Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad Of Gay Tony Review

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad Of Gay Tony

The Grand Theft Auto series remains one of the most discussed productions in the world. According to many people, it affects young people badly and instills a sense of violence, encouraging negativity with erotic content and drug contact. I disagree with many of these criticisms. Of course, the production should only be played by people over the age of 18. I never felt the urge to take a machine gun in my hand and attack it, nor did I see anyone who felt it. We have to keep in mind that there have been people who have taken care of Superman and tried to fly and died. It’s linked to Psychology, Education and personality, or it’s easy to blame series like GTA and Manhunt.

Aside from my philosophical thoughts, I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the GTA: The Ballad Of Gay Tony. GTA, adhering to its traditions, shakes us all up and makes a sound with its name in the first second. I’m sure the programmers have a lot of cunning in mind. The production is the second expansion pack to be released for Xbox, and you control a new villain. Luis Fernando Lopez, Dominican drug dealer, personal bodyguard of Antony “Gay Tony” Prince. As soon as the game opens, you get a surprise: Luis Fernando Lopez finds himself in the middle of a bank robbery. Behind the bank robbery are famous Niko Bellic and his Reed friends Packie, Derrick McReary and Michael Keane. As you know, Bellic was the man of GTA 4. Eugene Reaper gets involved in a way that is unclear where he came from, and kills the McReary brothers. When you say things can’t get any more complicated, the cops come and you find yourself interrogated(although you’re not guilty this time). Meanwhile, our Gay Tony decides to go to Chinatown for club business, and Lous goes after him. The adventure begins here, because things get a little complicated in Chinatown.

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Nonstop action

For Ballad Of Gay Tony, we can comfortably use a production phrase that is not separated from the essence of GTA and soaked in Hitman sauce with Manhunt. Your assassinations should be secret, not open, as in previous productions. Or it’s not even a job to put the whole city after you. Don’t worry, you still have the possibility of mass murder. Brand-new and awesome weapons added. You can shake a building from its foundation. He better stay with it: now the Air Force is also under your control. No, I’m not talking about a Jet pack. I’m talking about Buzzard, a full-fledged attack helicopter. Of course, it is also possible to do sky dives and use super sports cars. The expansion pack includes new mini-games. Just as you can participate in races with your super sports car, you can also participate in claims such as drinking and dancing. Of course, you can also be a bodyguard at your boss’s club. You also have options to take part in underground fighting tournaments and place bets.

I’d say Luis Fernando Lopez is one of the most solid anti-heroes I’ve ever seen. Although he has a sense of honor at times, he is a character who does not hesitate to organize drug activities in the club, kill dozens of people, and have sexual relations with every woman he sees in the underworld. Which shows us a little bit of the dark side of America. Lopez’s emotions, movements and words are very realistic. You have another opportunity in the production. Examining the past of Bellic, the famous protagonist of GTA 4, and revealing some dirty laundry that hasn’t been revealed before…

Multiple massacres

The multiplayer option of the production is also very powerful. Besides deathmatch, there are free scenarios where you can hang out with pleasure. It’s not that it doesn’t evoke a bit of MMORPGs. It’s impossible to say anything bad about graphics. Modeling has been done well enough to accurately reflect even the abdominal muscles of the characters. Building, weapons and sports car modeling and lighting effects do not lag behind this. When you enter the nightclub, you thoroughly feel the power of the graphics engine used. Sounds and music have a special position. In addition to the professionals we used to know, new voice actors were involved, and I think they were definitely trained in theater. That’s what should happen: so there’s “emotion” in the vocalizations. It’s far from synthetic. Music that varies depending on the parts of the city you are in also blends perfection. We don’t even have to enter the conclusion paragraph. I’d close the GTA’s attachment package in the middle of the summer. A work that must be taken without thinking!

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