Grand Theft Auto IV Review

Grand Theft Auto IV

No one thought that a game that looks from this hill, where you steal vehicles and walk around, commit crimes, would grow so big. It’s been 11 years since the first one. The producers did not leave the end of the work, and each time they managed to surprise us, enrich the content. Now we have GTA 4. A production called almost flawless, which received full note by many authorities. So I wonder?

Niko Bellic and cousin Roman’s dream of America

This time our man is Niko Bellic. It all starts by going illegally to our cousin in Ameria. Roman tells us so beautifully on the phone that we go to him to get out of the situation we are in in our country and see some small accounts. But what awaits us turns out to be very different. Neither the hot girls described, nor the hot tubs that you will enter with a champagne glass in your hand, nor the sports cars that you will not be able to decide which one to use are blowing in place. It turned out that Roman started a taxi company of his own, living in a one-eye room in a small apartment. Because of our personality, which is already prone to trouble, we soon start to get an environment and work and make money. Classic GTA subject. But the firm’s success is evident in the future. As a result of serious work, your environment, your clothes, the places you go, everything changes a lot. But the balance is so established that after at least 10 hours of playing time, these things start slowly. Given that the air is so spotty, you know, when you come to the gas and say, “or brother, I did this tooth and nail,” he comes.

What city is

Liberty City, like other sides of the game, has been developed, grown, revived, given life over the years. I think the point now has become very serious. First of all, the map is the largest city ever built. The only feature that distinguishes itself from the other is the spirit of the city. At first, you directly understand that you are mostly in the suburbs. The vehicles are old. The perimeter consists mostly of buildings. More gray tones prevail in color. But as you go forward and see other sides of the city, you feel like you’re in another game. All of a sudden, everything is chirping, colorful big advertising signs, more luxury cars, more luxury places where you can go. Yeah, even the shops where you go to buy clothes now change from neighborhood to neighborhood. The suit costs $ 300 somewhere, while in Conti districts, so to speak, that price exceeds $ 1,000. Different times of day, the weather in the city changes. Especially when you cross the bridge at night, this splendor affects you. Now the crossing over the bridges is also paid. You get a receipt when you enter, and you pay when you exit. It is possible to use taxis for transportation. After stopping with a whistle, getting in the back seat and telling you where to go, the cabbie takes you for a fee. They even apply a night schedule.

The disease of our time: mobile phone

Unfortunately, what we would have done if it hadn’t been for the mobile phone that we call seriously entered GTA 4’ye. You can take it off at any time and call someone for duty, call an ambulance if you are hit by a car while running on the road, invite a friend to the bar if you do not want to serve. The city now offers so many opportunities that it doesn’t end up counting. That’s one of the reasons that makes the game so unique. Let me briefly mention it. You can go see a stand-up comedy show, for example. The detail is that every time you go, you will be met with different people, different scenarios, different jokes. Of course, it’s not infinite, it has a limit, but believe me, you don’t always have time to go there to see when it will repeat itself. Bowling, strip club, darts, billiards, helicopter and boat tour of the city is just a few of what you can do. So much so that you can go to an internet cafe and visit hundreds of sites, find yourself a female friend and meet, download ringtones to your phone, take different background photos. Of course, you can also exchange emails with people for different tasks. But be careful with incoming emails. It’s in emails that will lead you to bad sites.

The GTA series has never been more serious

I do remember. I like to drive a bike. I rode my bike, accelerated during the game. But the developed rag doll models and physics engine unfortunately took away this pleasure. Now there’s a chance he’ll actually die speeding. During a mission, of course, I was not used to it, I broke the steering wheel to the left and hung on the hand brake in a fast-moving car, saying that I would do a trial prank. Result? The character, sitting in the side seat, hit his door quickly, the door opened, he jumped into the road, took 4-5 somersaults, there were traces of blood where he hit his head, and he was hospitalized. I’ve experienced a similar scenario myself. As I was speeding, I hit the car in the opposite direction from the head, the character jumped out of the windshield and entered through the window of the opposite car. I opened my eyes at the hospital. I mean, as unusual as the game is, it’s physically much more realistic now. Even the weather affects everything one-on-one. It becomes difficult to keep the car on the road, the brakes don’t hold well, suddenly you spin when you press the gas. Improved environmental graphics as well as explosions and shading.

Sir, could you blow over here?

Everything improved, and the cops picked pears? Course no. As a result of developed modeling, when you hit people, your car becomes blood. Then if you continue to travel, naturally, the police will come after you. Because of this, car wash locations were made that were not available in other games in the series. And when you go drinking with your friend, I suggest you take a taxi back. If you get behind the wheel, you can barely stand, you immediately attract the attention of the police, as you will drive the car very stupidly. You can buy weapons at the shops as usual. If you press LT until the end, it will target automatically, if you press it halfway, you can target yourself. You can also automatically store the character in the nearest trench with the RB key. This function is really very high quality. It’s very useful in conflicts. There’s nothing to call sounds and music. It’s already been a long time since the producers took the horse in music and passed Uskudar. As usual, whatever style you want, the radios are at your disposal. In addition, you can call a number that you will find on the internet in the game and access information about the song that is currently playing. The sounds of the vehicles were also very varied and realistic. Driving around with a powerful engine gives you a headache after a while. The multiplayer feature of the game that most fans expect is worth a try. 16 people can run from the cops at the same time, one side can be a thief, one side can be a cop. Exactly 15 different modes like these are waiting for you.

Final Words

GTA 4 is one of the best quality games ever made. The expenses and efforts made are certainly not in vain. In itself, there are so many details that even just investigating and finding them is a big effort in itself. And there’s nothing wrong with this game? Yeah, it’s hard to believe, but it really is. It’s not a serious lack that sticks in your eyes. Graphically, sometimes minor errors can catch your eye, but whether it’s damage modeling, improved character models and physics are admirable. The city is big and vibrant. GTA 4 will be talking about itself for a very long time.

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