GTA IV: Lost And Damned Review

GTA IV: Lost And Damned

I don’t need to say much about GTA… The best game in the world by many authorities; the best-selling game in the world, dozens of awards… Prepare for a slightly different GTA experience under the x360 roof. A game called Lost And Damned has been a mystery for a long time, and there has been a thousand kinds of speculation about it. And now the veil of mystery has been lifted. Perfection came out of Pandora’s box.

We also have a whole new character. This is Johnny Klebbitz, the Rebel Motorcycle user. He displays his skills at every stage of the game. Of course, such a legendary game doesn’t just offer a new motorcycle user: dozens of new weapons, great music, brand new vehicles, all kinds of characters and unique enemies… According to your imagination, you will do dozens of jobs in Libert city, perform acrobatic moves on your motorcycle, and get involved in the most famous dirty work of the GTA.

Harley Davidson and Johnny Klebbitz

Lost and Damned is an expansion pack, but it’s a big expansion pack. It involves much more than a few additional tasks. According to Rockstar, the invariant features of the legendary GTA are exactly preserved in the package. Not to mention dozens of hours of gameplay. Of course, it’s up to you to increase that time.

The new story takes place in familiar places. As you can see, the lead character named Johnny is a sociopath. Well, the character in this game couldn’t be expected to be Bill Cosby. We’ll have some problems. The difficulty level matches the mouth tastes of expert players.

Unlike the story of the reclusive, out-of-water fish Niko Bellic in GTA 4, Lost And Damned revolves around a crime fraternity. When Johnny first steps into the brotherhood, he finds himself in bloody chaos. Gang wars have not only bled the city; nowhere is safe anymore.

Johnny needs a safe house, a lot of guns, people to watch his back. From the beginning to the end of the story, you have a lot of psychopaths with you. You can contact all members of the criminal fraternity called Lost. You can even arm wrestle or gamble in these houses. You don’t have to go into wars alone. Fraternity members will always help you. The more Brotherhood members are left alive, the more power your gang will grow. If a member dies, an inexperienced member will be replaced. As expected, this member will not be very talented. My advice to you is to keep your experienced teammates safe and sound.

Gang wars and revolving cabinets in the story

When traveling on your motorcycle, The Lost logo will flash where you need to go. When you finish these tasks, your image will also increase and you will become more feared. When you finish your work where the logos appear, new dialog windows will open. With these dialogues, you will expand your environment and add fame to your reputation.

Johnny, your hero with serious psychological problems, is the second man in The Lost gang. The first man is understood to have run a red light and is being treated in hospital. The first task Billy gives you is to kill one of the key members of the Angel Of Death gang (located right near our headquarters). In this way, the foundations of a new gang war are laid. Johnny jumps into his car and starts playing cornerback with the members of the Angel Of Death gang. On this road, we find very useful weapons such as a shotgun, as well as a unique vehicle called “Hexen”. And best of all, it’s impossible to destroy Hexen.

Billy’s duties don’t end with that. A young member of Lost was killed. And it’s up to us, of course, to avenge him. But this mission is really enjoyable. With the Grenade Launcher, we can throw bombs through the window of a rival gang building. War have erupted. Some of the most valuable members of our gang are also dying. After the exterior is cleaned, we move on to interior cleaning with the healed Billy. At that moment, Johnny understands some facts. Billy’s not worried about revenge or killing teenagers.

I don’t want to tell you more about the missions and destroy your excitement. But I can tell you that you and Niko will cross paths. GTA lovers will perform many exciting tasks, such as using anti-aircraft on motorcycles. The more you investigate the inner workings of the gang, the more intrigue you will uncover.

Approach to the end

It is already impossible to find a missing one in the charts, in the music, in the demos. The story is always dynamic and full of surprises. So let’s not examine the shortcomings. If you say why, finding deficiencies can be very difficult for me. If we’re going to talk about something, the only thing that can be said is the height of the difficulty level.

You don’t have to wait to get Lost and damned. Hurry to solve different aspects of Liberty City and gang intrigues. I guarantee you’ll never regret it. The game is not just an add-on, but a whole new world that further enhances GTA 4. GTA lovers should not miss, quite fun, I recommend that you do not miss this package, whose pleasure increases tenfold when we play in front of the TV.

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