasing and the amount of damage we are receiving is decreasing. Just as obesity affects our appearance and respect, it changes the way gang members view us. Finally, our attraction to girls increases with the degree of sex appeal. We increase this level by going out to dinner with your girlfriends regularly and dancing.
Look as you are or be as you look

As with all GTA games, it pushes us to follow a certain scenario in San Andreas. We have to do the tasks that are lined up in a row, earn our reputation among gangs, and increase our assets. To do all this, we are offered eternal freedom. According to the general logic of the GTA, there are no time limits, so you can do these tasks immediately, if you want, you spend most of your time with empty jobs, you kill time. Here’s the best part of GTA, the producers who have taken this free time or secret and additional missions a few steps away with the San Andreas version. Now, the years when we can spend time on our own and have fun have been greatly increased. At the very beginning of this comes to change the appearance of our character. If you are a character who cares about your appearance (which is a kind of necessity when you go to the management of gangs), you should regularly go to the barber shop and determine your hair and style. If you want to adopt herpes styles, it’s even possible to have a body full of tattoos.

Although it is easy for a person to have a beautiful hairstyle, his body, which he will use as a tual when he wants to fill his body with a tattoo, should also look a little pleasant to the eye, of course. If a fat person walks on the street topless, it becomes important to have a healthy and beautiful body, as the belly will hit you in the eye before you look at their tattoos. The way to improve your body, of course, is through gyms. If you play sports regularly, if you prefer to cross close-distance paths on foot, you will inevitably have an athletic structure. That’s when you walk around topless increases your reputation again.

O people! I can swim now, too

We know that playing sports in San Andreas is extremely important in terms of maintaining our form. But what you can do to keep yourself in shape is not limited to a few such options. Just as you can go to gyms and work out, you can maintain your form by using a lot of bikes or walking a lot of jogging if you want. But thanks to an innovation that has come in San Andreas, one more of these sports that you can do is added; Now we can swim! Dying as soon as you fall into the water, which is perhaps one of the most criticized topics by players in the GTA series, makes history with San Andreas. Now our character can swim very nicely, even dive to the bottom as he holds his breath. Especially in desperate police chases, you can jump into the water, dive to the bottom and save the day, go to quiet places. An improved detail in character control is that we can now jump over walls with CJ. If you remember, we’d run for meters to get behind some garden walls, and we’d have to go around it. Now we can cross the walls in one move just by pressing the jump button.

If you want, let’s consider the opposite of what I’m talking about. For example, you are someone who forgets the barber’s way, does not care about his appearance, and jungles at Sports. This time, your respect for people will decrease in direct proportion to the deterioration of your appearance. As we talk about the deterioration of appearance, the question of the basic needs of our character, which was added to the series with San Andreas and we will remember from The Sims game, comes into play right here. CJ, our character in the game, gets hungry whether he wants to Re-Store the energy he lost in his action and adventure life. But if you want to quench your hunger the easy way and turn to fast food, this time you will have a limb that we will popularly call “beer belly.” “Tell me, sister, what’s going on. Let me be the fat one.”it’s all right if you say, but with this new version of your character, you can no longer run as fast as you used to. No one wants a gang leader who can’t run on tasks that require fast action, and it will reduce your degree of respectability by other members.

Statistical revolution

In San Andreas, a new logic is waiting for us, just like in RPG games. As you know, there are many tools and weapons that we can use in the game. But there is now a certain requirement to use them more efficiently; to specialize in it. Imagine that you have many different weapons in your hand, of which you are starting to use more and more efficiently than the type you prefer most. As with other elements, this concept of efficiency is indicated by tiny graphics and reported to you in the game. If we use a certain weapon to an obsessive degree, we end up being the real expert on that weapon. The same is true in tools. For example, if you are very fond of cycling, your ability to ride a bike increases, even after a certain period of time you can become an expert in cycling maneuvers.

Among the indispensable GTA games, there is no doubt that the place of Statistics is large. How many hours you’ve been playing the game, how many times you’ve been caught by the police, how many times you’ve been to the hospital, how many missions you’ve done, the new version of the statistics section has become extremely comprehensive. It is included in this statistics section on issues such as which weapon you control, which I just mentioned. Again, one of the features that has just been added to the statistics section is information such as how much money we spend on which business. In this way, you can access information that seems unnecessary but increases the degree of detail, such as how much money you have spent on getting a tattoo or how much you have visited the barber to get a haircut.

Advantages of playing on PC

GTA: a few months ago, everyone played San Andreas on PlayStation 2 like crazy. Even those who didn’t have the console went to the screen in internet cafes, at least to breathe the air of the game. Everyone agreed that the PlayStation 2 had reached its limit, despite the fact that it was very successful graphically. In fact, the number of characters and vehicles seen on the screen was limited. Moreover, long distances were displayed in sufficient amounts of memory. There is no doubt that in terms of graphics, the PC version of the game has gone further in many ways.

Although the character animations and textures are exactly the same, everything has become much different thanks to the visual effects provided by the PC. Especially if we stop during darkening and try to watch the change in the environment, we witness a sky that gradually darkens, followed by shadows that grow longer and longer, just like in real life. Immediately after that, when the lights of the surrounding buildings start to light, the visual effects that start very much increase in an instant. Another detail is about shadows. Now the shadows in the game are one-on-one with the object to which they belong. Even the shadows riding on top of each other react as they do in real life. For example, if you go under an electric pole, the shadow passes over your character just like in real life.

MX owners get comfortable

We’ve been able to test San Andreas on two different systems. Our first system had a Pentium 4 2.4 GHz processor with 1 GB of RAM and a Radeon 9800 PRO video card, and we were able to play comfortably by maximizing all the graphics settings and opening anti-alising. Recently released, “the game will not work on MX cards.”in order to find out the truth of the rumors, we replaced the video card of the same system with the MX 440 model, and the game worked, albeit in a low configuration. 800×600 resolution with the MX 440 video card we could play without ever plugging in. Of course, we were deprived of many graphical effects, but the fact that the game was working was important information for players with this card.

When we returned to playing with the 9800 PRO graphics card again, the graphics were created from the beginning with a single word. With added lighting effects, high resolution and the disappearance of serrations, the visuals suddenly increased. In short, players with MX cards will be able to run San Andreas comfortably, but they also have to be deprived of quite a few graphic effects. Most reflection effects, mirror effects, and shadow effects will not be visible to holders of MX cards.

As far as the system allows…

If your system gives you a hand and you can keep the resolution high, you will see a large increase in graphical details. Even if you open anti-aliasing, the graphics change on their own. When the serrations disappear, there are differences to the extent that the game you just played was another production.

Users with high RAM can see the already gigantic San Andreas universe more beautifully if they open the viewing distance to the end. As we mentioned earlier, this universe is bigger than we’ve ever seen in an action game. Even if we do not have a fast car to go from one city to another, the transportation time can be quite long. Therefore, if you climb to the top of a high building, a city view of unique beauty will be waiting for you.

About the sounds of San Andreas. Radio, which is one of the features that crown GTA games, is again our best friend. Although San Andreas is a little more hip hop style due to its structure, there are still radio channels that adopt music styles that will appeal to all segments. In the same way, the vocalizations are out of the hands of professionals as in previous games. Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Penn, Ice-T, Jonathan Anderson, such as many famous names in the voice of the citizens of the street find faces in the number of voices.

So don’t mistake

When it comes to GTA, many stereotypical mistakes are again revealed. Various logic and graphical errors are still present in our game. I think the first problem arises in the controls. In cases such as getting into the car and getting out of the car for a long time until you are fully used to the controls, you may have problems and you may not be able to use the camera angle fully efficiently. But once you get used to it, things get simple. Based on in-game errors, let’s say you crushed a citizen at low speed and stood on it for a while and moved on. You can see the man you’re looking back at getting up from the floor and walking as if nothing had happened. If you hit a traffic light, they break into a thousand pieces in an instant, as if they had been cut and glued before. Although it seems realistic from the start, witnessing the same animation every time offers a faulty appearance.

Here is also the problem of police tracking, which we have experienced a lot in previous GTA games, but is still not fixed. For example, when you have a full police car behind you, if they come right up to your rear hood, you can brake and stop in an instant, and then suddenly you can step on the gas and leave in an instant. For example, when you enter an alley, you notice at the last moment, and no matter how much you brake, you do not succeed, and you accidentally touch the police car lightly, you immediately get a star and start being searched by the police.

As I mentioned, there are many other mistakes in the game. These situations, which usually seem irrational, can be seen as a minus because they are found in all other GTA games and are still not fixed, but they are easily ignored in the game’s own action. So a player who loves GTA will ignore all mistakes, or even care at all.

The most attractive game of recent periods

Finally, we have the last words. GTA: when San Andreas came to PlayStation 2, console owners were talking in their ears and bragging about their games. I don’t think it’s possible to play San Andreas and not be happy and not brag. A game can only be so comprehensive, so interactive, and even though it offers so much freedom. It is necessary to celebrate Rockstar Games for bringing the GTA legend to this day. Although it still has some shortcomings due to the fact that it uses the same engine four years ago, San Andreas is one of the only games to be played until the graphics and errors are thrown aside and the water is removed. Enjoy.

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