Gradius Collection Review

gradius collection

If you’re a bit of an old player, shoot’em up is called, sliding screen and you kill the enemies you encounter in the type of games have been abundant. It was one of the most entertaining games of the time in this genre. Gradius Collection was a compilation developed and re-released by Konami that collected five different full-version Gradius games on the UMD disc.

Game of an era

The popular 1980s genre shoot’em up comes to life again on PSP after a long hiatus. The production does not promise anything new in any way. But that’s not what we expected; they’ll take the game and play it, they’ll get it because it’s more nostalgia and a good compilation. Those who are looking for great graphics where the third dimension is at the top can go back to the home page and choose one of the new games of popular culture. Because there’s nothing they’re looking for here. But looking back, it makes an interesting contradiction to remember that sometimes we have much more fun in this nothing. For those who have not played the genre before and are interested, let’s briefly talk about the content… the theme of the game is based on our struggle in space and against aliens. As we move our ship on a sliding screen to the right, various enemy aliens are coming at us. We’re the captain of the ship, and our only goal is to blow everything up. As expected, since it is in our hands to save the world, we are in a war against the enemies with all our might.

For the games that make up the series, they are quite simple, but they can be said to be games with such depth. It can be easily said that the balance of continuous struggle within the departments is quite well established. In this struggle, we survive by updating our ship with all kinds of enemies that we face. Thanks to the new weapons, armor and abilities that we get from the boxes collected from the map, it is possible to keep our ship more up-to-date and more geared. As always, the bigger enemies (Boss), which are indispensable for such games, are the part that forces us the most. It is only as a result of our struggles that we can continue the divisions with these enemies who come across with their own different weapons. Because a pass is not cut for someone who can’t kill the boss.

As the series progresses from the first version to the end, there is more complexity and a slightly increased level of difficulty. The most notable content of the UMD disc is Gradius Gaiden. Not only because it is the best in the series in terms of visuals and sounds, but also because of features such as selectable updates, the ability to use the desired ship, completely new episodes, fairly good episode designs, this leg of the series manages to attract attention. Apart from the main games, there is a gallery section in the menu. By entering here, it is possible to listen to in-Game music and access pictures. In the Settings section, we can change many preferences from difficulty level to screenshot ratio to pleasure. The original aspect ratio of 16:9 seems to be the ideal solution for the PSP. Apart from some errors that occur in multiplayer, there are generally no technical errors. For a twenty-year-old production, there’s not much need to talk about sound and graphics. Gradius Collection is one of the best adaptations released by Konami. A unique opportunity to remember the past and play shoot ’em up.

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