Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Review

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

8 years ago, when a game called Grand Theft Auto came out, could you think that years later the same game would change so much and be loved so much? Grand Theft Auto III, released in 2001, literally revolutionized the series and soon reached a large fan base. With the later games of the series, the fan base gradually increased.

A year after Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories was released on PSP, the PS2 version was released. Now PS2 owners would also be able to revisit Liberty City years later.

Toni Cipriani Capiche?

Those who play Gta III will surely remember a mafia father named Salvatore Leone. Toni Cipriani, the main character in Liberty City Stories, is the biggest sidekick to the great mafia boss Salvatore. Salvatore’s one-two is Toni Cipriani. We already get most of the tasks we get during the game from this old wolf.

Liberty City wasn’t much different three years ago. Even nearly the same. It stands as buildings, shops, streets, decks, subways, trains. Small changes are also not absent. Liberty City, consisting of Portland, Staunton and Shoreside Vale, will get used to those who play Gta III immediately. As with previous games in the series, it is necessary to perform the main tasks to move on to the next island. And you can’t swim to another island like in San Andreas because Toni doesn’t know how to swim!

New weapons and vehicles have been added to the Gta III. Because it is difficult to aim with the Gamepad, there is an automatic aiming system again. Only occasionally can this system automatically decipher irrelevant people. By pressing L3, the player can also set the target himself. When we look at the vehicles, we see that many new vehicles, including motorcycles, have been added to the game, and most of the vehicles in Gta III appear as before.

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Many features in San Andreas are unfortunately not available in Liberty City Stories. We can’t change vehicles, we can’t develop our character, we can’t swim, there’s no barbershop in the whole city; it doesn’t work if there is. In short, Liberty City Stories in San Andreas lacks many details.

It doesn’t take long to finish the script tasks. If you think you can just get up from the start of the game when you’ve finished the main tasks, you’re wrong. You haven’t seen side missions, races, game stealth, and more. Complete completion of Liberty City Stories is not a job that every player can achieve. If you decide to finish the game 100%, you will need to devote hours, days, and even weeks to this game.

Liberty City Stories manages to offer us the freedom and fun we expect from GTA games. There are so many things you can do, and even finding them is fun in itself. Missions where you can sell vehicles by pleasing customers, missions where you can take photos and earn money by showing tourists around the most beautiful parts of the city, survival in the face of crowded chainsaw enemies attacking you on a ship in Portland, racing missions that can only be taken from phones, and finding 100 hidden packages spread across three islands are just a few of the things you can do.

One of the biggest shortcomings of the game is the removal of multiplayer modes. However, one of the biggest advantages of Liberty City Stories on PSP was its different multiplayer modes.

For those who cannot be content with English

10 radios that make music in different genres are also successful from each other. There’s even a radio that makes music mainly in Arabic! It can even be played just to listen to music, DJs and commercials. It was also one of the rare games where I couldn’t get past the opening screen and start the game right away. I think a lot of players who can’t stop the perfect music playing at that time share the same fate as me.

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Although the graphics are good from the PSP version, unfortunately it is not of the quality we expected from the PS2. Rather, it’s not the quality we expect from GTA. Sometimes it’s so foggy behind the rain that it’s torture to see Liberty City in front of us.

Gta: don’t expect such terrific quality from Liberty City Stories as San Andreas. Yet despite its cons, know that it is ultimately a Gta game and should not necessarily be missed by its fans.

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